5 Best Knee Pads for Crawling Babies (Top Reviews in 2021)

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When your baby starts to crawl, he/she is at a risk of getting scratches or scrapes around the sensitive knees as a result of falls, rug burns or a rugged terrain outdoor.

The best knee pads for crawling babies are designed to provide the necessary traction for your angel on any floor. They reduce friction by absorbing impact and abrasion to protect their knees from grazes and scrapes.

Confining your baby isn’t the solution. Looking for the best baby knee pads for crawling is the answer. With these gears, your bundle of joy will be able to explore their world around with zero chances of bloody knees because they are cushioned.

Best Baby Knee Pads

Why It's Best


5-pairs of different colors. Adjustable. For 6-24 months babies. Breathable 

3-pairs of different colors. 100% cotton. Flexible. Comes with pacifier clip.

3-pairs of different colors. Material is cotton and elastic fiber. For babies up to 24-months. Adjustable

5-pairs of different colors. Material mix of cotton, spandex & Dacron. Adjustable. Gender neutral

Double-layered design. Material is cotton and spandex. Flexible. For babies 6-months to 5-years

Why You Need a Baby Knee Pad for Crawling

Parenting is interesting. Watching your angel learn how to crawl is the exciting part but there are potential risks that come with that: bloody and recurring knee scrapes and injuries.

It is never your joy when they’re in pain and that’s why a knee pad for crawling babies should come at play because your angel is spending most of the time on hard floors and rugged grounds. That's not all.

You don’t want them to be left behind when their peers’ transition into small steps because if they are uncomfortable and injured, this may derail them from walking. Why not get the best baby knee pads and ease the process?

Some floors like tiles or hardwood floors may be okay for crawling babies, however, a baby knee protector is also hardy to shield your angel from the impact of cold floor during the crawling period.

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Best Knee Pads for Crawling Babies (Reviews)

Despite the many knee pads for crawling out there, this one is the most outstanding in preventing legs dryness and skin irritation for your crawling toddler.

The package contains five different colors that babies love. They are unisex and will fit most babies who are between 6 and 24 months. So, if you want infant knee pads then this ones will be a great choice.

When the baby is crawling, the highly elastic sponge will protect your baby from bruises and scrapes. It is breathable and made with a soft material that absorbs sweat. The kneepad is also adjustable to fit well in the baby’s leg.

They are machine washable and easy to dry, plus, you can offer the kneepad as a gift to your friends with babies

Things We Liked

  • 5 kneepads in one pack
  • They fit well
  • Beautiful colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • The anti-slip knee guards may keep slipping off

2. Bergottii Set of 2 Baby Knee Pads

Unlike our first review, these ones are made to be 2-sets in one pack. They are hyoallergenic and to not feel tight at knees.

They are 100% soft cotton to shield the knee area from wounds and irritations when the baby is roaming around. The material is high-quality to endure much crawling, plus it is breathable for ventilation to eliminate all the discomfort.

Because they are flexible, they are easy to size and fit well.  They take the shape of the knee to prevent your baby from potentials injuries when they are crawling.

The kneepads are available in different colors. Plus, they are machine washable, easy to dry on a dryer and comes with a money-back-guarantee so there will be no risks.

Things We Liked

  • Good padding for hard floors
  • The cotton material is breathable
  • Beautiful colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • May be uncomfortable for chubby babies
  • They may slip off occasionally

3. NASHRIO infants and toddlers Knee pads

If you are looking for kneepads for chunky babies, these ones are better off when compared to others we’ve reviewed.

The material is a combination of cotton and elastic fiber and does not stretch in order to fit babies who are up to 24 months. They are unisex and cute with multiples bright colors in the package that mom and babies love.

They are soft to wear and breathable for aeration. The material also absorbs sweat to be comfortable when the baby is crawling.

We love how the kneepads are multipurpose and durable in preventing the knees from bruises and scrapes when your angel is learning to walk.

Another thing we love is how the knee pads are adjustable to fit the baby’s leg, plus they are super cleanable and easy to dry.

