Best Playpen for Crawling (Top 9 Reviews in 2021)

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As a baby starts to crawl, he/she will be prone to constant injuries, while other times they’re vulnerable to danger as they are likely to maneuver to every corner of your house- even to potentially risky areas like kitchen.

The Best playpen for crawling is designed to be securely enclosed for your angel to crawl even without constant supervision when you’re engaged with other chores. Your little one will be safe as there are no protruding edges that would injure their gentle skin.

This playpen is comfortable and comes with an activity board comprising of immense entertainment features to play with; and educational features for your baby’s development.

Let’s slide down and take a look at some of the best playpens that will dramatically improve your experience in a crawling baby as a rookie mom.

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Best Crawling Playpen

Key Features

Our Rating

Measures 34.4”W by 26”H. 8-Panels. Nonskid floor. Lightweight. Foldable

Measures 14”L X 48”W X 26”H. Lightweight. 6-Panels. Mesh sides. Canvas base

8-Panels. Portable. Foldable. Canvas base. Mesh sides. Sturdy

8-Panels. Activity board.  Hinged door. Light. Suction cups

Suction locks. Hinged door. Activity board. Sturdy

8-Panels. Suction cups. Sturdy. Lock gate. Educative panels

Rubber base. Sturdy. Safety locks. Animated panels

8-Panels. Portable. Rubber cups. Locking gate. Ball spinners

8-Panels. Lightweight. Suction cups. Sturdy

Best Playpen for Crawling (Reviews)

1. North States 256" Superyard Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard

The North States is our top on the list- a super addition in your nursery if you want to create a safe place for your angel to crawl. When set up, the multi-colored Playard is 34.4-inches, with a height of 26-inches.

The floor of the super yard is comprised of nonskid pad so it won't slip or scratch on any floor: carpet, wood, tiles and so on. Cleaning the weather resistant panels is easy water with mild soap.

The North States Playard is easy to set up and is comprised of eight interlocking panel walls that come preconnected when they’re pulled out.

It is light in weight, compact, plus it comes with a strapped carrying case for easy carrying when you want to use the Playard away from home.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to put up
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight and portable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Few anti-skids pad

2. Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Playard creates a secured enclosure for your little one to crawl and play. You’ll love that the Playard is easy to put up and bringing down is also easy in matter minutes.

Your baby will love playing on the spacious 14-square feet Playpen, with a width of 48-inch and a height of 26-inches when it is set up.

I love the fact that the Playard is lightweight plus it's compact, making it appropriate for use on the go. Whether it's at the park, on the beach or even at home, you'll find the Playard very vital for your cute Angel.

On the sides is a mesh to ventilate the Playard, plus you'll be able to watch your little one even when you're afar. The base of the Playard is a water-resistant canvas to keep your baby dry even on a damp surface. It's foldable and comes with a strapped carrying bag for back carrying and easy mobility

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight construction
  • Putting up is easy
  • Water resistant floor

Things We Didn't Like

  • Padding not thick enough

3. Regalo My Play Portable Playard

Like most popular play pens, Regalo My Play is comprised of 8 adjustable panels that creates a 62-inch secure enclosure for your angel to crawl and play.

If you're looking for the best portable playpen then this playpen is truly portable. Plus, it is lightweight, fordable and easy to set up and bring down at home, on the beach, in the park or in any outdoor adventure.

My Play is made from a strong canvas material that is heavy duty and water resistant to keep the floor dry even on damp grass and preventing any spills from getting through. This canvas is easy to clean and wipe with a damp clothing for sanitary reasons.

This playpen is built with durability in mind, and boasts of an all steel construction for strength and purpose. The sides are ventilated with soft mesh, while the base features an easy to clean nylon on the spacious floor that is ideal for babies who are between 6 and 24 months.

For travelling enthusiasts, this playpen comes with a carrying case for storage, plus it is strapped for back carrying to use the play pen on the go

Things We Liked

  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious floor
  • The canvas is sturdy

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bottom panels may be thin
  • May be too big for travelling by some users

4. Costzon BabyPlaypen

With 8 panels, the playpen can be adjusted to take a variety of shapes and size to suit your room's space. You can customize it into rectangular, square or hexagonal shapes.

This playpen is beautiful and comes with an activity board comprising of a variety of fun features intended to be interactive to your angel. The visual toys, play phone, picture house and spinning balls at disposal will keep your baby happy when they play, while the visual toys will stimulate their brain development.

The swinging hinged door comes with a safety lock that lets you lock the door when you're occupied with house hold chores while keeping your eyes on them. The gate allows your little one to get in and out of the play pen.

As a mom, you'll have a peaceful mind because there are outfitted Rubberized Suction Cups that firmly keep the play pen on a carpeted or hard floor and it won't slide and drag as your child plays.

