Best Diaper Pail for Odor Control (2020 reviews)

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Even though babies are super cute, they can never live without diapers. Everyday you have to change your little Angel and replace those used diapers with new ones.

But where do you toss those used smelly diapers? The best diaper pail for odor control allows you to store those used stinky nasty diapers dramatically keeping your rooms clean and fresh.

In this guide, you'll find precise and pertinent information on top-rated diaper pail and any other clarity you need in relation baby diaper pails. Read on to the end. You can also have a gist of the precise knowledge you need by clicking the headings on the navigation menu.

Top 5 Best Diaper Pail

Key Features

Our Rating

Plastic. 40 used diapers. No pedal. Hanger to ha ng pail

Plastic. 180 used diapers. Foot pedal. Arm & hammer. Self-sealing technology. Child proof lock

Plastic. 50 used diapers. No foot pedal. Retainer deodorizer for flies. Arm & hammer

ABC plastic. Holds 40 newborn diapers. Hands-free. Small. Child proof lock. Bag cutter

50 used diapers. No foot pedal. Small. Child proof lock

Best Diaper Pail for Odor Control (2020 Reviews)

1. The Diaper One n Done

  • Best For Daycare

This is one of the popular diaper pails for diapers disposal you'll find out there. Each pail unit comes with100 bags. We love these bags because they don't allow the smell to escape away.

This pail is very convenient because the refills comes in a roll. You only need to pull one bag at a time from the bottom of the pail.

Dispose the used diaper in one of the Diaper One and Done bag and remove the bag from the pail. Tie the top of the bag and throw it in your diaper pail. This bag prevents the baby's waste from spilling over and keeps off that smell from your living rooms.

Diaper One and Done comes with a hanger to hang on the changing table or on a table . Because of this feature, this pail becomes very appropriate for use in a daycare. However, make sure you place them distant from babies to avoid suffocation.


  • Price friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Not big 

2. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail powered by arm & hammer

  • Best Hands Free

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail comes with arm & hammer and baking soda that absorbs the bad smell. The closing lid features a vented disk designed to sprinkle the baking soda within the pail, so it can absorb the bad odor.

This pail also comes with a technology twist that keeps the lid tightly sealed preventing the horrendous air from getting out. Once you toss the diaper, the self-sealing technology makes the bag to twist, blocking the smelly air from getting out. It’s also easy to locate the cutter once you want to replace the diaper disposal bag!

Like other diaper pails, you'll be required to purchase refills once they're exhausted. With this pail, you can use arm & hammer refills or munchkin bags. The refills come in a package of 30 diapers. These refills are designed to snap, and they require no tying or cutting.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail comes with a pedal on the lower end that's pressed if you want to open the lid and dispose the waste. You'll find it convenient as you can wrap your baby with one hand as you hold the used diaper with the other. Then use your leg to open the pail.

To keep your baby safe, this pail comes with child proof lock, so your baby won't get their hands within the pail. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail can hold as much as 180 diapers! But don't overfill the pail, such that you force the lid when closing. Otherwise you'll damage the lid closing mechanism.


  • Sturdy 
  • Keeps your hands free


  • Not appropriate for diaper genie  bags

3. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

  • Best for Budget

Safety 1st  Easy Saver is a very safe and easy to use diaper pail, and will keep your nursery clean and fresh. This baby diaper pail comes with plastic refill bags that are then thrown into the pail once they're used.

This pail is very convenient because the refill comes in a roll, so you pull one bag at a time from the bottom of the pail.

It comes with a retainer deodorizer that keeps off the flies once you fill the cup with baking soda. Plus, you can use an arm and hammer to block the awful air from sneaking.

With the advanced odor control mechanisms, you can place it in your bedroom or near the changing table for convenience when you're changing the diaper; with no worries that the odor will escape and fill the room!


  • Portable to be moved to other rooms
  • Simply designed


  • Plastic

4. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

  • Best For Odor Control

Dekor Classic Hands-Free is made from ABC plastic and does not absorb odor. This pail comes with a reusable cartilage, so changing the refills is simple and fast. 

The baby diaper pail comes with a foot pedal at the base that prompts the pail to open when it's pressed. The refills are scented with powder keeping the pail free from odor. That also means the pail can accumulate a lot of refill and you won't feel a lot of stench once you open the pail.  