Things We Liked

  • Soft to touch
  • Fit well in chunky babies
  • Cute colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • They may slide off at times

4. Baby Crawling Toddlers Kneepads

Like our first review, this one also comes in 5 cute pairs. The highly elastic sponge absorbs sweat and is breathable to constantly be comfortable when your angel is roaming.

This material is a mix of cotton, Dacron and spandex and that means the material is soft to cushion your baby from the impact of hard floors when they are crawling. 

The blend is also appropriate on every season be it summer, winter or spring and does not fray, fade, shrink or lose its shape.

One important thing we love about the knee pads is how they’re practically made with an elastic to be adjustable and fit in rapid growing babies.

These kneepads can be worn on legs as well as arms to keep your baby safe from carpet burns, bruises or scrapes on knees and arms when they’re learning to walk. They are also beautiful and gender neutral to be appropriate to a baby boy or girl.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to put on and off
  • Quality material

Things We Didn't Like

  • They may roll down because of friction

5. KneeBees Protective Cotton Knee Pads

One thing that makes these kneepads to stand out is how they’re made with two-cushion layers for advanced protection. The double-layered design reduces friction to absorb impact and abrasion. That means your angel will be free from scratches, grazes, scrapes or scuffs.

The material which is a mix of cotton and spandex is ultra-soft and stretchy to fit well in small or chunky legs. It is breathable and so it will not heat up to keep your baby uncomfortable when they’re crawling.

We loved the non-slip rubbers that are handy to toddlers or babies who crawl or play outdoors; and the fitted rubber paws that provide the needed traction so that the baby is able to cruise on any floor with extra confidence.

These kneepads are adorable and can fit kids who are between 6-months and 5-years, plus they’re easy to wash and dry.

Things We Liked

  • Non-slip rubbers keep the kneepad in place
  • Thick for more cushion on hard floors

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pricier

Features to Look for in a Baby Knee Pad for Crawling

The Size

When I was looking for crawling knee pads, my first feature to consider was size. That’s because most crawling knee pads for babies are made in average sizes and I didn’t want to repeat the previous mistake of going for a tight knee pad for my angel.

A small size will hurt your angel sooner and are likely to be uncomfortable. There are also instances when the baby can get chunky and that’s why you should not go for a small size because the child is growing.


The size is good but what about the material? That’s what always gets into a parent’s mind when shopping for one.

There are wide ranges of materials that make up the baby crawling pads but the most popular is cotton. The best thing about cotton is that it is soft, comfortable and breathable.

Another thing you need to consider is if the material is washable because the baby will be spending hours on the floor, so the knee pad will be bound to get dirty quite often.

There are other materials you would choose from, just make sure the material is soft, comfortable and machine washable.

Straps Vs Elastic Bands

Strapped baby knee pads are the best, but very rare to find in online stores. They allow you to adjust the knee pad as the baby grows and can be used by your angel even beyond the crawling period.

Elastic bands stretch as the baby grows and may be futile at a specific stage especially if the baby is chucky. Avoid them if possible.

Your baby will continue to roam on hard ground after the crawling stage, and shielding them from injuries will still be very important. A strapped knee pad will serve your baby for the longest period.


There is this belief that an expensive brand is typically high in quality. Sometimes it’s true, other times it’s not. However, if you’re looking for durability, chances are the most expensive brand is lifelong.

Note though that the crawling knee pads price should not be exorbitant as knee pads are not known to be that costly.  Besides, the price should vary depending on size, double or single layered feature and so on.

What About a Crawling Pant?

Instead of a knee pad, you could opt for a baby crawling pant as it will give your baby a greater coverage against scrapes and cuts while crawling on the floor.

Most of them are made from fabrics that are cool when hot and warm when it’s cold. A classic choice would be Leveret Solid Baby Crawling Pants.

The best thing about a crawling pant is that it is roomy, so there is more room for your baby’s growth. If you have a chucky baby, shopping for a crawling pant would be the best option.

The pants are thick for winter climates on a cold floor and do not bleach or shrink. Plus, they are soft, with anti-slip grips and are very adorable.

