Best Backpack Diaper Bag (2019 reviews)

Diaper bag backpack

Baby diaper bag backpack is an inevitable addition to any mom who want to keep the baby's essentials organized on the go. 

Although there are multitude of purposes behind its acquisition, as a mom, the best backpack diaper bag allows you to organize your baby gears prudently and offer easy access to trace any item you need with zero struggle.

While there are a variety of brands out there, you'll need to be very careful. First, you'll need to understand what its purpose will be, your baby needs, then purchase one that will actualize your needs.

1. Halova Diaper Bag 

Best Nappy Diaper Backpack


Oxford fabric

Multiple pockets

Lifetime warranty with 90-day money back guarantee

This trendy simply made baby diaper bag backpack is well crafted from high quality fabric that is waterproof and durable. 

The fabric is soft, easily cleaned and wipeable. So, don't get afraid in case it's spilled by milk or water.

The waterproof diaper bag will have you covered as it comes with storage compartments that are in 3 folds: insulated pockets, wet cloths pocket and a large main compartment. These in build pockets are very useful if you're travelling as you can secure your baby variables like milk and water bottle, wipes, towels and so on.

Aside from using it to secure your baby gears, you can use it to hold your snacks, chips, or even drinks.  There's a mountain of thing you can carry, a feature that make it versatile. Plus, you can use the bag in a variety of occasions like shopping and so on.

The two insulated side pockets are suitable to moms. You can store your milk bottles, just in case you want to pull one bottle without removing your bag pack! Plus, the side pockets are elastic at the edge, so your bottles won't fall off.

The good thing is that you'll find the bag in different colors and styles that you'll love.


  • Lots of storage spaces
  • Super bright and awesome design
  • Sturdy golden zips
  • Washable fabric
  • Waterproof linen


  • The straps are smaller for big bodied people

2. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Organized Diaper Bag



14 pockets

Lifetime warranty

This bag is a deal breaker if you've been on the lookout for a diaper bag that will serve you without running out of space.

You'll strap this backpack on your back without worries that the stitching will fray or fall part. The zip is strong and won't break when you've stuffed your essentials and you need to zip up your diaper bag.

The diaper bag is made from polyester that does not allow penetration of water keeping your items dry even on a rainy day.

It comes with lots of rooms to secure your baby wipes, changing pads, towels and so on, so you can be sure the bag is reliable and won't run out of storage space.

The side pockets that are insulated is an important space, dedicated to store your milk bottles, baby wipes and other long essentials. The box comes with a sundry bag and a changing mat


  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Quality and long lasting
  • Adequate storage space
  • Keeps your essentials organized
  • Durable zip


  • Pricey

3. Cateep Baby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer 

Best for Cloth Diapers


Polyester 100%

16 pockets

Warranty depends on manufacturer

This large diaper backpack is made with 16 storage compartments. These spaces are more than enough and will enable you to secure and organize your baby pacifier, wet cloth diapers, tissues and other elementary items you require within your reach!

This spacious backpack has each space devoted to specific item for your toddler and newborn so you'll be able to access and locate each item with ease. 

The magnet flap at the back pocket makes closing or opening the pocket simple and easy. Also, because the bag is padded, you can comfortably carry your 15" laptop without worries that your laptop will get cracked or damaged.

You can buckle the backpack with shoulder straps that are awesomely padded, hang it on a stroller with stroller clips or simply use a hand grab handle.

The box come with Diaper bag 1 insulated sleeve, 1 changing pad and 2 stroller straps


  • Affordable
  • Simple and elegant
  • Multitude of storage rooms
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Sturdy and durable zippers


  • The dots fade of with use
  • The stroller clips may keep detaching depending on the weight capacity within the bag
  • Elastic pen holder may fray with time

4. Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack 

Best for Breastfeeding Moms


Nylon fabric

Multiple pockets

Lifetime warranty

This diaper bag backpack is Constructed from nylon fabric, a material that make it soft, sturdy, washable, lightweight and long lasting!

The bag comes with spacious pockets to store your breast pump, nursing pad, baby toys and other baby and personal items you want within your reach. 