The plapen is also lightweight and easy to assemble within a short time. The light in weight design allows you to carry and set up the playpen away from home. Additionally, it's made from non-toxic products that are safe for your Angel

Things We LIked

  • Spacious to grow with your baby
  • The gate opens in both directions
  • Adjustable panels to suit your space

Things We Didn't Like

  • Suction cups may not always stick

5. Best Choice Baby Playpen

Best Choice is another awesome playpen to keep your baby securely enclosed when you’re cooking, or you're doing other chores within the house.

The flexible design allows you to add or remove the panels depending on the size of your room. This play pen is safe and stable for your angel as there are suction locks that grip the mobile paradise to prevent it from dragging or sliding.

Like other play pens in our reviews, this one also comes with a hinged door with safety locks to contain your baby when you're occupied.

To keep your Angel engaged and joyous, this play pen comes with an activity board comprising of ball spinners and telephone so your baby will be busy when you're going on with other chores.

This large toddler playpen is sturdy, quality and is perfect for babies who are up to 4 years of age. In addition, it's safe and free from lead, PVC and BPA that would be harmful to your baby respiratory system.

Things We Like

  • Easy to put the piece together
  • Sturdy construction
  • The door is easy to open

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some of the suction cups may not work well

6. Kidzone Baby Playpen

Like other playpens in our reviews, this one is also comprised of 8 panels that can be configured into your desired size by removing or adding of extra panels to fit your space. You can also customize the play pen into a variety of shapes that range from hexagonal, rectangular, square and so on.

There are suction cups that keeps the playpen safe, stable and firm on any ground. As a parent you'll also be glad because the play pen is sturdy and comes with a locking gate that's let you and your baby to get in or out of the play pen.

This Kidzone playpen is comprised of colorful pieces on its panels that are educational and are vital for your baby to explore and play with. Setting up the playpen is easy and within a few minutes. It is safe and does not contain BPA and lead.

What I Like

  • Suction cups to keep the play pen stable and firm
  • Spacious for multiple children

What I didn't Like

  • The door may squeak after some period of use

7. Gupamiga Baby Playpen

This playpen is a life saver as it lets you keep your baby at the center while you go on with your chores.

It is comprised of a rubber base to keep it sturdy and cannot be dragged or pushed by children. You'll love the anti-clip design intended to keep your baby from the danger of being stuck by the Playard.

Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre comes with safety locks to give you peace of mind as your Angel is engaged in the secured limit. It is durable and does not contain harmful chemicals like BPA. Plus, it is safe and is exclusive of any manual deburring that would hurt your baby.

Your Angel will be safe because the height is long enough, plus it is spacious to provide an abundance of space for your crawling baby. It's attractive, eye-catching, with beautiful colors and animations to spontaneously keep the baby cheerful and give them a sense of protection when they are crawling and playing.

Things We Liked

  • Putting up is easy
  • Safe and sturdy

What We Didn't Liked

  • The door may be hard to open

8. FDW New Baby Playpen

This is another awesome Playard if you want to create a mobile paradise for your Angel while you keep your eyes on them. It is nontoxic and is comprised of 8 panels.

However, you don't need to use all the 8 panels when putting up the Playard. This flexibility and the lightweight design, let's you put up the Playard in any shape of your liking: rectangle, hexagon square or octagon. 

That means you can set up the Playard in your desired size to suit your space on any floor.

The Playpen is easy to set up and bring down. Plus, it is portable for use at home or away. You'll also love that the panels on the base of the Playard are outfitted with rubberized suction cups in order to create a sturdy, nonskid base, safe enough for your Angel.

With a locking gate, your little one can get in or out of the playpen with your help. Other important features that makes the play pen outstanding include the ball spinners and play telephone to keep your baby engaged.

Things We Liked

  • Sturdy panels
  • Assembling is easy

Things We Didn't Like

  • The suction cups may lose their grips

9. BestMassage Baby Playpen

This play pen is comprised of 8 panels. When putting up the enclosure, you may decide to use eight or less panels and that means you can customize and adjust the Playard into your desired shape and size either by adding or removing the panels to suit your room size.

Like popular playpens, this one is also easy to bring up and down. It is lightweight, portable, so you can create a mobile paradise for your baby either at home or away.

The construction is comprised of outfitted rubberized suction cups intended to keep the play pen nonskid and manipulation- free for your active baby.

This playpen is sturdy, plus it's spacious for a mom to join the baby. The space is enough for your active baby to play and crawl.

It is safe and does not contain open spaces that would hurt or injure your baby. In addition, this playpen is nontoxic and will not tipple for your baby's security.

Things We Liked

  • Assembling is easy
  • Easy to move around
  • Abundant space for your baby to play and crawl

Things We Didn't Like

  • The play pen does not hold its shape well to some users

How to Choose a Playpen- What to Look for in a Playpen

When looking for a playpen be mindful of the following factors:

Foldable and Lightweight

Perhaps you’re looking for one and you’d want to use the playpen away from home, maybe at the grandma’s place, on the park or in other outdoor adventures.