Because of its compact size, this pail doesn't take a lot of space, making it ideal for a small nursery, or small spaced rooms. The small size makes it light to shift to another room with ease.

Dekor Classic Hands-Free like other diaper pails comes with a child proof lock, so your little one won't find their way into the diaper pail. Disposal bags are big enough to accumulate about 40 newborn diapers, plus emptying is easy through a door with a cutter.

You can also use the pail to dispose your pet's waste or alternatively remove the diaper insert and use it in your kitchen, bathroom or any place you may find convenient to you, and dispose off the general wastes! It is available in 3 finishes: sage, white and grey. 


  • Features 2 lids for maximum odor control and does not absorb odor
  • The cartilage is reusable
  • Can be used for regular trash


  • Plastic

5. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

  • Best Steel Pail

Crafted from steal, Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is the most durable diaper pail you'll ever find. It comes in 12 finishes, so you'll be able to choose one that blend with your room's theme.

The steel is coated with powder that gives the diaper pail a pleasant look; while the rubber seals contain the odor from escaping. The featured rim that surrounds the rid further keeps the pail super tight, preventing the odorless smell from escaping through any opening.

The best thing about Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is that that it requires little maintenance, as you do not have to keep refilling the pail with extraordinary bags. With this pail, you can use ordinary clothing's, or household bags to put in the used diaper, then dispose them in the Pail. 

This diaper trash bin is small in size and won't take much of your space. It can hold up to 50 used diapers so you won't have to empty the pail every often. It even comes with a child proof lock to keep off your children.

Unfortunately, this diaper pail does not include a pedal, although the lid is super easy to slide, without allowing the despicable smell to escape.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to wash
  • Can use ordinary clothing


  • Pricey compared to the plastic pails

6. Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Diaposal System

  • Best for Disposable Diapers

Constructed from ABC plastic, this pail can hold up to 46 utilized diapers. For tall moms, this pail comes in a standardized height so you won't have to bend when dropping the diapers.

This baby pail is designed to use extraordinary scented bags that reduce the strength of the odor. It's accompanied with refill bags to dump the dirty diapers, but you can still go for regular house bags if you're not pleased with refills.

The good thing is how the door opens at the weight of the dirty diapers. So, you won't have to touch the pail. Another best thing about it is the bag cutter that operates efficiently when the disposed diapers fill the pail. The side door makes it super easy to empty the bag within the diaper pail.

This pail features triple seals and flaps that completely prevents the odor from sneaking through any tiny opening; and a foot pedal that prompts the lid to open when its stepped on. The pail is available in different colors like black that will definitely march with some nurseries theme.


  • Accumulates lots of diapers
  • Leaves your hands free to carry the baby
  • Child proof lock to keep babies away


  • Works well only for newborn used diapers
  • Uses only diaper dekor plus refills.

7. Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

  • Best for Cloth Diapers

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail is stylishly made and attractive. Constructed from aluminum and steel, this pail becomes long lasting, serving you for a reasonable moment. This feature coupled by its large size qualifies the pail as the best for cloth diapers.

This steel construction simply means the pail does not allow odor to disappear. The air tight ergonomic lids and rubbles seals, keeps it airtight preventing any odor leakage that may interfere with your room freshness.

Once your child is grown and you're no longer need it for diaper disposal, simply convert it into an ordinary trash can and dispose off the household wastes.

Like most diaper pails, the diaper garbage can uses standardized liners that makes it cost efficient rather than the customized expensive disposal bags.

Plus, it features a safety lock that prevents spills and gives you the peace of mind that your child won't have access to the dirty disposed wastes.


  • Strong and durable
  • Can be used to dispose ordinary trash


  • Highly priced

8. Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions

  • Best for Babies

This diaper pail will keep you covered, if you're looking for a moderately priced pail that will contain the despicable diaper odor. Moms will love this pail as its customized to fit into any room’s decor.

Like other diaper pails we've reviewed, this baby diaper pail features air tite systems with a push lock and carbon filters both holistically working to contain and absorb the odor preventing the bad smell from spreading to your rooms.

Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions can hold up to 50 diapers for newborns, saving you time from consistently running downstairs to empty.  


  • Holds a lot of used diapers
  • Completely contains the odor


  • No foot pedal

9. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

  • Best for Twins

Platex Diaper Genie is sleek, and will fit well in your nursery. It applies odor lock technology to prevent odor from escaping. Like popular diaper pails, this pail features two odor control points. The air tight clamps lock the odor within the pail while the carbon filter absorbs and prevent the odor from getting out.

