Pregnancy Pillows: How to Choose and Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

There are different types of pregnancy pillows depending on how you typically sleep or the kind of pain you want the pillow to relieve.

Body Pillow (full-length pregnancy pillow)

Also known as full-length pregnancy pillow, this pillow is designed to provide total support to your entire body and comes in rectangular and straight shapes. These pillows also come in straight or flexible styles.

Flexible full-length pillows can be flexed into your desired shape while the straight full-length pillows are not flexible. However, the flexible styles are more expensive than their counterparts. Full length pregnancy pillow caters for your entire body so you won't spend extra dollars on extra support pillows.

As a pregnant mom, sleep in such a way that you hug or cuddle the pillow. Besides, you can choose to cuddle the pillow with arms and legs while the midpoint of the pillow supports your stomach.

Aside from taking too much of your beds space, this pillow is not appropriate to back sleepers.

Wedge Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow imitates a wedge shape and supports your belly, hips and back. It allows you to have a good sleep by allowing your back or belly to rest in a smooth inclined position.

It's versatile as you can still use this pillow even after delivery, a feature that makes it very popular. This wedged pillow won't take much of your space in bed, leaving enough portion for your partner.

However, because of its small size, you may need extra pillows for your head.

Whole Body Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow tucks your body parts and wraps them, offering maximum support and comfort to your body. They typically have a length of 6 or 5 feet, so you can be sure you'll find one that will fit your entire body. If you oftenly feel a back sore pain every morning, then this is definitely your ideal choice. They're categorized into:

1. Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped

If you're a stomach sleeper, this should be your choice. It allows you to hug it, supporting your back and belly. Particularly suitable to moms in third trimester as this pregnancy pillow offers maximum comfort and support to the large belly allowing you to have a restful sleep.

Additionally, this pillow also supports your neck, back and legs. And although pricier than other pillows, you won't need extra pillows for support once you acquire a u-shaped pillow.

2. Pregnancy Pillow C Shaped

With this pillow, tuck the C-shaped base between your legs and use the upper top to support your head. Since your back will rest on the C-shape, your spine will also be supported.

It doesn't matter your body size; you'll always find one that will meet your needs. However, the pillow it too big and bulky for pregnant moms to move around with.

Eliminates Entire Body and Back Pain

Maternity pillows are proved to alleviate head, neck, legs and shoulder pains. They position your body correctly so you don't strain your body. If you undergo surgery, this pillow still comes in handy as it's known to rid of pain attributed by surgery. It's also known to prevent sciatica in pregnant moms.

For Comfortable Sleep

Actually, this is the main reason you want to acquire one. As the belly of a pregnant mom expands, the expansion may cause strain to your back or hip. Pregnancy pillows eliminates this strain and stress in related muscles, spinal cord and other connective body tissues

It relieves moms off the discomfort that's associated with belly protrusion or pregnancy and allow for a comfortable and deep sleep. These pillows are firm, thick and naturally goes with your body shape.

Improves Body Blood Circulation

A comfortable sleep leads to better blood movement. As a pregnant mom, it’s recommended you sleep on your either sides. What this pillow does it to ease pressure and balance blood, intracellular and extracellular fluid flow.

Whatever part you use it on, this pillow reduces pressure on blood vessels, stimulating seamless blood flow in your entire body.

Suitable After Giving Bath

After delivery you'll need a comfy surface to breastfeed your angle. This pillow comes with elevated sides, that's comfy for your little one to rest while breastfeeding.

In addition, the rounded or squared sides become very suitable in supporting your baby's neck and back when in a sit-up position.

And even as your little one grows, this pillow can securely nestle them, so they won't roll from a general bed and fall.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow

Whole Body Support

Target a pregnancy pillow that will cater for every part of your body - neck, hips, back and belly. Most importantly, go for a pillow that will cushion those parts that you feel uncomfortable when you sleep. Such a pillow will cover you in all the pregnancy trimesters.


You want a versatile pillow you can curl on when reading a book, when nursing your little one, when watching TV and so on. You'll use it in multitude ways in your various living spaces. Heavy pillows would be difficult to move around with.

Removable Stain Resistant Cover

Some colors easily absorb stain and sweat to get discolored. For sanitary reasons, go for a fabric that is washable and is resistant to stain. The outer casing should feature a zip, so you can remove it for washing.

Pillow Size

Consider the bed size when looking for a pregnancy pillow. You don't want a pillow that will displace your partners space in bed. Choose a pillow that will allow both of you to comfortably sleep.

Also consider your body size. Perhaps you want a pillow that will allow you to submerge right in or may be a pillow that will cater for specific body parts. You know, so you decide.

Hypoallergenic Pillow

You don't want a pillow that will stimulate allergic or asthma infections during your 9 months of pregnancy. Hypoallergenic pillows are resistant to these infections and reduces chances of a mom passing these diseases to their precious angel.

Sleeping Position and Body Size

How do you sleep when you’re resting? Are you petite or huge? Let's delve in and see what pillow type will suite you based on your body size and sleeping positions.

1. Huge Sized Moms

A C-shaped pillow will be the ideal choice. As I said, a C-shaped pillow will cater for every mom’s needs despite their body size.

2. Short Moms

Short pillows are best for petite moms. Leachco Snoogle and total petite are best pillows you could pick.

3. Stomach Sleeper

If you have the tendency of sleeping with your stomach, be cautious as you may experience pain in certain body organs.

Avoid firm pillows as they will wrinkle your face when you're sleeping. However, if you cannot avoid this sleeping position go for Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo pillow.

4. Side Sleeper

Side sleeping position is super comfy. If you love this position then go for Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow. It'll perfectly cover your sleeping needs.

5. Back Sleeper

Back sleeping is risky as you could easily choke yourself. And since changing your typical sleeping position is nearly hard, make Back N Belly Or Snoogle Maternity Pillow your close friend. Either of these pillows will allow you to have a sweet back sleep.

Soft vs Firm Maternity Pillow?

Yes, a soft maternity pillow may be a preference to many. However, they easily flatten with use. A firm pillow is best and will last you for a longer period. Don't worry that firm surfaces are uncomfortable, you'll get around it over time!


Choosing the best pregnancy pillow shouldn’t be an issue now. Since there's no stated pregnancy time when you should acquire a pregnancy pillow, purchase one and start using it as soon as the tummy starts to protrude or when you feel uncomfortably asleep. A maternity pillow will allow you to have the cozy sleep you've been craving for!

  • Updated June 7, 2019
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