If that explains your purpose, be sure you pick a foldable playpen that is light in weight for easy mobility.

Mesh Sides

Featured mesh sides are vital for constant circulation of air within the playpen. Constant air flow will refresh the playpen and your angel will not feel overheated on a warm day.

In addition, you will be able to monitor your baby’s activities within the playpen while you’re busy with other chores.

Rubberized Suction Cups

You want a playpen that is stable and secure for your angel while crawling or playing. These locking mechanisms are designed for extra stability. They allow the playpen to remain in the same place without dragging or moving as your baby plays.

Be sure you also set the playpen in the most stable shape as certain models will notably be stable in specific configurations and not in others

Locking Gate with Safety Lock

A hinged two-way door allows you to contain your baby as you get on with other chores. You’ll have peace of mind because your angel cannot get out of the playpen. The gate is also an entrance for you and your little one to get in and out of the playpen.

Height of the Playpen

The panels of the playpen should be at least 20 inches high. In such a playpen, your little one will not be able to climb out.

High panels will also be able to serve your baby for quite a long time when compared to shorter playpens.

Note though that, there will reach a time when your baby can climb out and that should be a high time you dispose the playpen.

Why you Need a Playpen for Toddler

Dealing with a crawling baby can be stressful. As I mentioned, as your baby starts to crawl, they will always be susceptible to injuries.

Your little one will crave for more exploration and you’re likely to find them in potentially risky areas, prompting you to keep running after them especially when you’re occupied.

Imagine you’re doing laundry, but your active baby crawls all the way to the kitchen and you had already set some water to boil on the cooking gas?

With a playpen, you’ll have peace of mind because you will be able to contain your little one in the secured limit, while you get things done because your angel is safe.

Toddler playpens for crawling are the most sought at the crawling phase. Although there are alternatives that can take the place of a toddler playpen, baby crawling playpen is the best one for a number of reasons:

1. It is Portable: unlike other items you’ll come across for baby proofing, a baby playpen is the most portable. It is easy to put together and bring down and within a short time scale. Because it can be dismantled with ease, a crawling playpen is easy to carry for use on the go.

You can use the playpen at the park for your bundle of joy to enjoy and experience the natural splendor the world can offer while free from the risk of wet grass, bugs or ants that inhabit the environment around.

2. Flexible: if you have a small room, a baby playpen can be altered and customized into your desired shape and layout to fit in your target room.

3. Lots of Entertainment Features: most playpens are made with extra entertainment features to keep your angel engrossed when you’re engaged with typical routine chores. Your angel will be mumbling and giggling while trying to reach out at the toys on close range.

4. Sturdy Construction: unlike traditional designs, modern playpens are made to last and to withstand the weight of the growing baby. The best ones are made with canvas and foldable metal stands and won’t break up as the baby grows.

5. Light Weight: playpens weigh light for easy mobility. Most of them are made to fold up into a compact size. This is what makes them better when compared to travel cribs.

6. Sleeping Comfort: baby playpens are made in such a way that they are comfortable for your angel to have a nap. Babies on impromptu visits can also nap on the playpen instead of using an adult playpen to zero the risk of rolling down at night.

As you can see, a playpen for toddler is a very important addition to busy moms. You can do your chores while your angel is safe in the tiny enclosure.

Safety Tips and Precautions When Using a Crawling Playpen for Toddlers

Although a crawling playpen is crucial in securing your baby, there are things you’ll need to be mindful of to minimize on dangers and hazards;

1. Do not leave your baby on the playpen for a long time. Always have a glance at them even if they are securely enclosed in the limit.

2. Occasionally, check to see if the playpen is intact and in good condition. Frequently check to see if there is potential wear out or damage on the panels.

3. Ensure the playpen is cushioned on the surface to prevent your baby from the impact of hard surface. To do this, place some pillows or a small mattress beneath.

Because there are endless potential dangers every day, you can’t afford to get distracted from your baby’s presence. With a baby playpen, you’ll be peaceful that your angel is housed in the safe space while you go on with your chores- home or away.

How to Use a Baby Playpen

Wrap Up

After meticulous research, Regalo My Play is the best baby playpen in our opinion. We loved the durability of the playpen, the lightweight design and the spacious floor that will be ideal for your baby up to when they are 24 months. This baby playpen is comprised of 8 adjustable panels, plus it's foldable to be used at home or away.  

While there are lots of playpens you’ll find in online stores, you’ll need to be very diligent. However, with this guide, you should be able to narrow down to the best playpen for babies.

The best playpen for crawling is safe, comfortable and full of entertainment features to keep your angel happy as you go on with your chores, home or away.

Creating an enabling environment for crawling and playing is vital in the development of your baby and that’s what the above playpens are designed to do.