Best Deodorant for Pregnancy (The Top 6 Reviews in 2019)

Deodorant for Pregnancy

Have you ever stumbled on a particular deodorant brand, tried it but got disappointed?

I know you do; I know the feeling. And perhaps that’s one of the greatest reasons you gave up on deodorants? For pregnant mothers, it’s even worse because a bad choice will exacerbate your pregnancy nausea.

The best deodorant for pregnancy is naturally formulated to curb body odor arising from excessive sweating without irritating your skin- keeping you fresh and protected all day long.

Although most deodorants are notorious at not working, there are a few that actually work with zero let-down. If you’re not sure of which deodorant to switch to, then, read on.

Best Deodorant for Pregnancy (2019 Reviews)

1. Little Seed Farm Natural Deodorant Cream

Made with natural ingredients, this deodorant cream is made to be super effective at eliminating body odor and enhancing detoxification without causing irritation to skin. It can be used on sensitive skins by pregnant moms of all ages.

The components present are magnesium, natural essential oils, and activated charcoal that will naturally form a protective barrier against bacterial to keep you fresh the entire day.

2. Organic Island Deodorant

One thing we love about the deodorant cream is that it has never been tested on animals and does not contain parabens or synthetic fragrances. Additionally, the formulation does not include baking soda that is associated with itchy rash or skin discoloration.

Like most popular deodorant creams, this one is exclusively formulated for mothers with sensitive skins. It is made to enhance a natural detoxification and to provide the necessary protection against a foul smell on armpits for as long as 24-hours.

It is formulated with magnesium hydroxide, organic cotton oil, organic jojoba oil, vegan shelf stable probiotics and other organic and natural ingredients that are non-toxic and non-sensitive. There are no harmful components such as baking soda, BPA, parabens or even synthetic fragrances.

This deodorant cream will not stain your clothes. Plus, there is money return guarantee in case it doesn’t work as you expected.

3. MagSol Organics Magnesium Deodorant

This deodorant is made to be as natural as possible. It is formulated with natural components which do not cause irritation even to most sensitive of skins.

MagSol Magnesium Deodorant will nourish your skin, enhance physiology, eliminate any formation of odor and make you to smell good naturally without causing irritation since the ingredients present are compatible with all skin types.

The greatest selling point is its presence of magnesium that is known to be safe. This product does not contain aluminum, baking soda, BPA, non-comedogenic ingredients or any other component that would be caustic to skin.

This deodorant does not cause staining or white marks and has never been tested on animals. The best thing is that it is tested by dermatologist and is proven to be safe for use by expectant mothers.

4. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick

When you’re expectant, curbing bad odor will always be a top priority. This deodorant will enable you do exactly that. It is designed to prevent formation of the foul smell without the use of harmful chemicals.

It is naturally made and can last for as long as 24 hours. One important thing you’ll love about it is that it does not contain chlorine, aluminum or any fragrance so it does't cause sensitivity when you’re pregnant. Instead, it is made with pure mineral salt. This component creates a barrier on the skin surface blocking any bacteria from combining with sweat.

5. Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Pure. Natural and Vegan are the top-three features that characterize the simple yet quality product for use by pregnant mothers.

Because it is natural, the product does not contain parabens, phthalates, aluminum or any ingredient that you don’t love. Additionally, it does not contain ingredients that would cause irritation to pregnant mothers.

Instead, it is made to provide effective skin protection, block the formulation of odor and make you to feel fresh with zero let down. The scent is gentle, delicate and you’ll feel fresh and protected the entire day. Plus, it does not cause stains even when it gets into contact with your clothes.

6. Super Natural Goods Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

Like most  pregnancy deodorants in our reviews, this too does not contain aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol or other hash and toxic chemicals. Rather, it is made with organic ingredients that will detox the body and nourish your skin.

The product is made with gentle scent and provide a therapeutic felling with no synthetic fragrance. For pregnant mothers, this deodorant is formulated with a balanced PH for mothers with sensitive skins.

One thing you’ll love is that this product will not block your underarm pores and will offer the greatest protection all day long. Plus, it has never been tested on animals.

The product is backed up with a 60-day money back guarantee incase it does not provide the feeling and protection you expected. So, there is zero risk with immediate refund.

How to Choose the Best Deodorant

When looking for the best deodorant for expectant moms, check the manufacturers label to see if the product is made without the following elements.

> Aluminum - The first thing you need to check is if the product is aluminum-free. The most popular controversy regarding the use of aluminum-based deodorants is that it clogs the sweat duct. Aluminum is also claimed to cause cancer although there is no verified medical evidence to ascertain this.

> Parabens and Fragrances- Parabens imitate hormone oestrogen and is used as a preservative. They are linked with abnormal signs in newborns. Fragrances on the other hand may negatively affect mothers with sensitive skin.   

> Phthalates- Like parabens, this too is also used as a preservative. The chemical may negatively impact on your skin when it penetrates.

The best Deodorant Should Contain the Following Ingredients:

> Essential Oils- These ones are natural and they tend to be lenient on sensitive skin. Avoid deodorants with synthetic fragrances at all cost.

> Coconut Oil- It is naturally extracted from the tree of life and is antibacterial in nature. It makes the deodorant easier and smoother to apply.

> Cocoa Butter- Shea is another ingredient you’ll find in place of cocoa butter. Both of them contain vitamin A and E that are essential for a healthy skin. Because of their presence, the deodorant becomes smooth for easier application. They also moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying.

Other ingredients include organic arrowroot powder, organic jojoba oil, organic vegetable glycerine, food grade magnesium hydroxide among other naturally derived essential oils.

Alternatives to Deodorants

If deodorants aren’t your cup of tea, you could try the following options:

> Bathe Quite Often- the main aim of using a deodorant is to curb the foul smell attributed by excessive sweating. Showering quite often is also a great way to manage sweating.

> Use Baking Soda- alternatively, you can apply baby powder in place of baking soda under the armpits to absorb sweat. However be cautious because excessive use can lead to itchy rash or discolored skin.

> Use Wet Wipes- there are wipes that are designed for underarms. Use them to wipe off the sweat under your armpits.

Wrap Up

Increased sweating under your arms creates a moisturized environment that is viable for bacterial growth. Additionally, foul smell may also emanate from underarms every time you raise your arms which can be appalling amidst your friends.

With the best deodorant for pregnancy, you’ll be able to contain the odor causing bacterial and feel fresh all day long, with zero irritation.

  • Updated August 24, 2019
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