Some are made with reinforced paddings around the knee, while others are not. So, if the primary aim is to shield the knees, you better do the research well otherwise a crawling pant will not be the best choice.

How to Teach Your Baby to Crawl

Before you train your baby on how to crawl, you'll need to be in posession of baby knee pads. It is the best way to build trust in a baby that the ground they are crawling on is friendly to them. That’s because as I mentioned, babies will be prone to bruises and scratches the moment they start crawling.

Because no parent would want to be the delaying factor, getting a crawling pad will be the solution. What these knee pads do is to cushion your baby’s knees when they are training on how to crawl. They shield their knees from irritation.

After getting the pair, you can then ease the crawling phase by teaching your baby on how to crawl. Here’s what you need to do. Let’s get started

1. Create a Comfortable Environment for Crawling

Provide a comfortable and soft spot for the baby to crawl on. To do this, place a blanket on a carpeted floor. This is important to cushion your baby from the impact of cold floor and unnecessary injury.

Other parents may opt for a small mattress but just make sure the crawling spot is comfortable for the baby. Place your baby on the comfy spot and be playful for the baby to move around.


2. Have a Lot of Tummy Time with the Baby

As the baby grows, he/she will need your help in a variety of ways. When placed on a tummy time mat, your baby will be able to explore their environment around. In the process, they will try to reach out and figure out the things around them. This will help in the development of their motor skills.

That means you’ll need to set aside some 10 to 15 minutes on your daily routine for tummy time if you want your baby to learn how to crawl fast than other babies in the same stage and age.

Aside from familiarizing your angel with external surroundings, tummy time is known to strengthen your baby’s back and the development of body organs. Their muscles will be strong and they will be able to learn how to sit at a faster pace.

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3. Keep Their Favorite Toy Away from Reach

There is that favorite toy your baby loves. Keep it at a distance then encourage your baby to get it by calling their names. You know how you talk to your baby, right? Your baby will start to move closer to the toy or object by crawling or scooting.

4. Position a Mirror In Front of Them

Place a mirror some inches away from the baby (a range of 10-inches will work the magic) From the distance, your baby will be able to see their reflection. He/she will be prompted to move closer to view their reflection while giggling. This way, your baby will be crawling, hence learning to crawl in the process.

5. Crawl Alongside the Baby

Because babies are known to imitate what the mom or dad is doing, crawl beside your baby. Accompany your baby in crawling while aiming at something like a mirror or toy. Your baby will feel encouraged and will perceive it as a game. The baby can even continue to crawl after you’ve stopped because to them it’s a game.

When Should Babies Learn to Crawl?

Most babies crawl when they are between 6 and 10 months. However, it’s not obvious that your baby will crawl within the expected age. Some will crawl when they are five months, while others will be late for obvious reasons like weight.

Others will literally skip the crawling phase and start walking immediately. Typically, when a baby should crawl is dependent on a number of factors and that eliminates the cause of alarm when the baby is late on crawling while other babies in the same stage are crawling and taking their first steps.

Primarily, before you get your baby to crawl make sure the age is right. For example, it doesn’t make sense to train a three-month baby on how to crawl. Their muscles are tender and you may end up doing more harm than good. Don’t train the baby to crawl when they are not manifesting the sign of readiness.

Is the baby able to support their head without support? Is the baby rolling and dragging across the floor? These are the signs you need to consider. If there are no signs, hold on! It is too soon for them.

Wrapping Up

Knowing the best brand for crawling can be hard with the newly emerging brands. So, if you’re in a dilemma, KneeBees Protective Cotton Knee Pads is the best knee pad for crawling babies in our opinion. The best thing about this knee pad is that you only need to stretch with hands to fit the growing baby and it will not slip off.

This knee pad is double-layered for comfort on hard and cold floors and is very breathable. The favorite part amongst Moms is that it fits their chunky babies and it’s very comfortable.

Although it is pricier when compared to other knee pad’s we’ve reviewed, this baby knee pad for crawling will last your child from when they are 6-months up to when they’re 5-years of age!