The diaper pail comes with a foot pedal that regulates the opening and closing of the pail, so you won't have to touch the lid to open the pail. Plus, the tall height means you won't have to lean to toss the stinky diapers especially if you're holding the baby!

Another best thing about this baby disposal bin is that it holds a reasonable amount of diapers. It can hold up to 270 diapers without letting out the odor.

Emptying is easy by cutting and tying the edge of the bag. Remember also that every diaper pail arrives with refill cartilage. The construction is available in different colors that will perfectly match with the theme of your room.


  • It's hands free
  • Emptying is easy


  • Plastic

10. Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail

  • Best for Small Spaces

The diaper pail is small allowing only 18 used diapers to be disposed, while the cartilage can take up to 180 diapers. This pail is appropriate for small rooms, as you can keep it in the cupboard or bathroom. However, you'll be required to purchase refills once they're exhausted.

Tommee Tippee Simplee is made exclusive of a pedal, hence you have to drop the dirty diaper via the featured lid. But since you're be changing the baby, obviously you'll have to wash your hands whether you'll use the foot pad or not.

It comes with a lid and a layer film that's smartly seals, keeping off the nasty smells. So, you won't have endless trips to the bin because of the leaking odor. The film comes with antibacterial that fight germs, keeping you safe in case you accidentally touch the inside with your hands.

Once the pail gets full, the in-built cutter allows you to cut off the film, then tie the top of the film prompting it to rid off the dirt. The small diaper pail is beautiful and available in 3 colors: blue, pink and grey. It's versatile and can also be used to dispose waste wipes, cotton wool and other general trash.


  • Not  expensive
  • Won't take much space


  • No foot pad

Diaper Pail Buyers Guide- What to Look For in a Diaper pail

The efficacy of a diaper pail is hinged on a number of factors. Let's delve

1. Lightweight

Some situations can prompt you to change the location of the changing table. If in future for example, you may decide to shift the changing area, maybe upstairs in the balcony due to unavoidable circumstances, moving a bulky pail can be quite a task.

To avoid those struggles, go for a small diaper pail that weighs light. One that can be dismantled and moved with little effort.

2. Child Safety Lock

As babies grow, they increase their movements. If the diaper pail is exposed, you may find them trying to get their hands within. Or even trying to drop some gears they may be holding within the pail.

Sometimes they may touch the nasty lid, then insert their hands in their mouths, which of course will pose a health risk to your baby. A Safety lock will keep your Angel protected from such a mess.

3. Maintenance Cost

Some diaper pails can be literary difficult to maintain. There are lots of diaper pails that use customized refills, while others can use any ordinary household bag or clothing. While the customized refills are super expensive, they're rarely easy to find.

Diaper pails that use regular trash bags and household clothing's are the best. They'll also save you lots of time you could spend looking for the otherwise expensive hard-to-find refills.

4. How Many Disposable Diapers it Holds

You don't want a diaper pail you'll have to empty every often. The best diaper trash can should last for a couple of days before it's emptied. However, it should not contain too many of them, because the longer they stay in the pail, the greater the intensity of the stench when you open the pail. Unless you change your baby lots of times a day, go for a standardized diaper pail.

A spacious pail is ideal for twins, as it would not take long before its full. You can still go for a larger pail, because, as your baby grows, they're require larger diapers, so the pail will not accumulate lots of them before its full.

You can always check the manufacturers label to see the capacity of a diaper pail. This way, you'll know the number of diapers a pail can hold. Compare the different diaper pail then chose one that you're sure is ideal for you.

Apart from that, consider if you have adequate space to store the pail and mobility issues. You may want to reduce the number of times you empty the pail by acquiring a large diaper pail but obviously, you don't want a pail that will take much of your precious space.

5. Foot Pedal for Sanitary Reasons

The best baby diaper pail features a foot pedal to regulate the opening and closing of the lid. You don't need to use your hands, you only need to press the pedal, for the lid to open!

Yes, you're changing the diapers so you should wash your hands once you're done. However, a featured pedal will prevent you from touching the dirty top part of the lid.

In addition, it'll make your work efficient as you can wrap your baby with one hand, while you'll use the other hand to hold the used diaper.

