Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain in 2020

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Almost every Mom claims to experience back pain during the pregnancy period. This back pain always leads to major sleeping discomforts at night. Averagely, about 95% of pregnant moms globally experience back pain during the nine months of pegnancy.

The only way around back pain is to acquire a pregnancy pillow. It is a basic requirement to any expectant mom as it will help you to bear with any kind of pregnancy pain.

Looking for the best pregnancy pillow for back pain can be quite a hustle. Knowing the efficacy of the pillow and features to consider can also be tough. But not to you because you've just landed in the right place.

Aside from back pain, these pregnancy pillows are also best for back sleepers.

1. Is the Pillow Comfortable?

To verify if the pillow is comfy, consider if its firm and soft. Firm pillows are thick, and should not flatten in a short time. You can try pressing the pillow with your hands and fingers to see if the pillow is strong enough to bear your weight. The best body pillow for bad back is firm and comfy to provide sufficient support to crucial body organs and alleviate any arising discomfort.

2. Shape and Size of the Pillow

Consider if you want a pillow that will support your whole body or specific parts. If you crave for full body support, then a full body pillow for back pain should be your ideal choice.  U or J shaped pillows will also address your problem.

However, if you want a pillow that will only support specified parts, go for wedge shaped pillows (triangular or circular). They're small in size and provide support and comfort to specific parts like belly, back, hips and more. They reduce stress and restore back relief.

3. Filler Material

You'll mostly find them in two types: organic fillers or memory fillers. Organic filling does not contain toxic additions and are best for people with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, memory filling is soft and firmly keeps the mom in position while asleep. It usually takes the mother's shape when in use.

Basically, any of the two-filing material is a good choice for body support, as along as the pillow is soft and firm against the skin.

4. Zippered Cover and Material

The cover should be made from a soft material that's gentle towards the skin. Also ensure the cover is hypoallergenic and resistant to water. In addition, best pillows come with a zippered cover as this makes the cover removable for cleaning.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain (2020 Reviews)

1. Intevision Foam Bedwedge Pillow

Best Body Pillow for Bad Back

Imitating a wedge shape, Intevision Foam Bedwedge Pillow is thick and features a foam layer that has a depth of 1.5 inches. This pillow also comes with channels within the pillow for air flow and breathability reasons. The featured zippered outer cover is life long and spot washable with machine.

After surgery, this pillow perfectly elevates your body, alleviating back pain and allowing you to have a comfortable sleep.

With the improved sleeping position, Intevision Foam Bedwedge Pillow prevents snoring and is best for patients with allergy, acid reflux or other breathing issues arising from poor sleeping positions.


  • Super comfortable
  • Firm and life long
  • Long to cushion your entire body


  • Not suitable to side sleepers
  • May slide down at times

2. Leachco Back N Belly Pregnancy Contoured Body Pillow

Leachco Back N Belly provide an even support to your back and belly, so you won't toss at night to reposition your body.

As a pregnant mom, this pillow is contoured to take the shape of your legs, so you can sleep with your back or any side. 

The lower side is designed in such a way that you can tuck your knees, while the upper side allows you to elevate and support your head.

The contoured feature allows the pillow to align your hips, releasing tension on joints, allowing you to have a painless night. This feature makes the maternity pillow appropriate to all moms despite their shapes, sizes or sleeping positions.

It helps alleviate all pregnancy related discomforts like sciatica, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion, acid reflux, heart burn and gastric reflux.


  • Outer cover is spot cleanable
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Takes your natural body shape


  • May not be suitable to huge moms
  • The filler material may compress with time

3. Blue stone pregnancy pillow

Best U Shaped Body Pillow

This pregnancy pillow will bring to an end the frequent turning and tossing, allowing you to have a restful sleep. Made from polyesters, this pillow alleviates all the emanating back pain, and provide support to your arms and shoulder.

Since the pillow is Long and oversize, you're able to stretch and evenly support your either body side. 