The side pockets come in handy as you can stuff your milk bottles without worries that they'll fall off. The insulated pockets on the sides are deep enough even to store stroller straps, changing pads and can be strapped by either the mom or dad.

In addition, the large compartment unzips all the way to the bottom revealing innards, allowing you to pack even the long items like purse, then awesomely zip the backpack back up

Plus, the straps and back panel are padded and adjustable making it super comfortable on your back when you're travelling.

Whether it's raining, this bag backpack is waterproof, and will keep off water from getting into your clothing's.


  • Sturdy metal zips
  • Comes with a tote or hand grab handle


  • Interior zipper is low quality

5. Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack 

Best for Toddler and Newborn



13 storage spaces

Lifetime warranty, 90-day money back guarantee

Hafmall Diaper Bag comes with 1 big compartment and other 13 storage spaces. Whether you have a baby or twins, you'll have adequate spaces to pack and organize your items.

This lightweight diaper bag backpack is crafted from long lasting fabric so you can be sure it'll last for long time and offer value for your money. The fabric is entirely water proof, so your items won't get soaked in the rain. Plus, the zip is strong and won't break up on pressure.

The versatile design makes the diaper backpack suitable almost in every occasion. You can use the diaper bag in trips, shopping or any outdoor occasion. You can also use it as handbag or backpack.

This ecofriendly diaper bag is washable and comes in 4 colors that will perfectly match your outfit and will definitely please your eyes. The straps are adjustable and paddled to cushion your body, keeping you comfortable on the go.

Hafmall is very convenient and comes with a hard frame close to the opening at the top. This frame keeps the bag firmly open when packing.


  • Paddled straps keep you comfortable on the go
  • Life long
  • Features a strong zip
  • Waterproof fabric


  • Not entirely machine washing friendly

6. CoolBELL Baby Diaper BagPack 

Best for Traveling


Cotton and nylon

Multiple storage spaces

Warranty depends on manufacturer

CoolBELL Baby Diaper Bag Pack is made from highly refined materials - polyester and nylon - that are water proof, long lasting and washable.

This diaper bag backpack features ample compartments for your storage needs. You'll have adequate storage space to store baby cloths, wipes, pacifier's alongside other basic baby requirements. The side pockets are insulated allowing you to store your baby's milk bottles at controlled temperatures.

Your phone or keys can safety be kept in a hidden pocket that's exclusively dedicated for your most intricate items.

This multipurpose bag pack is fit in any occasion, like window shopping, outing. You'll find it convenient in limitless ways.

The straps are adjustable to any level and can be hanged on a baby stroller if you intend to have a walk with your little one.

As a bonus, this phenomenal bag comes with additional insulated sleeve and a changing pad that are essential for your baby. Plus, the paddled straps and back makes the bag soft and comfy when carrying.


  • Ample storage space
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • It's waterproof
  • Stroller straps


  • Does not come in many different colors

7. Haptim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack 

Best for Twins


Polyester fiber

17 storage spaces

Warranty depends on manufacturer

If you're looking forward to go out on vocation, or trip then this backpack will squarely serve your purpose. 

This big diaper bag backpack is crafted with high quality polyester fiber that will make it withstand the weight of all your personal and baby essentials you'll require throughout the trip.

Because of its spacious size, this bag will offer adequate space to moms blessed with twins. It’s breathable with multitude of spaces - 17 spaces and 3 insulated pockets- to secure and organize your baby stuffs and personal requirements

You can also take advantage of its abundant space in a variety of occasions like emergency situation or if you want to visit your grandma.

It comes with stroller and back straps, while its ergonomic and stellar design makes it impressive. The straps allow you to hang it on a stroller.

This waterproof baby diaper bag features paddled shoulder straps and back that makes it comfy on the back. The padded straps make the bag soft on your shoulders.


  • Comes with lots of storage pockets
  • Elegant and inviting
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Waterproof linen
  • Comes with a hand grab handle


  • Paddled back makes your back sweaty in hot weather

8. Hyblom Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Designer Diaper Bag


Nylon fabric and polyester

Multiple storage pockets

90-day warranty with money back guarantee

If you're looking for a fashionably designed diaper bag backpack, then this is an ideal choice for you. 

