The Top 9 Best Nursing Sleep Bra (2021 Reviews)

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Should you sleep with a nursing bra?

Knowing whether or not you’ll require a nursing sleep bra is dependent on a number of factors at play. However, a sleep nursing bra is inevitable to moms with large breasts.

What a sleep bra does is to support a mom’s breast. The best nursing sleep bra is typically designed to be comfortable allowing you to have an uninterrupted night.

I’ve cherry-picked for you my favorites, plus those which are proven to have zero disappointment to nursing moms.

Best Nursing Bra for Sleeping

Key Features

Our Rating

Material: spandex & nylon. Breathable. Compression fit. Adjustable shoulder straps. Molded cup designs.

Material: spandex & nylon. Soft. Pullover design. Wide V-neckline shoulder straps. Wireless design.

Silk sleep bra. Molds into your changing shape. One-handed bravado designs. Removable foam inserts. Molded cups. No underwire.

Material: bamboo & spandex. No underwire. One-handed design. Crossover-front design. Elastic chest band.

Material is cotton & spandex. Breathable. Stretchy elastic band. Stretchable cups. Wireless.

Material: cotton and spandex. No underwire. Crossover front design. One-handed drop-down cups design. U-back design. Stretchy.

Material is poly, cotton & spandex. No underwire. Pullover design.

Material is cotton. Breathable. No underwire. Nursing clips for nursing. One-handed design. Racerback style. Full drop-away cup design.

Flat wide stretchy band. Wide straps. Stretchy. Breathable. Removable pads. Wireless.

Best nursing Sleep bra (Top-Rated Nursing bras in 2020) 

1. Hofish 3PACK Full Nursing Maternity Bras

Our top on the list is Hofish 3PACK nursing bra. This nighttime sleeping bra is designed to be super-snug and to provide a classic-fitting to a nursing or pregnant mom. As a mom, you’ll love the compression fit design that minimizes motion while maximizing on support.

You’ll also love the shoulder straps that are adjustable, the extra wide side and the triangle cup designed to support your cups.

This sleep bra is available in size S, M, L and XL so you’ll definitely find your nursing bra size for great comfort when you’re sleeping and for easy feeding.

I love the fact that the nursing bra is easy to size and comes with molded foam cups that are easy to remove. Plus, it is 100% breathable because the bra is crafted from Nylon and Spandex blend that makes it a comfortable nursing bra  for sleeping.

Generally, this is a great nursing bra and you can always go for replacement if it gets defective even after you’ve worn and washed.

What I like

  • Great price
  • The bra is easy to use even at night
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

What I didn't like

  • They may lose elasticity with use

2.Hanes Women’s Cozy Seamless Wire Free Bra

Another popular night sleeping bra among moms is Hanes Women’s Cozy Seamless Wire Free Bra. This nursing bra is made from a combination of spandex and nylon that makes the bra sleek and soft, so I’m confident that the bra will be comfortable for your needs.

You’ll love the clasp free design, plus this pullover bra is designed with wide shoulder straps (v-neckline) and a racer back, all designed to provide supportive fit.

It boasts of a wide center gore and a stretch band. Plus, this nursing bra comes with a wireless design all deigned for a smooth and flattering appearance.

Hanes Women’s Cozy Seamless Wire Free Bra is designed to provide support and shape and is easy to wash with hands. Because the bras are designed for every mom, you can have a glance at size chart to see what size is best for you.

What I like

  • Affordable price
  • The bra is super soft and comfortable

What I didn't like

  • The bra may be thin to some users

3.Bravado Designs Women’s Body Silk Nursing Bra

If you are looking for a supportive nursing bra then, Bravado Designs Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing will be a viable choice. There are a lot of features I love about this nursing bra that to me are very outstanding.

First, the silk sleep bra is designed to provide a seamless and luxurious experience and is designed to be comfortable when you’re sleeping. This makes the bra perfect for use everyday either at home or on the go.

I also love that the bra is designed to mold into your changing shape thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric hugs and that means you can use the bra even beyond maternity. 

Opening and closing is easy and it comes with one handed bravado designs nursing clips for easy breastfeeding.

Another thing you’ll love about this bra is the molded cups and the removable foam inserts that provide shape, separation and discretion when you are nursing.

Accompanying the sleep bra is a bra conversion kit that allows you to convert the nursing bra into a regular bra once you’re done with nursing and is available from size XS-2X. Overall, this is a great sleeping bra for a nursing mom.

