Best Changing Tables (2020 reviews)

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Are you experiencing frequent back pain from changing your baby?

Changing diapers is a daily routine task done by every mom, and doing diaper changing in an uncomfortably too low spot could be the cause of all the back pain.

The best changing table is designed with a standard height so you won't have to bend while changing the baby. This baby changing table will be comfortable to you and your Angel.

There are lots of baby changing tables in market stores, and knowing what features and factors you need to consider can be overwhelming. I've done a round up and unearthed top-rated changing tables that will stand the test of time in delivering what they purposely promise.

Best Baby Changing Table

Key Features

Our Rating

Hardwood. Rails. Foam changing pad. Waterproof pad. 3-Big baskets

Wood pine. Tall. 2-Shelves. Changing pad. Lightweight

Strong wood. Large. Big shelf. Storage bin. High sides

Sturdy wood. Safety rails. Waterproof pad. Security straps. 2--Shelves

Strong wood. Generous storage space. High sides. Waterproof pad

Best Changing Tables Reviews in 2020

1. Costzon Baby Changing Table

Your baby's security on the changing table is paramount. Like popular tables, Costzon Baby Changing Table comes with rails surrounding the changing area to prevent your baby from falling.

Again, to ensure your baby is comfortable on top, this table comes with a foam changing pad and a safety belt for safety during diaper changing. This pad is waterproof, so wiping is very easy.

There's no need to worry on where to keep your baby changing gears, as this changing table features big baskets that are 3 in number for storing those baby toys, diapers, blankets and more. Removing the baskets and the hamper is also easy.

Costzon Baby Changing Table, is made with hard wood oak, that make the table tough, strong and durable to hold the weight of a newborn who is not more than 30 lbs.

Cleaning this table is very easy with soap and moisturized cloth. It is easy to put together, while disassembling is also very easy with the instruction manual. This table is safe since the construction does not contain toxic products like lead or latex. It's certified by ASTM, CARB and ATCM as safe.


  • Easy to put  together
  • Safety rails on the sides
  • Light weight baskets


  • Some customers find the assembly hard

2. Davinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

  • Tall Baby Changing Table Best for Tall Parents

If you're looking for durability, then Davinci Jenny Lind  is what you're looking for. Made from high quality pine wood, this changing table will last long until your child is grown.

Davinci Jenny Lind is tall and this makes the table appropriate to tall moms. You'll experience back pain relief as you won't have to bend when changing your baby.

It comes with 2 spacious shelves for easier storage of your diapers and other baby items so they're within your reach.

This changing table comes with a changing pad and a security strap to ensure your baby is firmly held and won't roll down the table when changing the diapers. The pad keeps your baby comfortable during diapering.

The table is light so you can move it to another room, while the high sides keep your baby safe during diaper changing. Davinci Jenny Lind is safe and is made without like PVC, BPA and phthalate. It comes with an instruction manual on assemble and is certified by CPSC as safe for baby.


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Adequate space to store important baby gears
  • Comes with standard width and height, and won't take much of your space


  • Shelf boards appear too weak and flimsy but not dangerous
  • The changing pad is thin, low quality, so you'll have to spend some dollars on another pad

3. Delta Children's 2 in 1 Changing Table

Delta Children's 2 in 1 is available in three colors: dark chocolate, Bianca and grey that will perfectly accentuate your rooms decor.

This large changing table has an abundance of storage space to store your child's changing dressers and other important baby changing supplies like wipes, toys, books, diapers close to you. These storage space include a fixed shelf and a storage bin at the base of the table.

The baby changing area is surrounded by high sides for your baby's security during diapering. This changing area also comes with a changing pad and a security straps to enhance your baby's safety.

Since the table is made from strong wood and a cupboard on the back, we're sure it's lifelong until your child overgrows it. It is very easy to put together by carefully following the instruction manual. The diaper table is nontoxic and is certified by CPSC, ASTM and JPMA, as it complies with set out safety requirements and measures.


  • Wood construction is strong
  • High sides keep your baby safe
  • Lots of storage space


  • Very heavy to some customers
  • Some customers complain that the top pad is thin

4. Deltas Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

  • Changing Table Best for Infants

Deltas Children comes with a bell-shaped design intended to match with your room’s decor. The construction is top rated wood quality that is sturdy and strong. This solid wood baby changing table comes in several finishes, so we're sure you'll find one that will please you.

This changing table best for infants has safety rails on the sides of the changing area to protect your baby. The waterproof changing pad on the changing area keeps the baby comfy, while the security straps are tied on the table for your baby's safety.

It comes with 2 shelves that keeps your child's essentials like changing pads and wipes organized and within your reach. This infant changing table is simply made and easy to assemble. It's safe and does not contain harmful chemicals.


  • Strong wood construction
  • Waterproof changing pad
  • Lots of storage spaces


  • However, some customers complain that the table is thin.

5. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

  • Changing Table Best for Toddlers

Delta Children Eclipse is elegantly constructed with wood, so its sturdy enough to last your child's growth.

This solid wood baby changing table comes with generous storage spaces enough to store even bigger baby necessities like towels, wipes, bins and many other baby gears you may require around you.

