Best Formula for Infants with Gas (Top 5 Reviews in 2020)

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If your baby is experiencing unexplained crying, throwing up, incessant leg kicks, spit up or any sign that signal pain, he/she may be suffering from tummy issues.

The reason for this could be you’re feeding them a formula that is sensitive to the tiny tummy because of the ingredients that make up the baby formula.

There are different versions of brands out there so you have to apply utmost keenness when settling on a baby formula.

To help you evade the try and error phase, I’ve shortlisted the best formula for infants with gas. These top-rated baby formulas have been clinically tested and reaffirmed by moms who have used them.

If you have tried a lot of brands without success, your search for the best formula for infants has ultimately come to an end. Within a couple of days, you’ll be relieved because your baby’s calmness and happiness will be restored.

  • Unexplained fussiness
  • Crying and wheezing during feed-time
  • Constantly crying while arching the back during or after feed-time
  • Agony, crying or painful expressions during bowel movement
  • Wet and mucousy poop with abnormal color
  • Frequent leg kicks
  • Wet belches

How to Choose a Formula for Infants with Gas

Less or No Lactose

Often times a baby will experience a gaseous stomach because of the presence of lactose in the baby formula. If your baby is experiencing a sensitive tummy it is important you look for a formula formulated with little or no lactose altogether.

Presence of Important Nutrients

The formula you select should be a complete diet that is a blend of all nutrients that are crucial in growth and development of the vital organs. Important non-allergic ingredients include ARA, omega 3 DHA, vitamins, Human Milk Oligosaccharide, iron, probiotic branded LGG and choline.


The best formula for gassy infants is comprised of hydrolyzed proteins. Your baby’s digestive system is immature and specific formulas may be hard for their tummy to digest.  With the best infant formula, your baby will also be able to pass poop a lot easier with zero painful expressions during the process.

Best Formula for Infants with Gas in 2020 (Reviews)

1. Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula is our top on the list as it happens to be one of the most popular baby formulas amongst moms to their baby for the first year of life.

Parents’ who have used the formula confirm that there are no gas issues and your baby will poo p regularly since the baby formula is easy to digest.

One thing that makes its popular is because it is the closest ever to breast milk.

First, the formula is comprised of Lactoferrin, a protein that is found in breast milk to support immune system and the development of intestines.

 There is also a blend of probiotics for immune support and digestive healthy in addition to omega 3 DHA and choline that support the development of brain. Other important nutrients are iron and MFGM that aid in mental development.

Enspire is non-GMO, a complete nutrition that is recommended by pediatricians; and there will be no cognitive gap between an infant that is Enspire-fed and breast-fed infant.

2. Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formula

For babies who are intolerant to lactose or are sensitive to other milk-based formula’s, Enfamil ProSobee is a great option since instead of lactose, it is made with gentle soy protein.

The soy present is easily digestible; hence it does not lead to fussiness or gas as is the case with formulas that are made with cow’s milk.

One thing you’ll appreciate about this formula is the presence of vital nutrients like chlorine and DHA that are crucial in cognitive development.

Additionally, it is a blend of vitamins that are added to promote the development of a healthy immune system and omega 3 DHA that supports the development of brain.

 Because the formula is formulated with all the necessary nutrients, it will support your baby through the first year of life. The good news is that Enfamil is recommended by pediatricians so it is a safe brand for your baby’s dietary needs.

3. Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

In most cases, your baby will be fussy or gassy because he or she is allergic to the formula they are feeding on. The presence of cows’ milk in most scenarios’ attributes such a case.

One thing that impressed me is how the formula is formulated with the ability to reduce the possibility of future allergies by up to 50 percent. 

This is made possible because the formula does not include cow’s milk. 

Rather, it includes hydrolyzed proteins and probiotic branded LGG, a clinically and radically tested probiotic that is famous in managing allergy and promoting the developing of a healthy digestive and immune system in babies.

The two ingredients are easy to digest and will make your baby feel better and in a shorter time scale. The formula is gentle with the presence of important nutrients like omega 3 DHA, chlorine and ARA that supports the development of brain.

This formula will completely meet your baby’s nutritional needs and support their early milestones for the first year.

4. Gerber Good Start Soothe Baby Formula

This formula is ideal for mothers with babies who are experiencing gas, colic or mild spit up. This is made possible by the presence of a probiotic L reuteri an ingredient that has been proven to shorten crying time in fussy and gassy babies.

Gerber Good Start Soothe Baby Formula is a complete nutrition that takes the place of breast milk. Like the presence of Human Milk Oligosaccharide (2’-FL HMO), an ingredient that supports the development of the digestive and immune system.

The formula is further mixed with expert recommended DHA that promotes the development of brain and eye.

The most impressive characteristic that moms love about this formula is that it does not lead to tummy issues so your baby will not cry or get a gaseous tummy that can be so hurting.

To make the formula digestible in the small tummies of babies, this formula is combined with comfort proteins to help in excretion of soft stools. It is clinically proven and super affordable if you’re squeezed on a budget.

5. Similac Sensitive Infant Formula

This baby formula may not have amassed a lot of reviews, but it has a lot of positive reviews from users who have had the opportunity to use the formula.

The formula is a complete non-GMO formula that is milk-based and iron-fortified for your baby’s development.

For babies who experience gas, fussiness or mild spit-up, this formula does not include lactose or other genetically engineered ingredients.

Instead, the formula is an exclusive blend of Lutein, DHA and vitamin A, important ingredients that are present in breast milk. 

These ingredients aids in the development of your baby’s brain, eyes, strong bones and the immune system.

From birth to 1-year, this formula will be a complete nutrition to infants with sensitive tummies. It is safe and the dairy ingredients does not come from cows that have been treated with artificial hormones.

Final Thoughts

If you have a gassy or colic baby, do yourself a favor and give any baby formula from this list a shot. The formula may be pricey but will be worth it in the long run.

However, there are lots of factors that could be causing your baby to be gassy. On the same note, there are lots of ways to deal with a gassy baby. Choosing the best formula for infants with gas is just one solution.

If you try other remedies like using the best bottle for gassy babies but the baby does not change, seek medical advice. The problem could be deeper than it meets the eye.