It alleviates all pregnancy discomforts like sciatica, fibromyalgia, ankle pain, lower back pain and other pregnancy issues.

With its length and size, this pillow eliminates the need of extra supports pillows, keeping every part of your body cushioned and painless.

Because of its u shape, this pillow provides a comfy surface to support your little one in an elevated position while cushioning the mom.

Like most prregnancy pillows, it can also be used to support your body when relaxing, reading a book, breastfeeding your little one and much more


  • Affordable
  • Does not lose shape
  • Provides support to your whole body


  • Slightly heavy to some users
  • The bottom may be pretty slippery sometimes leaving you unsupported

4. QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pregnancy Pillow  

Best Full Body Pillow for Back Pain 

QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pregnancy Pillow  is ergonomic and constructed from cotton. This U-shape and long pillow cater for every side of your body while molding into your shape.

This pillow alleviates discomforts to moms suffering from back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and gastric reflux aside from providing support to hip, belly, neck, legs and back. It allows you to sleep comfortably at night by eliminating unnecessary turning and tossing in bed.

The pillow comes with a cotton cover that is removable and washable. It's soft to allow you have an awesome back sleep.

This hypoallergenic pillow is versatile and creates efficient positions for pregnant moms when watching TV, sleeping, reading, nursing and much more


  • Won't take much of beds space
  • Softly comfortable
  • The case is washable


  • May be short for talls moms

5. Angqi 55" Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This ergonomic cotton pregnancy pillow molds to take your body's shape, providing support to your hips, belly, knees, head and back. As a back sleeper, this allows you to sleep deeply and comfortably the entire night.

The inner case is constructed from polyester. The external cover is soft, washable and breathable and comes with zips making it easy to remove the cover for washing. 

The inner filling is comprised of polyester fiber, that makes the pillow soft, leading to a great sweet sleep.

You can even use this pillow when watching TV, support your baby when nursing, curl on the pillow while reading, provide a comfortable place when breastfeeding and much more, so you won't spend more dollars on another pillow.

This pillow is also best for people suffering from back pain, sciatica and heartburn; and also appropriate for use after surgery in case you have a sleepless long night. In other words, you can use it in a million positions to relieve pain


  • Softly and comfy
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • Giant to cushion your whole body
  • Won't take any of your partners space


  • May overheat your head according to some users

6. Leachco Snoogle Loop Pregnancy Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Loop Pregnancy pillow is made from cotton and polyester that makes the pillow firm and comfortable.

This pillow repositions your hips, releasing tension on your joints and allowing you to turn to any side with ease. It easily converts into a double decker, allowing you to support your head, then stretch it to support and cushion your entire body.

You can easily convert it into a comfy surface for relaxation. Or maybe you want to curl up for book read up moment, this pillow is entirely inevitable. The storage pockets are a secure place to store glasses, books, phone, or even a remote in case you want to stretch out and watch your favorite series.

Because of the contoured design, this pillow is huggable, as the hour glass design curves to soothe and caress your body.


  • No need to adjust the pillow when turning in bed
  • Washable removable casing
  • Storage space for important items
  • Can be customized to be laid across any body part that is aching


  • You may require a separate support pillow
  • May not provide enough belly support to tall moms

How to Use a Body Pillow for Back Pain


With this guide, you should be able to pick the best pregnancy pillow for back pain or back sleepers. Keep the features in mind as they will help you select the right pillow without confusion.

An expected baby should be the source of joy. Restore that uninterrupted joy and sleep with a pregnancy pillow as you await the arrival of the new family member!


Do Pregnancy Pillows Relieve Back Pain?

Yes, they do. The best maternity pillow for back pain is created from top quality materials and fillers that allow you to sleep comfortably alleviating pain.

How Do I Sleep to Alleviate Back Pain?

As a side sleeper, tuck the pillow in the middle of your legs while sleeping. If you're a back sleeper, place the pillow beneath the knees. This maintains the back curve eliminating strain and pain on your back or pelvis.