The rails on the four sides secure your baby from rolling down to the floor. On top of it is a changing pad and a security strap that's fastened on the table for your baby's security. The baby changing top is waterproof, so it does not allow sprinkling poop to penetrate the table.

Cleaning the table is super easy with a damp clothing. It's nontoxic and is certified by JPMA. Plus, this table is also easy to put together with the instruction manual. Delta Children Eclipse will be an elegant perfect addition to your nursery


  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and solid wood construction
  • Generous storage space


  • Too short for tall people

6. Badgers Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table With Six Baskets

  • Best Organizer Changing Table

Badgers Basket Sleigh Style comes with rails on the changing area to provide your baby with security when you're changing the diaper. The changing area is a foam changing pad that comes with safety belts for your baby's safety.

This pad if fluid resistant, so it won't allow poop or any fluid to pass through. You only need to wipe any mess with a damp clothing and you're sorted.

Made from wood, fabric and cotton, this table is sturdy to hold a baby weighing up to 30 pounds while lasting for long. Beneath the changing area is a metallic bar that reinforces the stability of the changing table.

It's very easy to organize your baby's necessities, as the table features 6 baskets in 2 sizes to store anything you require to change or dress your baby; and card labels to ensure every item is put in its rightful place. These baskets can easily be removed to be cleaned or taken to a room where you want to sort and organize your important items.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Baby security rails and belts
  • Abundant space to organize baby essentials
  • Waterproof changing pad


  • The changing pad is thin

7. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

  • Changing Table for Small Spaces

Badger Basket Diaper Corner is best if you have a small room. This corner changing table is small and uniquely designed to fit in a rooms corner. It converts the unutilized edge of your nursery into a dresser and diapering area.

This compact changing table is hardwood made so it's going to last your child's growth up to when they're 30 lbs. The solid wood baby changing table is nontoxic and comes with instruction manual for easy assembly.

Badger Basket Diaper Corner comes in three finishes cherry, white and natural. The foam changing pad is contoured and keeps your baby comfortable while the safety belts keeps your baby secure when you're changing the diapers. This changing pad is screwed so it won't roll and fall.

The drawer and hamper allow you to organize your baby items and keep them within your reach. These drawer’s slides to open so you can access the space.

The hamper is removable, so you can pull it to carry what you need like laundry to other rooms. This hamper can also be used to store your baby diaper pail when it's not in use. This changing table is easy to wipe with soap and moisturized rag.


  • Easy assembly
  • Does not take much space
  • Easy to clean the table with a damp cloth


  • Some customers complain that the top changing pad is awful and of poor quality
  • Does not have security rails

8. Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

  • Best Portable Changing Table

Dream on Me Emily is made from light frames making it suitable for moms on the go. Wood is the dominant material, so this table is very stable. This construction comes in 5 different finishes that range from cherry, white, steel grey, natural and espresso.

Like other changing tables, the frames are very easy to put together by carefully following the instruction manual. 

Dream on Me Emily  is made from safe materials that do not include latex, phthalate and BPA. It complies with all measures set out by CPSC and ASTM.

This simple changing table is of a standard height, so you won't have to bend while changing the baby. The changing area comes with a changing pad and a security strap to keep your baby comfortable when being changed.

This changing area is surrounded by 5.5-inch rails, meant to secure your baby while on the changing table. Beneath the changing area are two shelves enough to accommodate all your required baby essentials so that they are within reach.


  • Easy to set it the frames together
  • Light in weight frames
  • 5 different finishes to choose from


  • Only suitable with baby's 30 lbs and below
  • Pricey

9. Davinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser

  • Best Baby Dresser Changing Table

This diaper changing table features 4 storage drawers: the 2 small one's at the top and the 2 big ones at the bottom, providing you with a multitude of options on where to store your baby's toys, wipes, diapers and other baby products.

The metallic drawers smoothly glide and features a knob, allowing you to pull or push them with ease. The assembly may be intense but doable with the buyer’s manual.

Davinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser is made with products that are safe and is free from lead and phthalates. It complies with CPSC standards on safety. This changing table comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can always return the table within the stipulated period if you're not pleased.


  • Instructions on assembly are pretty clear
  • Sturdy to withstand your baby's weight
  • Lots of drawers for storage
  • The drawer’s depth is ideal, so it'll accommodate more clothes


  • May take you long to assemble

10. Stork Craft Graco Brooklyn 3 Drawer Chest

  • Baby Changing Table with Drawers

Stork Craft Graco Brooklyn 3 Drawer Chest comes with a changing area that is deep, so your baby is safe when you're changing them.

Adding to your baby's security is a security strap that comes with a changing pad. The water-resistant pad keeps your baby comfortable while on the changing table.

The three shelves beneath the changing area are spacious allowing you to secure all your diapering necessities. Once your baby has outgrown the changing table, use these shelves to secure other items like toys, baskets, teddy bears beddings and so on.

This table is elegantly designed and the pebble gray color will perfectly blend with your rooms theme. It's safe and complies with safe standards as set out by CPSC and ASTM.


