The Best Cooling Stroller Liner in 2020 (Top 6 Reviews)

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Do you want to give your baby a comfy-ride on the stroller? Would you like your newborn or infant to be less sweaty on a car or stroller seat?

The best cooling stroller liner is what you need. This product is designed to provide a smooth-soft spot for your baby to rest on. The baby will be snuggled and the head will not wobble around since the baby is supported. Your baby can even slide into a slumber and the head will not make unnecessary movements.

If you are skeptical about what brand to select, the following stroller liners have been proven to work exactly as they are supposed to.

1. W WelLifes Baby Pad Liner for Stroller

This stroller liner by W WelLife is a great deal for baby’s head and back support when sited on a stroller to prevent unnecessary movements. It is 100% organic cotton for your baby’s comfort and does not shrink on use.

Aside from using the pad on a stroller, the liner is made with unique contours and Harness systems that makes it ideal in car seats, bouncers and swings.

The stroller liner is only padded on the sides and not at the back so it doesn’t interfere with the safety of the baby when it is harnessed on a car seat.

One thing you’ll love about this liner is the 3D-air mesh fabric at the back that cools a baby on a warm day. The breathable fabric keeps the stroller liner cool in summer and warm in winter.

The premium liner is light in weight and super easy to install. It is easy to wash with machine to prevent bacteria build up or the growth of harmful substances.

2. Desert Breeze Distributing Genuine Lambskin Stroller Liner

This stroller liner may be the priciest when compared to others in our reviews, but worth the price if you take a look at how the liner is praised by the users.

One thing that impressed me is how the liner is made to be soft and cushy since it is crafted from breathable lambskin-silky wool.

It fits well in the stroller and the baby will have adequate room to snack and rest. To prevent the liner from shifting, this product is made with a quilted back.

The liner is made with slots and Velcro at the back that makes it possible to customize it to fit in any stroller and car seat as the baby grows.

It is light hence it’s easy to move the liner from a small stroller to a larger one or to the car seat. It is also simple to remove or install the liner as needed.

You’ll be amazed at how the liner is made to keep the baby less sweaty in summer and warm in winter. The product cleans easily in cool water and mild soap and does not retain odor.

3. Lebogner Baby Stroller Liner

Unlike our previous review, this one is pricier but very affordable. The liner is made with soft comfortable cushions that take the shape of the stroller or car seat but will retain back its shape when it’s removed.

One thing that stand out when you pick the liner is the 3D mesh that provides a comfortable and breathable spot for summer climate. This breathable feature lets in cool air and warm air; hence it is ideal for use in all seasons.

There are two hooked elastic straps that allows the seat liner to be attached to the stroller to prevent it from sliding down or shifting away when the baby is sited on the stroller.

As the baby grows, the liner can be customized to snugly fit the growing baby. So, the liner can fit on almost every stroller size and model; including booster seat and jogger to support a newborn, an infant or toddler.

The liner is simple to install. Removing the liner is also easy and fast. The liner material is easy to wipe or clean with machine.

4. Skip Hop Stroller Liner

The stroller liner is made with 3-ways to cool and keep the baby comfortable in every season. There is the top layer that wicks away the sweat or moisture, the bottom mesh layer that allows the flow of air and the quilted channels that wicks away the warm air.

I was impressed by its sleek design that makes the liner to fit wonderfully on the seat. Better still, the fabric is soft and your baby will comfortably be snuggled.

Since the liner is made with multiple slots, it’s possible to configure the liner to fit every stroller and car seat size. The back of the liner is made with non-slip material to prevent it from moving away.

The liner is easy to install and remove within a short moment. Washing the liner is also easy with machine. This product is safe since the construction does not include phthalate and PVC.

5. Agibaby Premium Seat Liner

Agibaby Premium Seat Liner will prevent your baby’s head from wobbling which can be dangerous to the baby on car seat.

The liner is made with a 3D mesh that keeps it breathable allowing warm air in winter and cool air in summer. This way, your baby will be comfortable and will not feel overheated or cold in summer or winter respectively.

This liner can fit in strollers and car seats of all sizes and models. The slim fit liner is also light making the product portable.

The product is available in a beautiful design that is suitable for a baby boy or girl. It is machine washable, non-flammable and lead-free.

Agibaby Premium Seat Liner is hypoallergenic and bacterial-free; hence it will not cause skin issues to allergic babies.

6. Summer Infant Snuzzler Stroller Liner

If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend you pick Summer Infant Snuzzler since it is price friendly. The liner is crafted from a soft and comfortable material that provides some warmth when the baby is sited.

One important feature that moms love is how the sides snuggle the baby so it looks comfortable when the baby is sited. It can even be reversed to make it look different to cool the baby on a hot day. This Snuzzler is made with unique contours to make it appropriate for use even in car seats and baby swings. 

My favorite part is how the head support can be adjusted upwards to provide more room for the growing baby. Plus, it can fit an infant of any size without the exception of preemies.

For safety purposes, this stroller pad is padded on the sides and not on the back so that it is easy to harness on a car seat. The stroller liner is spot washable with machine therefore there will be no bacteria buildup that  may lead to illness.

How to Choose a Cooling Stroller Liner

Presence of 3D Mesh

Although most liners are made with the feature, its important you check this feature well since there are manufacturers out there who will provide sub-standard products.

The feature may even be there but not working as expected. If the material is not breathable, the baby will feel sweaty or cold since the product will not regulate itself depending on the weather around.

Adequate Head and Body Support

Your baby’s head and neck are fragile and inadequate support and padding will make the baby susceptible to pressure or pain when the stroller is moving. To cushion your baby from the effects of bumps, adequate padding will be very crucial.

However, a lot of padding should be on the sides and not on the back since a thick back will interfere with the baby’s security.


You are looking for a liner because you want to improve on the comfort of the baby. The best stroller or car seat liner can be made from either silky wool, cotton or polyester. These materials are breathable, comfortable and long lasting. 

When looking for a liner make sure the color is super easy to wash. The material should also be made from a light material since the liner can be removed from a stroller and fitted into a car seat.


If there are no straps, the liner will move from side to side. What the straps do is to maintain the car liner in place when it is harnessed on the stroller.

Easy Installation

Sometimes you’ll be required to move the stroller liner from the stroller to the baby swing or car seat. The best car and stroller liner is easy to install and uninstall within a short moment.

Slots and Or Velcro

With multiple slots and Velcro’s, you can configure the stroller liner to fit in a car seat, baby stroller or a bouncer of any size.

As the baby grows, you can easily customize the liner to fit in a bigger stroller to snugly fit the growing baby.

How to Install and Use a Stroller Liner

Final Thoughts

There are lots of stroller liner brands available. Additionally, there are lots of factors like material, comfort among others that you’ll need to consider when looking for a stroller or car seat liner.

The best cooling stroller liner will keep your baby comfortable and cool or warm depending on the prevailing weather. If you have a stroller or car, there is no better way to keep your baby cozy than purchasing a stroller liner to keep them snuggled every step on the way.