This easy to clean diaper bag is externally designed with nylon fabrics and polyester on the inside. These features make the diaper bag comfortable and lifelong.

Without comprising on quality, this fashionable baby diaper bag features multitude of pockets, that allow you to dedicate each space to specific gear.

External side pockets are elastic at the edge making the held milk bottles super tight. These external pockets are insulated to offer convenience for stored baby food supplies.

The shoulder straps can easily be altered making it super convenient for you to carry and superbly comfortable for a dad or mom.

Other notable features include: secured phone pockets, padded shoulder straps and much more. This stylish diaper bag comes with stroller straps for stroller convenience when you feel tired on your shoulder.


  • Stylish and beautiful
  • Lightweight, weighing only 1.61 pounds
  • Abundance of space
  • Quality design
  • Lifelong fabric


  • Not big for twins

9. Pipi Bear Diaper Bag Travel Backpack 

Best for Dads



13 storage pockets

Life time warranty

Made from Oxford fabric, this diaper bag is long lasting to withstand any weight capacity.

There are 13 pockets that are water resistant, carefully constructed to keep every item organized and in place.

The favorite part is how the zip open completely and widely to the bag's base making it easy to access and trace every item you need with ease. It also features a secret zipper where you safely hide your handset. While the straps are adjustable and padded.

This awesome diaper bag comes in variety of colors suitable for a dad or mom, a boy or a girl. And we're definite sure you'll love it.

This multipurpose ecofriendly bag is water resistant and washable and can be used as a tote bag or backpack. You can use this bag in any occasion like trip, shopping, picnics, travelling and so on.


  • Very sturdy bag
  • Generous storage rooms
  • Can be used in numerous occasions
  • Works best as a baby shower gift


  • Not big enough when compared with other diaper bags

10. Hip Cub Diaper Bag Backpack

Best for Working Mom



Multiple storage spaces

90-day warranty

Crafted from polyester, this diaper bag backpack will most obviously pass the test as a very strong and sturdy bag without disappointing.

Pack your baby's basic gears in this backpack that comes with multitude of pockets and have no worry that you're run out of space. Plus, it opens up widely allowing you to organize and access your baby and personal items efficiently.

The featured stroller straps can be attached and detached with ease. These straps allow you to attach your backpack on your baby stroller when you're having a walk-in town.

This small backpack diaper bag can effortlessly be converted into a tote, a messenger and back into an elegant backpack, a feature that makes it ideal for working moms! It is versatile and is best to a mom or dad. Plus, the shoulder straps buckle can be altered and adjusted with ease.


  • Light in weight
  • Plenty of storage spaces
  • Features a handle for hand grabs
  • Paddled straps make the bag comfy


  • Limited designs and color options

11. Parker Baby Diaper Backpack 

Best Vegan Leather Diaper Backpack


Canvas with vegan leather

10 storage pockets

Warranty depends on the manufacturer

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack is another superbly stitched bag you can opt for if you want to keep your baby's variables organized on the go.

This Fashionable stylish diaper bag is made from vegan leather accent, non-permeable canvas that's high in quality and is best for mom or dad.

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack comes with multitude of pockets that entail a mommy pocket, diaper organizer pockets and other numerous pockets to safeguard your baby necessities like toys, wipes, diapers among other stuffs. It also features a padded sleeve for your tablet or laptop.

The side pockets are insulated. These pockets allow you to cool and control the temperature of your snacks and milk baby bottles.

The cheap diaper bag backpack is very convenient as it comes with stroller hooks. These hooks come in handy since you can hang the bag on the stroller as you stroll with your baby in the city. It comes inclusive of a changing pad.


  • The bag is pocket friendly
  • The numerous spaces keep your stuff organized
  • Washable and stain resistant


  • Flimsy straps, so you'll need to be careful
  • Bottom cream color vulnerable to dirt

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

1. Design and Trend

Different diaper bags are designed differently to fit into different occasions and gender. Some are best for travelling and fun while some can be converted to a tote bag and back into a diaper bag.

