Tummy Time Mats for Infants: Best Tummy Time Play Mat (2021 Reviews)

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We all know that most babies do not love tummy time- those moments when they are placed on their belly on the comfortable mat. Yet, as a parent, you have to understand the different cognitive stages of development, then guide your little one all through that adventure of learning.

It is also important to ensure their motor skills; emotional and physical maturity are in sync. At the same time, it's important to help them discover with things around them.

As your baby grows, a tummy time mats for infants is a great way to do that. The best tummy time play mat will stimulate the development of their senses of touch, sight and more, while trying to crawl, sit and roll. 

They will be able to use their eyes, hands and ears to influence and figure out the environment around them. We did a research and shortlisted top tummy time mats to make the process easier for you.

Best Baby Tummy Time Play Mat

Key Features

Our Rating

Large. Cushioned. Toys. Padded mirror. Foldable

15-Toys. Mirror overhead. Lights. Music touch pad. Foldable

Spacious. Thick. Animal pals. Lightweight

Padded. Patterned animal faces. Mirror. Varying colors

Large. Textured animals & numbers. Waterproof. Foldable

Spacious. Animal pals. Soft. Foldable

Foam mat. Thick & soft. Large. Textured patterns & shapes. Beautiful

Tummy Time Mats for Infants: Best Tummy Time Play Mat (Reviews)

1. Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

The Tiny Love Meadow is a large mat and will be suitable for a newborn until they start crawling; therefore you won’t spend dollars on another mat as your baby glows.

This playmat is cushioned and  your baby will not feel hurt when placed on the mat plus, your little one will enjoy the different textures, toys and colors that will stimulate their sensory and motor abilities. These toys will also entertain your baby and stimulate their different types of stimuli.

We love the padded mirror that allows for facial recognition while keeping your little one engaged, plus, there is also a carrot teether that soothes the baby while promoting a healthy and natural development.

Like popular tummy time mats for infants, this play mat is easy to fold for storage. It is safe and complies with the ASTM and federal standards on safety.

Tiny Love has worn several awards globally on its provision of toy and baby products, so we’re sure that the play mat will support your baby’s development from birth until they are grown.


  • Soft and padded play mat
  • Large room to grow with your child
  • Colorful and beautiful pictures to keep your baby engaged


  • The texture may be slippery to infants

2. Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe

Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe is constructed with 15 toys, designed to provide 15 different activities to enhance your baby’s development.  Although the toys are many, you can control the number of toys that will appear on their forehead.

One thing that stands out to us is the toys that stimulate your baby’s sensory development when they're placed on the tummy, they also stimulate their motor development when they’re trying to reach them.

As your little one grow’s, the mirror overhead will induce the development of your baby’s language and communication skills when they gaze at the mirror then babble at their reflection.

Again, we know lots of baby’s don’t love tummy time, but this mirror will prompt your baby to lift the head and turn to gaze at the mirror and the flushing lights- so tummy time will be fun.

This playmat for infant comes with lights and music touch-pad that are baby activated. The music touch pad is comprised of 10 delightful tunes that plays for 20 minutes without interruption. However, you’ be required to install three AA batteries for the features to work.

 The toys are durable, plus they are small enough to be held by your baby’s hands. This playmat is foldable into a small size for storage and travelling.


  • Mirror makes tummy time fun
  • Music and lights induce baby’s sensory development
  • The mat is foldable for storage


  • May not be suitable for a big baby

3. Superjare Baby Play Mat with Fence

This play mat for baby is spacious with a height of 7 inches and a depth of 0.56 inches. The height is ideal as it enables you to hang and contain the toys.

The baby activity mat is thick to cushion your baby from a hard floor. And, the surface is softly textured with variety of colors and animal pals, so they will keep your little one engaged and excited down the year until they're grown.

These features will help in the development of your baby's imagination and important senses like sight through eye movements. 

Plus, your baby will be safe because the material is exclusive of harmful chemicals like lead, phthalate, chrome and other toxic chemicals. This light in weight infant play mat comes with a carrying bag so you can use the mat even when you're outside your yard.


  • Beautiful neutral colors
  • Soft and thick for hard floors
  • Easy to wipe and clean


  • The sides may be low and not firm to some users

4. Infantino Peek and Play Tummy Time Activity Mat

Infantino Peek and Play Tummy Time Activity Mat is completely padded to make tummy time comfortable for your little Angel. It also reinforces your baby's support while on the floor.

