Similac Advance Vs Pro Advance: Which is Better

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Similac Advance and Pro Advance are slightly different products from Similac brand. Their difference is minor although the widespread controversy involving Similac Advance vs Pro Advance has magnified the small difference. In this article, we will explore the two formulas to give you a deeper understanding on each of them.

Product Name



Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron

From the outside you’ll be able to differentiate between Similac Advance and Similac Pro Advance just by looking at the label or lid color. Similac Advance features a blue lid while Similac Pro Advance version is made with a grey lid.

By looking at the name it’s easy to tell Similac Pro Advance is the upgraded version of Similac advance. It is made with non-rBST cow’s milk while Similac Advance is made with cow’s milk.

Similac Pro Advance does not include any GMO ingredient while the original version contains traces of genetically engineered ingredients.

Another difference is that Similac Pro Advance is made with HMO, an ingredient that is also present in breast milk. Thus, it’s considered the closest to breast milk when compared with the original formula.

Despite their differences, the two formulas contain the following ingredients:

DHA: DHA comes in form of omega-3-fats. The ingredient plays a major role in stimulating fast growth in infants. Additionally, it promotes the growth and development of the baby’s eyes and brains.

HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide): Similac Pro Advance contains the HMO like the one present in a mom’s breast while the HMO in Similac Advance is derived from genetically modified plants and animals to resemble that’s of breast milk.

This ingredient is naturally present in breast milk and is responsible for the overall infant health. Its major roles include: preventing intestinal infections and inflammatory responses, promotes the functions of some cells for a healthy immune system and development of brain and other cognitive capabilities.

Lutein and Vitamin E: It’s responsible for eye vision, cognitive abilities like early learning, reasoning, memory amongst other mental capabilities. It is found in antioxidant form to cushion the cells from getting destroyed by the free radicals.

Which is Better: Similac Advance or Pro Advance

Basically, there is no conspicuous difference between the two formulas based on the effectiveness of their functionality. Both of them are nutritious and healthy and what makes one formula better than the other will depend on how the baby responds.

For parents who are suspicious and skeptical about GMO products, a variant without a GMO ingredient was added to Similac Advance to make it as close and similar as possible to the Pro Advance version.

Which Tastes Better: Similac Pro Advance or Similac Advance

As for the taste, both formulas taste and feels like the real breast milk. Actually, this is what makes Similac brand to stand out when compared to other brands.

In all the formulas, Similac strives to make them as close to the real breast as possible and a baby will not tell the difference.

Similac Advance Vs Similac Pro Advance Ingredients

Similac Pro Advance

Similac Advance

Does not contain any GMO ingredient

Contains GMO ingredients

non-rBST cow’s milk

Contains Cow's milk

Contains breasts’ HMO

Contains genetically modified HMO

Contains OptiGro

Contains OptiGro

Similac Advance and Pro Advance: The General Overview

Similac brand is the company that manufactures the two formulas alongside other infant formulas at Abbott Nutrition and Laboratories. The company is popular because it produces formulas for infants who are intolerant and allergic to cow’s milk or proteins.

Similac Advance and Pro Advance are infant formulas that are designed for moms who for one reason or another are unable to breastfeed their baby. In terms of ingredients, both are slightly different to cater for babies with different conditions.

They are healthy milk-based formulas to complement the unavailable breast milk; and there will be no difference between a baby who is formula fed or breast milk fed.

That means a formula fed baby will have all the nutritious benefits as a breastfed baby with the only difference being not sucking milk from the real breast.

The company produces the two baby formulas in two forms: powder and ready to feed formula that’s liquid in form.

Similac Pro Advance Ready to Feed Vs Advance Ready to Feed

Product Name



Similac Pro Advance Infant Formula Ready to Feed

Similac Advance Infant Formula Ready to Feed

Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s no noticeable difference between the two formulas as far as nutrition’s present is concerned. The only thing that determines which formula is better than the other is how the baby responds to a particular formula.

Some will respond well with Similac Pro Advance while others will do well with the other. However, pick Similac Pro Advance if you want a baby formula that’s completely closest to breast milk.