When looking for a diaper bag, chose a design that is best for a mom or dad. Also chose a trendy design and one that will match your personality and outfits.

2. Is the Fabric Cleanable

Since you'll be using the diaper bag in a variety of occasions, it’s crucial you go for a fabric that is spot washable. While accidents are inevitable, you may accidentally spill milk, or toss the smelly diapers on its surface.

The best diaper backpack will be washable leaving no noticeable stain or odor.

3. Are the Straps Adjustable

Sometimes you may decide to wear your diaper backpack with thick clothing, probably because it's on winter season. If the backpack straps were small, then you'll need to adjust them to fit in without strain. This would be difficult if the straps were completely sewed without adjustment buttons. This is a very important feature you should not overlook.

4. Size

Some would go for a small fitting bag, while others would go for a medium sized, and so on. However though, this will depend on the quantity of items you want to put in the bag or how you intend to use it.

If you're a mom and blessed with twins, then a big or large backpack diaper bag will be best for you. Just make sure you evaluate your needs, then go for one that matches with your expectations.

5. Storage Spaces

Since you'll be carrying lots of baby and personal products, you'll need a diaper bag with lots of storage pockets to accommodate each of them. Consider what you'll be carrying, the quantity, then chose one that will meet your needs.

Make sure the diaper bag is partitioned as this will allow you to assign each pocket to a specific item for easy access and retrieval. For example, a diaper bag with wipe pocket will be very crucial for diapering needs. 

6. Insulated Side Pockets

A diaper bag with insulted pockets allow you to store milk bottles and baby food supplies at regulated temperatures. Your little one may be breastfeeding at the moment, but a time may come when you’ll be required to carry food or milk bottles as need arise. Keeping their temperatures controlled will be incredibly paramount.

7. Diaper bag with Stroller Straps

You may not be in possession of a baby stroller, but you may be prompted to acquire one for your little angel along the way. While baby strollers are spacious, you don’t want to utilize all the space with the bag.  

Since the diaper may be heavy, or you're tired after a trip; a diaper bag with stroller straps will allow you to hang your diaper bag, and you can access it with ease without removing it from the stroller.

8. Weight

It would not make sense going for a backpack that's heavier than your strength. Such a diaper bag would become extremely heavy after you load it with the required essentials. Before purchasing a baby diaper bag, make sure its weight is equivalent to your body strength and weight.

Why you Need a Diaper Bag Rather Than an Ordinary Bag

Of course, you could use a regular bag to secure your baby gears but it will never be efficient when compared to typically designed diaper bag backpack. Here's why;

1. A Regular Bag Does not Have Insulated Pockets

Regular bags do not have these extraordinary pockets that regulates the temperature of stored bottles. An insulated diaper bag keep the temperatures of the bottles controlled depending on the prevailing weather.

2. A Diaper Bag Organizes your Items for Easy Access

A top rated backpack diaper bag is designed with multitude of pockets so you can dedicate each pocket to specific items. This is not the case with regular bags that comes with only a few pockets or one big compartment.

With this bag, you'll be compelled to store all items together, making it difficult for you to access a specific item especially when you're in a hurry.

How To Organize a Diaper Bag

Wrap Up

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is the best mom backpack in our opinion. Despite it being fashionable, this bag is life long and comes with 14 storage pockets. We're sure this space is adequate and you'll never run out of space.

This baby diaper bag is water proof and your baby's necessities won't soak in case you're rained on. Besides, Bag Nation comes with a lifetime warranty in case you're not pleased with its functionality so there is zero risk. This is an exemplary bag and will perfectly match your formal or casual outfit.

That said, deciding on the best backpack diaper bag should not be hard. 


What do you need in a diaper bag?

There are several baby gears that are very essential to a mom for the little Angel. Here is a list of favorites to include:

Baby diapers and wipes

Baby bottles

Teethers and pacifier's

Baby thermometer

Baby clippers and lotion

Changing pad


And the list continues!

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