The mat surface is textured and patterned with animal faces and other animal pals. Plus, it has 2 toys that are removable, elephant pals with crinkly ears and panda with a plastic rubbery texture- all intended to keep your baby amused.

The removable mirror stimulates your baby to lift their head, grab or reach out to touch and grab the animal pal stimulating their sense of touch while enhancing their movement abilities.

The varying colors on the surface will help your baby to distinguish colors, stimulating their sense of sight. Overall, this will also be a great choice for your little angel.


  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Easy to wipe and clean


  • May not suitable for hard surfaces to some users

5. Baby Play Care Mat

This happens to be a large play mat so we're sure it will be useful even when your baby is crawling. This baby play care mat is hypoallergenic and waterproof; and that makes the playmat easy to clean up when it’s messed.

What we love about this baby activity mat is its floor that is designed with textured animals and numbers intended to be educational to your baby once they’re grown while stimulating their sensory development.

The activity mat is large so it will provide plenty of room during tummy time or once your baby starts to crawl, stand, sit and tumble; and your baby will still be safe because the playmat is cushioned.

Plus, this baby play mat is safe for you little angel since the construction material does not contain PBA, plasticizers, phthalate and EVA. It is eco-friendly as the playmat is 100% constructed with recyclable materials.

It is easy to roll the playmat for storage and travelling for usage in picnics or camping trips. It is also durable to grow with your baby, versatile and is usable on both sides. Overall, if you are on the lookout for the best infant activity mat, then this one may be what you're looking for.


  • It is easy to clean and wipe
  • The play mat is cushioned for hard floor


  • May not be easy to store I you have a limited space

6. Mary Meyer Bestever Baby Mat

Mary Meyer has a length of 31 inches making it ideal to an infant even after they're grown. This baby playmat is made from fabrics that are soft, so we're sure the mat is comfortable. Plus, it's long lasting to grow with your child.

Moms will find this activity mat ideal as they'll have some bonding moments with their little one on this safe and soft surface when placed on a secure floor.  And, it will provide ample tummy time and playtime to your little one.

This play mat features animal pals suitable for both boys and girls that keeps your little angel busy and happy.

It folds up for storage or if you want to use the mat away from home.  This baby mat is made from fabrics so the construction is easy to wash with machine. Plus, it makes a great gift for a baby shower.


  • Its easy to clean
  • Thick and Soft floor


  • The fabric may not be tight enough

7. Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat for Baby

Skip Hope is a thick but very soft play mat, creating a comfy surface for your crawling infant.

It is also best for toddlers, so it will be suitable even as your child grows. You’ll love that the activity mat does not sacrifice on space so it will be suitable for both of you to bond.

Because it’s oversized, it is also ideal during tummy times or when your child is crawling, rolling or trying to seat and stand.

Another thing we love about this baby play mat is the numerous patterns, colors and textured shapes that are ideal for your baby's development. They will help your baby identify with different colors and shapes.

Plus, the baby mat is beautifully designed and will seamlessly accentuate with your room’s decor. As a mom, you'll also find the mat easy to clean or wipe with baby wipes. Generally, this is the best activity mat if you are on the lookout for a foam play mat for your little angel.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Thick and life long
  • Easy to clean


  • The price is high to some users

8. Yookidoo Baby Tummy Time Mat

With the amazing colors, the Yookidoo Baby Tummy Time Mat is another amazing mat to stimulate the development of the baby’s auditory skills and crawling abilities.

There are two farm figures toys that attach to the musical motion track, constantly moving back and forth to entertain the baby. The magic motion track will keep the baby engaged to promote the baby’s cognitive development.

The best part is the 10-minute moment of consecutive music to promote development of visual skills. The entire mat is soft and superbly easy to clean.

You’ll love the hidden pockets that lets you to store additional accessories. Not to mention how the mat nicely folds into a roll for easy transportation. The mat is large and constructed from top-quality materials for lasting use.


  • Comfortable
  • Cute with bright colors
  • Folds easily to store or carry away


  • We wish the music was louder

9. Tapiona Large Baby Play Gym

This one is a beautiful play gym with a hanging piano key to act as a form of exercise when it is kicked.  The infant play mat is comprised of hanging toys and animal pals that encourages the baby to move the toes, fingers and feet to enhance their motor skills.

