How to Eat and Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

A healthy lifestyle is very important to pregnant moms or women who are planning a pregnancy. Taking the right diet during and after pregnancy is vital to every mom.

Pregnant Mom

This supplies the womb with essential nutrients and prevent the possibility of low birth weight and other problems that may arise both during and after delivery. Follow the following tips for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Take Right Food

Avoid diets that are reach in sugars and fats and opt for healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, calcium-foods, whole grains and more. Your baby needs healthy diets for growth and poor choice of foods may lead to low weight or other problems.

Do not take raw eggs, soft cheese, unpasteurized milk, raw meat and suck kind of unpasteurized animal products. They are highly linked to food poisoning.

2. Take a lot of Water

Your target should be at least 8 cups per day.  As a pregnant mom you’ll need more water than normal to stay hydrated. Water contain fluoride that is crucial in the growth of baby’s teeth and strong enamel.

3. Get More Vitamins

Talk with a medical expert If you’re not sure about the best source of vitamins. Your doctor may recommend foods like kidney beans, broccoli, oranges, and spinach for vitamins and yoghurt, milk among other diets as best sources for folic acid.

Basically, aim for foods that are reach in folic acid and calcium. Prenatal vitamin is also crucial on a daily basis, however, talk with your doctor about it before deciding on a daily schedule.

4. Regular Prenatal Care

Have a regular prenatal care from a medical professional. Improper prenatal care increases the chances of low weight at birth or other issues during delivery. A group prenatal care is ideal if its readily available.

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

Getting abundant sleep is beneficial for both of you. Aim for at least 7 or 9 hours of sleep per day and sleep on your left side for seamless blood circulation for both of you.

6. Reduce Stress

According to studies, moms who are stressed during pregnancy tend to have problems at delivery. Another important thing is to reduce stress when the time is due as this tends to affect the birth outcome. Stress is also linked to blood pressure that delays delivery on the due date.

7. Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Smoking increases the possibility of premature births, SIDS, miscarriages among other unhealthy conditions to both of you. Consumption of alcohol may also lead to FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder).

In essence, smoking or intake of alcohol may lead to a myriad of issues to your baby. The most notable issues include extreme learning disabilities, behavioral and abnormal issues among other unhealthy outcomes.

Overall, the diet you take must include: vegetables, legumes, cereals, milk, Cheese, yoghurt, bread, poultry, meat, fish, and fruits for it to be a balanced diet.

What you feed on is a personal decision. However, eat right and avoid certain foods and behaviors for the wellbeing of the growing baby.

I know it’s difficult to avoid certain foods and addictions. And that’s why it’s good you discuss these issues with your doctor to help you start a healthy lifestyle.