6. Odor Control

This actually is the main reason you want to acquire a diaper pail. If a baby diaper pail allows even a pinch of smell to escape, then it's not worth having! Diaper pails control odor in either of the following ways;

1. Addition of a deodorizer

2. Air filters

3. Using scented pail liners

The most important thing is if the odor control strategy is easy. How the pail contains the odor is dependent on how the lid operates and what the pail is made from.

Other thing you should consider is if the bag allows the smell to escape when you're removing the diapers. This will determine if the baby diaper bin is efficient or not. The best example is Munchkin, it contains the odor even when you're emptying.

However, when looking for the best diaper bin, you'll not always know at a glance if the pail will be effective. You may not even know by going through the product description details.

The best way to know the efficacy of a pail is by going through the customer reviews. Also, you can check if the pail has multiple ways of containing odor, rather than a single mechanism of odor control.

Remember though that the diaper pail will still unleash some odor when you open to dispose the diapers. However, the smell should not be strong if its odor control system is utter efficient.

7. Metal Diaper Pail vs Plastic Diaper Pail

There are two types of diaper pails: metallic and plastic. Metal pail is the best diaper pail for odor control, as they do not allow odor to escape through. Plastic diaper pails are not always efficient as they may allow some smells to escape, especially if takes more than 3 days before you empty.

Let's have a deeper look into the upside and downside of each pail

1. Metal Pail


Completely contains the odor

Long lasting



Heavy to lift

2. Plastic Diaper Pail


Not expensive

Light in weight, so it's easy to lift


May allow the nasty air to escape

Not life long

Generally, both of them possess air tite and carbon filters for odor control. However, a metallic pail will always emerge as the best. It completely locks in the stinky air!

8. Simple to Use

The best baby diaper pail is easy to use. However, the simplicity of a diaper pail is not based on the features it possesses. A pail may inhibit lots of features, but complicated to use.

Some diaper pails require you to change the refills and twist them so they stay how they're supposed to be. This is not always easy. Again, sometimes you have to push the diapers through the space into the bag which is quite a chore.

Usually, easy to use diaper pail should be characterized by the following features

1. In build cutters- they're usually incorporated in diaper bins that support refills. That means you won't struggle removing the refill bags.

2. Foot pedal mechanism- With this feature, you only need to press the pedal for the lead to open. It keeps your hands free when tossing the dirty diaper. In fact, you don't need to bend when throwing the diaper.

3. Diaper pail bag - Typically, you can access a baby diaper trash can through the side door or through the top lead. That means you're supposed to pull the bag for you to toss the diaper. The bag can be heavy if it contains lots of disposed diapers.

If you want a simpler task, go for a pail with a side door, as you will not require a lot of effort to pull the bag. However, if don't want to bend every time you're disposing the diaper, go for a diaper pail with top access.

9. Versatile

Some diaper pails will allow you to dispose even the ordinary household trash, while others are only limited to used diapers. A diaper bin that use regular trash is best as you can convert it into a general waste bin once your baby grows and you can no longer use it for diapers.

10. Read Customers Reviews

Numbers don't lie. Go through as many customer reviews as possible, while placing your focus on the number of negative customer reviews as well as positive reviews. This way, you'll be able to know the number of customers registering dissatisfaction or satisfaction on particular products. Make a prudent decision based on those reviews.

Types of Baby Diaper Pail

1. Wet Diaper Pail

Wet diaper pail is purposely designed to dispose cloth diapers. These diapers are dispelled via water cycle by filling the pail with water.

To prevent the bad odor from emanating, add vinegar or baking soda but never add bleach as this would render the cloth diapers useless.


Contains the bad odour



2. Dry Diaper Pail

This pail resembles a trash bin and is suitable for both cloth and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are disposed after they're shaken so the lose waste can drop. It requires a liner but no water is required for treatment.


Light in weight for easy movement

You can use it with disposable or cloth diapers


May let out the odor, so you have to use a deodorizer

Must have a liner

Why You Need a Diaper Pail

1. To Keep Your Nursery Fresh.

First forward, babies are known to urinate and poop every often. That means you're likely to change your baby a couple of times a day. Imagine all those diapers in an ordinary trash bin? That horrendous odor in the open?

The good thing about a diaper trash can is their odor control mechanism without allowing any stinky odor to sneak.