To stimulate their hearing or audio skills, the baby play mat is equipped with 10-nice melodies emitted by the piano keyboard. There’s also some bright light from the keyboard that stimulate their sense of sight.

The toys will amuse a fussy baby while encouraging the baby’s learning and growth. All the hanging accessories are made to be soft not to hurt the gentle face, fingers and feet.

The infant mat is fairly large to grow with the baby from when they are 0-months up to when they’re 6-months. For hard floors, there’s no need to worry since the mat is cushioned. It is lightweight to move around a lot easily.


  • Cushioned play matList Element
  • Melodies and toys keep the baby amused
  • Lightweight


  • May not be suitable for a toddler

10. Chanys Tummy Time Mat

What we love about this baby tummy time mat is its bright beautiful colors that will keep the baby engaged stimulating their mental development. You’ll love the geometrical shapes that are intriguing and pleasant to amuse your little wonder.

The baby floor mat is incredibly comfy; and unlike most play mats you’ll come across, this one is thick for optimal comfort on hard and cold floors. For that reason, your baby can explore around and crawl without the fear of falling.

The floor is made with cartoon theme that enhance the baby’s cognitive development. The colors are gender neutral and a great addition in the enhancement of the nursery’s theme. But our favorite part is the mirror and music that keeps the baby busy.

The entire baby mat is constructed from safe top-notch materials. It is simple to clean, plus, it excels well as a gift to new moms.


  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Mirror and music keep the baby busy
  • Thick and comfortable


  • May be pricey

Things to Consider – Infants Play Mats Buyers Guide

Size of the Mat

Even though your little one is small, they'll gradually grow with time. They're a newborn now but with time, they'll grow to a toddler. Will you want to spend more dollars on another baby playing mat once your little one is grown?

When looking for the best tummy time mat, go for one that grows with your baby. As your baby grow, they're require more space to crawl or roll, that's why it will be important you acquire a spacious mat for your baby.


Would you prefer tummy time mats for infants with arches or the one without? The overhead construction allows you to hang baby toys to keep your little one attentive or amused as the toys dangle.

However, it should be removable because, as your child grows, they may require to play with them on a tray on a flat surface.

They're best for newborns and infants who have no moves and only need hanging accessories to keep them engaged and excited.


Since the baby mat will be vulnerable to milk spills, urine, dirt and so on, it is good you look for an infant mat that is wipeable. A mat that is machine washing friendly.

The best baby play mat is waterproof, as you only need to wipe off the mess. The attached toys should also be washable.

Foldable for Travelling

If you'll be travelling a lot, a light in weight mat that is foldable will be ideal to you. Also, consider the handles or if the mat comes with a carrying bag for travel convenience. If you do not intend to use the mat away from home, them any mat will generally be good to you.

Is the Mat Good to Both Genders?

Some baby play mats are aesthetically designed for baby girls or boys, while others are designed for both. Consider if the contrasting colors can be used with either gender, especially if you want to use the baby mat for a long time with other babies you might have. Look at the user manual to see if the mat is gender neutral or not.

Depth of the Mattress

You'll be placing the mat on the floor, so you'll generally need a thick construction. Once your baby starts to crawl, they'll obviously fall until they stabilize. If the activity mat is thick, it will cushion your little one from the impacts of hard floor. The best play mat should also be soft, as a thick but rough surface will hurt their tender muscles when they slip up.

Lights or Music, Toys and Mirror

Some baby play mats have music and lights, while others do not. Some will respond well to this sounds, while others may literally cry with such emanating sounds. However, such things usually come with a feature that allows you to turn on and off. So, you can turn either way depending on how your baby responds.

On the other hand, most baby mats feature toys that are removable. Make sure they can be tilted to be used during tummy times to keep your baby entertained. They should be removable and washable for sanitary reasons.

A mirror would also be an important addition. You can reposition or tilt the mirror to face your baby. They'll be able to admire their tummy during tummy times to recognize themselves with their body.

Construction Material

The material should be softly textured to the gentle skin. This material should be waterproof and washable with machine. Everything including the toys and other accessories should be made from materials that do not contain harmful chemicals like lead, chrome, phthalate and BPA.

How to Do Tummy Time

For new parents, you can start tummy time even when the baby is 0-months old. To get the most out of tummy time, make sure the baby spends at least 15-minutes of tummy time on a daily basis. 