What I like

  • It is easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear

What I didn't like

  • It may be expensive to some users

4. Kindred Bravery French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Like popular nursing bras, this one is also deigned to be ultra-soft and comfortable and does not contain underwire; and that simply means you’ll always feel great all day and night. The material is soft Bamboo and Spandex that makes the sleeping bra comfortable for your nursing needs.

The crossover front design is simple, plus the fabric is stretchy and comes with easy one-handed design, so pulling aside for breastfeeding access is easy.

It is designed to fit a variety of cup sizes and is even perfect when you’re experiencing normal fluctuations in breastfeeding.

Because the bra is made with an elastic chest band, it provides additional light and gentle support while you sleep during pregnancy. They also make the bra great for mid night sessions because they keep the breasts in place.

This sleeping maternity bra is available from size XS to XXL. You’ll love that the material is machine washable with cold water and you’ll have your money back within 30 days if you find the bra not the classic fit you were looking for. However, because the bra price is on the lower side, it is generally worth the risk.

What I like

  • Comfortable and does not irritate a sensitive skin
  • Does not lose shape

What I didn't like

  • The fabric may be thin and not luxurious to some users

5. Leading Lady Women Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra

If you are looking for versatility, then is a great choice for you because aside from using it as a sleep bra, this one also makes a great nursing bra for rookie moms.

Made from cotton and a touch of spandex, this nursing bra is soft, 100% breathable and is regarded as a very comfortable bra in America.

The most comfortable nursing bra is comprised of wide and padded straps that does not slip off the shoulders, a stretchy elastic band for non-binding support and full coverage cups. This is exactly what you’ll find in Leading Lady Women Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra.

As a nursing mom, you’ll love the stretchable cups that are ideal for two-cup sizes, plus this maternity cotton sleep bra is also terrific to moms who may experience fluctuation.

It is hand washable and is a great addition if you’re looking for a snugly fit nursing bra that is comfortable or gentle for your nursing needs when you sleep.

What I like

  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Stretchy elastic band for gentle support
  • The fabric is breathable

What I didn't like

  • The cup size may be small for some users

6. CAKYE 3 Pack Women’s Maternity Bra for Sleep and Breastfeeding

Designed to be versatile, CAYKE 3 Pack Women’s Maternity Bra can also be used for sleeping, nursing, by moms who are recovering from surgery or any other time you’re craving for light support and comfort.

It is designed with cotton and spandex blend to be comfortable and ultra-soft all night along to nursing and pregnant moms. Absence of underwire and clasps simply means there will be no pressure points within the breasts.

The coverage is great with a gentle support. I also love the crossover front and the one-handed drop-down cups design that makes feeding your baby a breeze. The U-back design alleviates the pressure on your shoulders and back keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

You’ll love the stretchy design that makes the bra supportive even after the size of your breasts has changed. That means it is ideal even to fluctuating breast sizes thanks to the hyperelastic design.

This breastfeeding sleep bra comes with an in- built bag where you can store your breast pads. However, the package does not include the breast pads.

What I like

  • Stretchy material makes the bra supportive
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fits as expected

What I didn't like

  • Should not be put in the dryer after washing

7. La Leche League Women’s V-Neck Nursing Sleep Bra

Moms love gears that plays double roles and La Leche League Women’s is no exception. It’s designed to be used both as sleep and nursing bra.

The pullover design makes the bra effortless if you want to nourish your child. It does not contain underwire, so there are no pressure points that would block the milk duct to make you uncomfortable.

La Leche League is crafted from a blend of cotton, poly and spandex and this makes the cups soft smooth and comfortable when you’re dressed.

As a mom, you’ll love the feminine satin trim along the neck that makes the nursing bra mesmerizing to you as a modern mom.  Unlike other nursing bras in our reviews, this one is also available in plus sizes aside from being available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

However, this nursing sleep bra should not be placed in the dyer as it will instantly shrink, so make sure you have a glance at the washing instructions.

What I like

  • The fabric is breathable
  • It’s soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wear and wash

What I didn't like

  • May not be more supportive to some users 

8. Bravado Designs Women’s Original Full Cup Maternity and Sleeping Bra

Bravado Designs Women’s Original is a classic and modern nursing bra designed to modern nursing and pregnant moms. It is a must have whether you’re at home or on the go.

There’s one thing that makes the sleep bra outstanding to nursing moms- the cotton comfort and the breathable feature that is inherent to cotton. This material is ultra-soft and comfortable that makes it ideal as a nursing sleep bra.

You’ll love that the nursing bra is easy to use, plus, it’s one handed and comes along with nursing clips to make breastfeeding a breeze.

