Privacy Policy

At MomBabyBest, we’re committed to enhancing the privacy of our users. We know you are entitled to your opinion, and so we’re concerned about your feedback as you navigate our website. This privacy policy outlines grounds under which we collect your personal information, how we share such information with third party’s and how we store and safeguard your private information. Here’s the outline of our privacy policy

1. Your personal information: Your concern is our concern. We’re obligated to enhancing your experience every time you visit our website. Because of this, we’re always ready to interact and get feedback from you through the comment section that’s dedicated to you.

However, you’re supposed to provide us with your personal details that entail name and personal email address. Your personal information like address is secure and cannot be shared with the public.

On the other hand, no one can access the information you send to our emails, while the comments section can be accessed by the public. Your personal information like email will not be shared with any third party for list building purposes. We’ll only use your personal information to verify your identity, then get back to you with the same information.

We may request you to opt-in or subscribe to our newsletter when we get back to you. However, you may decide to accept or decline our request. Besides, you can always unsubscribe to our email at a click of the unsubscribe button on our emails.

We have no intention to annoy you, so we assure you of no spam emails or incessant automated emails. Furthermore, once you’ve made the comments, you’re at liberty to modify or delete them without our consultation.

2. Track traffic: In the process of tracking traffic, we may collect information pertaining to the kind of browser you’re using to access our website or PC IP address. We may block you if you signal malicious actions against our website terms and conditions or if we suspect your breach of our copyright.

3. Cookies

At Mombabybest, we use cookies to examine our customers’ behavior, track your movements and collect specific information all with the aim of enhancing your experience with us.

A cookie is a small text file that stores information as you navigate our website and we are the only one who can access the created cookies. However, you can disable the cookies on your browser although this may prevent you from accessing certain functions within our site. 

Some of our advertising partners may also use the cookies on our website. At Mombabybest, we have no control over those cookies. However, you can get in touch with them for more information on their practices since we do not have control over their practices and activities.


Contact us through our contact page if you have any query relating to our practices and privacy policy.