Best Playpen for Toddlers (Top 3 Reviews in 2019)

Large Toddler Playpen

Containing a crawling baby is the hardest thing to busy moms. One minute he’s with you, the next minute he’s in the other corner of the house.

A toddler playpen is the only solution to a crawling toddler and, you can keep an eye on them while going on with your chores.

Toddler playpens are created differently. We have tall playpen for toddlers, outdoor playpen for toddlers, metal playpens and tons of other types of playpens in market stores.

Knowing the best playpen for toddlers can be overwhelming to new parents and that’s why I’ve done the work for you.

Size of the Playpen

If the playpen is too small and restrictive, it will outgrow your baby sooner and that’s why you should look for a large playpen from the onset. A large playpen for toddler is ideal even for an infant since you’ll also be spending tummy time with your baby within the playpen.


The best playpen for toddler is designed with a gate. Others can be unsnapped at any section to create an entrance into the playpen. Just make sure the unsnapped section does not interfere with the stability of the playpen.

Light Weight and Portable

The best toddler playpen is compact when folded for outdoor adventures. For parents who would want to use the playpen at the beach or in any outdoor play, consider if the playpen is light in weight and foldable. The best one is accompanied by a strapped case for easy travelling.

Foot Locks or Outdoor Stakes

These features are vital in enhancing the stability of the playpen. They are pushed on the ground to maintain the playpen in position.

Best Playpens for Toddlers Reviews (2019)

1.North States Superyard Indoor-Outdoor 8-Panel Play Yard

Best Playpen with a Gate

North States Superyard Indoor-Outdoor 8-Panel Play Yard is our top on the list for a variety of reasons. First off, it creates a secure enclosure for your child to crawl on and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This playpen is made with 8-panels that can be configured into any shape to create a 34.4-square feet enclosure that is 26-inch high. The high height makes the playpen suitable to tall toddlers who may be tempted to climb out of short playpens.

We love that the playpen is simple to set up and bring down. We also love that the playpen is made with non-skid pads so the playpen does not scratch or slip off.

Another thing you’ll love is the lightweight design and the carrying strap that makes moving the playpen anywhere a breeze.

There is also a gate that lets you and the toddler to get in and out of the playpen. The only downside is that the color may not be appealing to certain users.

Things We Liked

  • Light in weight
  • Foldable for easy movement
  • Can be configured into different shapes

Things We Didn't Like

  • Color may not be appealing to some users

2.Regalo My Play Portable Playard

Best Outdoor Playpen for Toddler

Like our first review, this playpen is made with 8-panels. It measures 48-inches wide with a height of 26-inches when it’s set up.

Regalo My Play Portable Playard boasts of an all-steel frame that makes the playpen durable to be used all through the toddler stage.

One important feature we love is the mesh walls that ventilate the playpen while allowing you to watch your baby from afar.

Another thing we love is the water-resistant nylon bottom that makes the playpen suitable for outdoor use. The nylon bottom is easy to clean and wipe with a damp clothing and mild soap.

This playpen for toddlers is easy to set up and bring down in a shorter timescale. The 6-panel playpen is easy to fold plus, it’s easy to carry with the strapped carrying case for outdoor use.

Moms loves the foot locks that keeps the playpen stable when they are pushed down. They also love that the space is ample for the baby to move around.

Things We Liked

  • Ample crawling space
  • Foot locks for playpen stability
  • Water resistant bottom

Things We Didn't Like

  • Takes a lot of space for small rooms  

3.Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Best Tall Playpen for Toddler

Like Regalo My Play Portable Playard, this one is made with 6-interlocking panels and creates an 18.5-square feet enclosure that is 28-inch tall. This simply means the playpen is smaller but taller than North States Superyard playpen.

The baby playpen is versatile and can be used at home or away. One important thing we love about this playpen is the outdoor stakes that keeps the playpen stable when used in a lawn or outdoor plays. 

The floor pads are also non-skid so the playpen does not slide off when used on interior surfaces.

We love the unique hinge design that makes putting together a lot easier with no extra tools required to disassemble the playpen.

This playpen is portable and comes with a molded foldable handle for extra safety to parents who would love to use the playpen in outdoor occasions.

Moms love that the baby playpen is spacious for the baby to jump around and keep themselves entertained while crawling and maneuvering within the enclosure, safely.

The main complaint is that the playpen does not have an actual door however, any section can be unsnapped and converted into a gate.

Things We Liked

  • Outdoor stakes for outdoor stability
  • Hinge design makes folding the playpen a lot easier

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not have an actual gate

Wrapping Up

As the baby grows, they become more active and crave for more space to explore their environment around. Acquisition of the best baby playpen is the only way you’ll feel at peace since you can go on with your chores while the baby is crawling, jumping and playing safely within the playpen.

  • Updated May 22, 2019
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