5 Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers in 2021 (Reviews)

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Nothing beats the fun that comes with playsets. Also known as swing seat, the best outdoor playsets for toddlers is designed to provide lots of fun to a toddler as the swing spins back and forth as the mom or dad push.

The good thing about most of them is that you can hung it on your existing swing set or on your favorite tree within your backyard.

There are playsets that are made for indoor use, while some are made for outdoor purposes. Others can used in both indoor and outdoor plays.

In this article, we will take a look at outdoor playsets for toddlers. So, if you’re looking for an outdoor playset for a toddler, read on.

1. Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing

If you are looking for a toddler playset that will look good in any backyard, then this toddler swing seat should be your number one on the list. Additionally, this swing can be used together with most brands of swing sets.

The toddler swing seat is comfortable and is made from a material that is strong, so you can be sure your baby will be safe when the swing is moving. There is also a restraint mechanism to reinforce the security of your baby.

The rope is all-weather resistant, durable and can sustain a baby who is up to 50 pounds. My favorite part is how a baby fits snugly on the comfortable seat.

One thing you’ll note about this toddler swing is its simplicity in loading. Your baby will have a lot of fun as the seat moves back and forth on a spinning swing set.

The swing is super easy to put together, plus, the swing seat is easy to wipe or clean and is made to withstand any kind of weather. It is affordable for parents who are on a small budget.

2. Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

Next on the list is this amazing swing that is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor plays. The swing set folds easily so you can store or move the swing away for outdoor use.

Parents who have used the swing confirm a sense of security to their baby since the swing seat is made from a tough steel frame that is coated with powder to survive any kind of weather.

The heavy- duty swing is made from strong but light materials, hence it easy to move the swing anywhere within your yard and away.

To further reinforce the baby’s safety, the swing seat is comprised of complete safety harness to ensure the baby is seated snugly while comfortably buckled.

Your baby will have their own swing to enjoy and will use the swing from when they are 9-months until they are 36-months old or 55-pounds.

For indoor uses, this toddler swing will fit in large rooms but can be used on any yard size for parents who would buy the swing for outdoor purposes.

Instructions on assembly are clear and easy to follow. Plus, it will not take a lot of space if you have a small yard.

3. Squirrel Products Toddler Swing Seat

This one is another great swing for your toddler and will be exceptional on any yard. One thing that stands out is the strong chain that is 66-inches long but can be customized to a shorter size.

For a length of 30-inches from the seat, the chain is coated with plastic to cushion your baby's finger from the toughness of the chain while griping the swing.

What makes the swing popular amongst parents is its high back that enhance the security of the baby while swinging, plus, it is easy for the baby to get out of the seat early on. The seat is strong and rugged to withstand any kind of pressure and weather.

The swing seat is big so it can be used for a long time, hence it will be useful to your baby from when they are 6-months until they are 4-years or 150 pounds. The seat is also comfortable and your baby’s face will be lit at the anticipation of the wonderful feeling.

4. Sorbus Spinner Swing

The Sorbus Spinner Swing is made with an adorable spider net nylon rope that's high in quality. The heavy-duty rope hangs on sturdy steel rings.

From external appearance, the swing seat is adorable and can be hanged on a swing seat, tree post, or any sturdy suspension. It is a great upgrade from the standard traditional swings.

The fastened all-weather resistant rope is soft and will not scratch the soft hands when the child is grabbing the rope. The package comes with hooks hence it’s easy to connect the seat with the swing set.

Connecting to the swing is easy. Bringing down the swing seat is also a breeze. You can even bring the swing down while holding the baby.

Although the swing is light to re-locate anytime, it is pretty sturdy to hold up to 220lbs of weight. It's best for babies who are 5-years and above.

The baby will undoubtfully appear comfortable when spinning since the seat is comfortable. Kids can swing alone or in the company of a friend. 

5. Super Spinner Swing

One amazing thing about Super Spinner is how it is made in an innovative way such that, you can connect it on your existing swing or hang it on your favorite tree within your yard. It is a great alternative to traditional swings.

The swing seat comes with an adjustable all-weather resistant rope and clips and for that reason, you can hang the swing on any hardware store.

There is also a hole at the seat center and rain water will not puddle at the center. It is super comfortable, plus it is available in lots of color options to choose from.

One outstanding feature that parents love is how the seat is made to be spacious and can hold a couple of toddlers for more fun.

I like how it can accommodate two toddlers at a go, then they can push one onother in cycles and so on. They will have more fun as they watch the clouds move in circles.

The spinner is high quality and can survive the weight of toddlers up to 200 pounds. While the entire seat is high quality, it’s light in weight hence it easy to carry the seat anywhere as needed. The entire seat is easy to wipe or clean with a horse pipe.

How to Choose Outdoor Playset for Your Toddler


Most outdoor playsets are made from metal, plastic, or wood. Any of this material is durable, however it’s also likely you’ll come across playsets that are made with flimsy materials.

Therefore, take extra caution and see if the material is made to withstand any kind of weather and pressure. The best toddler playset is coated, like for example, steel frames should be coated to survive any unfair weather.

Size of the Playset

Do you have a small of a big backyard? What is your toddlers age and weight? This is important because we have different types of playsets capable of surviving different weight limits. Check to see weight limits so that you don’t pick the wrong size especially if you want one that grows with your baby.

Also, put into consideration the size of your yard and if you’ll be using the swing seat at home or away. Select a light one if you’ll also be using the playset on the go.

Safe to Use

A playset with a high back is the safest for a toddler as it provides a greater safety coverage to the spinning baby. To reinforce the baby’s safety, the swing seat should be comprised of safety harness to ensure the baby is seated snugly and comfortably buckled.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling a playset should be a breeze. If the assembling instructions manual are not clear to follow, select a different playset. Some brands and models are difficult to put together or may take a huge chunk of time which can be time consuming if you’re using the swing seat away from home.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, your toddler has probably been missing out on a lot of fun that comes with a swing seat. It’s even a great item if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad as you can use most of the free time to spin your baby. It’s a great way to enhance their motor skills.

Other families are using and loving it. Why not you? Your toddler will have all the fun and have a unique experience in your own yard.

For that reason, I’d suggest you pick any playset from this list. I’ve shortlisted only the best of the best outdoor playsets for toddlers so you won’t feel disappointed.