  • Light in weight but sturdy
  • Generous storage space
  • Tall enough so you won't have to bend


  • Thin changing pad

Buyers Guide - Features to Look for in a Changing Table

1. Height - How Tall Should a Changing Table Be?

When looking for a diaper changing dresser or table, choose the one that is proportional to your height. A too low table will keep you uncomfortable and may strain your back. As a mom, you don't want to lean every time you're changing the baby. Again, a tall baby changing table will not be appropriate to a short parent. 

The baby changing table height should be 3.5 feet; that's around 43 inches for tall moms and caregivers. Go for a shorter table if you're short.

Ideally, go for a table that matches your height. You don't want to stretch sky high or bend ground low to change your baby!

2. Size of the Changing Table

Baby changing tables come in multitude of sizes: large changing table, standard size or small space changing table. Others like Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing table are customized to fit in a corner.

Consider the length and width of the changing table, especially if you want it to take only a small portion of your room.

Before you get a changing table, see if you have adequate space for the changing table. Some changing tables are designed with drawers, and open space.

Such a baby changing table would provide you with ample storage space even if you have a small room. You know your room size, so you decide and chose.

3. Cost

The price of a changing table is often proportional to quality. This is not usually the case, though. In case you don't have plans of getting many children, go for an affordable changing table, as you won't use it for such a long time.

If your plans are totally different, go for an expensive and a sturdy changing table for a life-long service.

However, the cost will also depend on material. Some are made of boards, while others are made of laminated wood; and wood tables are popularly expensive. Basically, go for a table that suits your needs and oscillate within your budget.

4. Portable

In future you may decide to shift your baby changing area, so you have to move the changing table. The best diaper changing table should feature small bearing at the base. With the small wheels, you'll only need to push to your desired location within your living spaces.

5. Cleanable

Since it’s a changing table, poppy may leak from the diaper. Or you place the smelly diapers on top, instead of disposing in the diaper pail. Make sure the table is made of material that is washable and wipeable leaving no odor or stain.

Aim for a baby changing table that does not absorb dirt, and that's why you should also consider its color as some colors are known to fade with use.

6. Should be versatile

Once your baby is grown, you may not need to use the changing table again. However, you spent dollars on its acquisition, so you want to ensure the baby table is put into relevant use even after your child's growth.

A versatile changing table can be converted into a shelf, table or even a dresser for your toddler.

Why you Should Have a Baby Changing Table

For Superb Organization

The best changing station is designed with storage spaces in form of drawers or baskets to store and organize all gears you require when changing your baby. You'll only need to pull the drawer and pick what you want.

Some are versatile, so you can use the table for general storage purposes once your baby is grown.

A Changing Table is Secure and Comfortable

Most baby changing tables are designed with side rails that keeps your baby safe during diaper changing. Others do not contain this feature, but they all generally come with a comfy changing pad and a safety belt for your baby's security.

For Back Pain Relief

Unlike regular tables, a baby changing table is tall and this makes it suitable for tall moms. As a mom, you'll find it comfortable as you do not need to bend during diaper changing.

Since you'll be changing your baby every often, the best baby changing table will eliminate back pain that come as a result of frequent leaning to change the diaper.

Safety Features to Consider in a Changing Table

The security of your little angle while on the changing table should be of great concern. Can your little one roll off and fall once they're active? Squirming babies are particularly prone to the risk of falling off, and that's why;

  • The changing table you chose should feature security rails for reinforced safety. The security rails surround the table, so your baby won't roll and fall.
  • The safety belts are inevitable. This belt is fastened around the baby keeping your little one in place.
  • A safe changing table is devoid of protruded edges. As your little angel start making moves, the prominent sharp edge could be a hazard. Beware!

What to Keep in the Changing Table

Changing tables keeps your baby changing essentials organized. It ensures everything you require to change your little one is close to you.

However, you'll need to ensure you don't run out of any baby changing gear; or you're lacking something when you're in the middle of changing your angel.

So, what should you keep in the changing table?

  • Obviously, you'll need wet wipes, cream and diapers for use during diapering.
  • Baby pacifier and toys come in handy to keep your baby engaged. While a baby diaper pail should be close to toss the used stinky diapers.
  • A baby thermometer and medicines should be at proximity in case you want to check their temperature when changing. Or you want to administer your little one with drugs, either orally or by rubbing some specific body parts.

There are many other small things that come in play when changing the baby. As a mom, I'm surefire you know the list off head.  Keep them close and always check to see every necessity is in adequate quantity.

How to Organize a Changing Table


My overall best is Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table and with a reason. First, I loved how this baby changing table capitalizes a room corner. And despite its compact size, this table still offer abundant space to secure your baby items.

That said, I am sure you're already guided on how to pick the best changing table for your nursery. You can choose to pick a small or large changing table. You can also opt for an affordable changing table or the most expensive changing table depending on your budget.

However, knowing what features to consider when looking for a baby changing table will suffice. And that's what I've exactly done.

With that in mind, do your homework well, then pick one that will suit you and your little one!

Happy care giving!