2. Saves Time

A diaper pail at proximity will save you frequent runs to the outside bin every time you change the baby. The diaper pail will stay for a couple of days -like 2 or 3 days- before it gets full

Actually, you do not need a big or expensive diaper pail, you only need something simple but extraordinary that will accumulate those nasty diapers and contain the odor.

How to Use Playtex Diaper Genie Diaper Pail

How to Prevent the Diaper Pail From Smelling

Smelly diaper pails can be disturbing, spreading the despicable odor to other rooms and interfering with your room freshness.

Here's how to keep off smelly diaper pail odor and prevent the pail from smelling

1. Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda every time you're replacing the used bag by tossing it on the base of your baby diaper pail. You can also place coffee filters, whole cloves or dryer sheet at the base of your pail. Any of these will work wonders towards eliminating the smelly air.

What you do is take a tablespoon of soda and toss on it base. Baking soda absorbs the horrendous odor. It absorbs so much odor, that you'll need to add more soda after a week or 2. Do the same with inside liners. Then see the difference the baking soda will bring to your room.

2. Opt for Scented Refills.

The scent takes the place of odor, so you'll experience the scent in place of the horrendous smell.

3. Use Plastic Liners

The liners prevents the diapers from touching the pail. This prevents the bad odor from escaping when you're emptying the pail.

4. Fold Before Tossing into the Pail

Tightly fold the diaper before disposing. If possible, keep the diaper tightly wrapped with adhesive strips. The smell of the diaper will be contained within the enclosed diaper.

5. Clean the Pail Regularly

Wash the pail every often-hot water and house hold soap.

6. Dispose the Diapers Every Often

Make sure you empty the pail as often as possible. It should not take long, since the longer you take to empty, the more the smell accumulates. Once the smell accumulates, the pail may even allow some stench to escape. 

Even then, you'll find it so unpleasant because the nasty smell will saturate your surrounding air once you open the pail.

7. Use Antibacterial Spray

Once you've removed the smelly diapers or liners, use popular splays like Lysol. This spray contains the bad odor from escaping

8. Rinse or Shake off the Poop

The more the poop in the diaper pail, the more the odor. To reduce the strength of the smell, shake off the poop before disposing the cloth diaper in the pail.

Wrapping Up

If you’re still at crossroads, Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is the top diaper pail in our opinion. This pail will 100% contain the bad smell unlike their plastic counter parts that sometimes absorb odor so you’ll have to contend with the bad smell.

The best thing about Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is that that it requires little maintenance as you do not have to keep refilling the pail with extraordinary bags. You can use ordinary clothing's or household bags to put in the used diaper, then dispose them in the Pail.

Plus, it can hold up to 50 used diapers so you won't have to empty the pail every often. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is pricey, but that’s what you have to pay if you’re looking for quality.

With this guide, looking for the best diaper pail for odor control should not be work while struggling with an odor riddled room is now your deliberate decision. Get one baby diaper pail of your choice and see how your stinky changing room will dramatically change into a small haven for you and your little one!


How Many Used Diapers Can Fit in a Diaper Genie?

Diaper genie can hold about 38 used diapers in a moment while the refill holder can hold about 270 (newborn) diapers.

I Have Diaper Genie. How Do I Prevent it From Smelling?

To keep the bad smell away

1. Toss pieces of baking soda on its base.

2. Every day, remove the disposed used diapers, and use anti bacteria spray to rid off the smell

3. Empty and wash it every often

4. Avoid dropping so dirty diapers within the pail

I Want to Deodorize my Diaper Pail. How do I go About it?

1. Make a mixture of essential oil (10 drops) and baking soda (1/4 cup full) and form a paste

2. Toss some soda ash within the trash bag

How Many Used Diapers Can a Pail Take?

Now, this will depend on a number of factors at play like;

1. The Size of the Diaper Pail

Typically, the larger the pail, the more the diapers it will hold, and the converse is true. Take the example of Tommee Tippee Simplee diaper pail that holds only 18 diapers, or Ubbi that takes around 54 used diapers. Other can take 100, 30 or even 40 used diapers. As you can see, different pails will take different diapers.

Note though, the best baby diaper pail, should take you between 2 to 3 days before you empty. More than 3 days is not recommended because of the smell build up.

2. The Size of the Diapers

Take for example of newborn diapers. Obviously, they're small, so you'd expect a pail to take more before it's full. Cloth diapers are large, so we'll expect a pail to hold only a few of them. I hope you get the picture.