When doing tummy time for a baby under 3-months, you should place them on the tummy at shorter durations. You can divide the tummy time into sessions. After 3-months, the baby can spend more time on the belly to strengthen their muscles and prepare them for crawling.

The most suitable time for tummy time is after diaper change or after waking up.

To do tummy time:

  • Place a tummy time play mat on an open space. You may place a towel or blanket beneath the playmat to improve the comfort on a rough surface. 
  • Lay the baby on his belly on the playmat and fix the toys in place. Monitor the baby when he’s belly-down so the baby does not doze off.
  • If the baby is fussy on the stomach position, change the position and lay her on the side; but place a rolled blanket or towel at the back as well as head for support. Lay her on the other side after a couple of minutes.
  • Place the baby on the belly for about 3 to 5-minutes per session around 3-times per day.

How to Maximize on Tummy Time

Most babies do not love tummy time. The best way to get the best out of it is to do consistently even when the baby does not like it. Here’s how you can maximize on tummy time:

  • Join the baby on the play mat. Accompany the baby by laying down adjacent to him/her. Talk and chat to them the way you do to engage them.
  • If you want the baby to lay on their tummy, lay on your tummy as well. Babies are known to imitate what the Mom is doing. The best way to calm the baby is to lay your hand on the baby’s bottom.
  • To stimulate the baby to move, lay an object before them. You may put a mirror in front of them so they see their reflection. The baby will attempt to crawl to reach their refection.
  • Above all make sure the mat is comfortable as a hard surface may prompt the baby to cry every time it’s tummy time.

If the baby still does not like tummy time, take a break for a week or a couple of days. Most parents have reported success after a break. You can also try to shorten the tummy time duration and spacing of tummy time sessions within the day.  

Why You Need a Baby Play Mat

1. Develops Your Baby's Sense of Sight

Usually, a newborn will not be able to see clearly for the first few months after birth. With time, their eyes become clear and they will start to identify themselves with things at proximity.

The different accessories, patterns and colors on best play mats will stimulate the development of this sense of sight.

2. Develops Your Baby's Sense of Touch or Grip

Your little one will try to reach out sometimes flexing their palm like they're grabbing something when resting on the infant play mat. With time, they'll actually realize that things can be grabbed or pulled.

3. For Self-Realization and Awareness

Some models feature a mirror that can be adjusted to face the baby. They may be so young to identify themselves, however, as they grow, they will start reaching out to touch the mirror's image. Sometimes they'll giggle, then try to reach out to the giggling reflection.

How to Wash Tummy Time  Mats for Babies

Deep washing with household or a controlled formula in a sink will make your mat clean, then hang to air dry. However, don't use a dryer, you may destroy the fabric.

How To Start Tummy Time


A tummy time mats for infants is a very important item during the growth of a baby and a very important addition to your baby's nursery.

That said, Baby Play Care Mat is the best playmat for babies in our opinion  Aside from stimulating your Angel's mental growth, it's a spacious-comfy surface to bond with them.

Overall, knowing the best play mat for infants should not be an issue now. The best tummy time play mat should appeal your little one as not all mats will please your baby based on the construction color or accessories at disposal. So, make sure you only acquire the infant activity mat after the arrival of the newborn as you can return the mat if it isn't palatable to them.

Remember to keep the features in mind then look for one that will excite you and your little Angel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tummy time recommended to infants? When monitoring the baby, tummy time will help develop and strengthen the baby’s shoulder and neck muscles. It is a good way to induce their motor skills and cognitive abilities.

At what age should infants use a tummy mat? There’s no limit as to when to start using the tummy time mat. But the most recommended age is when the baby is between 3 and 6-months. During this stage, the baby is active and can use their eyes and hands to interact with the environment. The baby can play with the toys and the colored patterns will stimulate their cognitive development.

Which tummy time mat is best for my infant? Every parent will be pleased by a different mat based on color, comfort, presence of arches, depth, presence of lights, mirror and other accessories. If you feel overwhelmed, we Recommend Tiny Love Meadow, Superjare, Infantino, Mary Meyer, Skip Hop and Baby Play Care Mat.

Which is the right age to stop tummy time? By the age of 6-months, the baby should be crawling so there may be no need for committed tummy time. However, maximize the timing sessions when the baby is between 2 and 4 to strengthen the muscles and prepare them for crawling.