As a mom, you’ll also love the full drop away cup design for full skin contact which is vital when you’re breastfeeding; the wide bottom band and the racerback style that does not contain a back closure making the nursing bra perfect for sleeping.

The maternity sleep bra does not contain underwire, plus it is available from sizes S to XL that are designed with a wrap-style and V-neckline for moderate support to nursing moms.

What I like

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Adequate cleavage coverage

What I didn't like

  • Nipple padding may not be sufficient

9. PRETTYWELL Sleep Bra for Women

Another great choice of a nursing bra for sleeping is PRETTYWELL Sleep Bra. The clasp-free bra is designed to be soft and cozy for everyday use.

This sleeping nursing bra boasts of a flat and wide stretch band, and is wireless to give the bra a flattering look. The wireless design and wide straps ensure zero pressure around the shoulder and chest making the nursing bra perfect for sleep time on a daily basis.

Since the bra is stretchy, it’s also ideal for light sports like gym, yoga, jogging and much more.  I am therefore sure you’ll love the bra because of its versatility in multiple roles.

As a mom, you’re love that the bra is 100% soft and breathable, plus the pads are removable allowing you to have a comfortable and healthier sleep.

It is available in different sizes and in 9 colors. However, beware of your size or have a glance at the chart size for informed decision on your best fit.

What I like

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Great coverage and fits well depending on the size
  • Pads are removable

What I didn't like

  • The colors may fade with use

How To Choose a Comfortable Nursing Bra

Should Not Be Tight

The most comfortable nursing bra for sleeping should not be tight. It should snugly fit. As a rule of the thumb; if it fits well, then it is comfortable.

Tight bras are uncomfortable and will often times affect the production of milk. To make the best choice, avoid bras that include an underwire. This feature creates pressure points within the breast that may cause the milk duct to block leading to mastitis.

Again, a too loose one will not provide sufficient support. That’s why looking for the right size is vital before you make a purchasing decision.


The best nighttime nursing bra should allow you to breastfeed your little one with ease. It should contain removable pad and clips for easy breastfeeding, so that your breast can pop out rather than taking out the whole nursing bra.


A sleep nursing bra should be a composition of cotton and spandex blend. This material is soft, smooth, and comfortable. Cotton is 100% breathable and your breasts will not overheat on a warm night,

Why You Should Have a Night-Time Nursing Bra

For Comfort

Sleeping at night may feel uncomfortable especially if you’re blessed with large breasts. To feel more comfortable, you’ll need a sleeping maternity bra.

For Support

Wearing a maternity sleep bra may be a matter of preference to moms with small breasts. However, if your breasts are large, a nursing bra is inevitable because it keeps your breasts supportive the entire night.

To Prevent Milk Leaks

If your breasts are leaky, the best nursing bra for sleeping is crucial because it keeps the nursing pad in place the entire night, otherwise you’ll be compelled to change your sheets every morning.

Should You Have More Than One Nursing Sleep Bra?

One nursing bra is definitely not enough for your breastfeeding needs. I recommend you have more than one- one for use while you’re laundering the other.

Wrap up

Basically, knowing what to consider upfront on a maternity sleep bra will be very crucial. Although all sleeping bras serve the same purpose, not every nursing bra will be comfortable.

Also, we have no perfect sleeping bra because what works for you may not work for someone else. You will always find a flaw in a sleeping bra that is favorite to someone else.

However, the best nursing sleep bra should be supportive to breasts, plus it should allow you to nourish your little one with ease while allowing you to have a comfortable night!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to wear a nursing sleep bra to bed? Yes, it is superbly right to wear a nursing bra at night. For women with larger breasts, a nursing bra will prevent the breasts from sagging. However, make sure it is softly comfy and fits well.

Which nursing bra is best for breastfeeding at night? We recommend Bravado Designs, Kindred Bravely, Hofish 3pack Hanes Women and Cakye 3pack women nursing bra. There are sorts of other models, but it should be comfy, easy to use and very supportive.

Is there a difference between nursing and maternity bra? Some moms do not see the difference between the two types of bras. However, a maternity bra is ideal during pregnancy while nursing bras are suitable after delivery. Maternity bras are made with non-underwire cups and are a bit stretchy for the growing breasts.

How many sets of nursing bras do I need? There’s no hard rule to this. But we recommend at least three sets of nursing bras to use interchangeably. You will need to have one for wearing as you wash the other.

Does a nursing bra stimulate production of more milk? Sometimes it may increase, sometimes it may not. Remember, compressing the breasts with a tight nursing bra may affect the flow of milk and milk ducts. Make sure you choose the right nursing bra with the right snugness