Best Crib Mattress Under $100, $ 200 & $300 (2020 Reviews)

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Nothing bothers a mom like when she's prompted to wake up in the dead of the night at a sound of her little one crying. While waking up is not always an issue, it's always a concern as to what may have drived the baby to cry or wake up.

The best crib mattress will allow your baby to sleep through the entire night without any discomfort. I've compiled a guide of the different baby crib mattress depending on budget. Read through, and I am super confident the information therein will help you make an informed decision.

Best Baby Crib Mattress

Key Features

Our Rating

under 100. 6-year warranty. Weigh 10.7 pounds. Measures 27.6” x 52” x 5”.  Not organic. 

under 200. High-density. Dual firm. Weigh 1 pound. Measures 53” x 29” x 7”. Not organic.  

under 300. Weigh 24.1 pounds. Measures 52 x 27.2 x 6 inches. Organic

under 100. Memory foam. Double-sided. Weigh 9.92 pounds. Measures 52 x 27½ x 5.5 inches

under 300. Limited lifetime warranty. Two-sided design. Woven food grade polymer. Weigh 11 pounds. Measures 28” x 52” x 5.5”

under 200. Lifetime warranty. Dual sided. Weigh 9.44 pounds. Measures 51.7” x 27.5” x 6”. Organic

under 150. High-density. Lifetime warranty. Not dual sided. Weigh 8.3 pounds. Measures 51.63” x 27.25” x 5”

under 100. High-density. 2-year warranty. Dual sided. Weigh 8 pounds. Measures 52.5” x 27.5” x 5.50”. Non-organic.

Best Crib Mattress Under $100, $ 200 & $300 

1. Stork Craft Graco Premium Foam

Best Cheap Crib Mattress Best for Infants

Stork Craft Graco Premium is under 100 dollars, so it's affordable if you're not willing to spend more. It's designed with a top-quality foam that's breathable with a thickness of 5 inches. 

It comes with a removable zippered cover that is washable. The lining on the top is waterproof keeping your baby dry and comfy.

This mattress is free from lead, phthalate and other microbial products keeping your baby safe in the dream land. It complies with the inflammability measures as set out by the federal government. 


  • Exactly fits the crib
  • Thick and comfy


  • May have a chemical smell when unwrapping which is manageable

2. Moonlight Slumber Mattress Combo

Best Dual Firm Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Mattress Combo is under 200 dollars. It's a dual-firm mattress, so it's appropriate for infants. The mattress comes with a depth of 5 inches, a feature that makes this mattress long lasting.

It is light (around 10 pounds) so you won't find it difficult to change sheets. The mattress is also enclosed in a fire resistance barrier and does not contain harmful products like PVC, and vinyl. It's certified by GREENGUARD Gold as safe for babies.

This mattress is made without retardant flammable chemicals so your baby will be safe while sleeping. Plus, it's water resistant and won't allow poop leaks to reach the mattress while retaining its color without manifestation of stain.


  • The mattress is light in weight
  • Waterproof casing cover
  • Firm and comfortable


  • The mattress is pricey

3. My Green Emily Crib Mattress

Best Organic Crib Mattress

This mattress costs under 300 dollars. The natural cotton and wool that makes up this mattress makes it incredibly comfy and cozy. This wool regulates its temperatures to be appropriate in summer and winter climates.

Within the core are coils and springs that makes the mattress supportive. The supportive nature of this mattress makes it ideal for infants. The two sides that are all functional makes the mattress long lasting. It's lightweight and does not contain polyurethane foams.

My Green Emily Crib Mattress is resistant to dust mites and does not allow the growth of mildew and mold. Only downside is you'll have to invest on a removable cover for laundering purposes. 


  • Superbly comfortable
  • The mattres is long lasting
  • The cover is soft


  • Outer cover is not removable

4. Millilard Crib Mattress

Best Hypoallergenic Crib Mattress

Milliard Crib Mattress is under 100 dollars. It is crafted with a hard form that's firm but soft creating a tender soft cushion against your little one's skin. 

It comes with bamboo cover that's soft, water resistant and cleanable. This cover is breathable and machine washing friendly. Within the mattress is a fiberglass lining that's chemical free and meets the required safety fire regulations.

This mattress is hypoallergenic that makes it free from bacteria, allergies, mold and other harmful pathogens. It's durable so you can be sure it'll last for many years without losing shape.

It doesn't contain chemicals and toxic products. Plus, it meets the required safety regulations on inflammability. 


  • Comfy and soft
  • Exactly fits the crib
  • Water resistant cover


  • May have some unpleasant smell when unpacking which is manageable

5. Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Costing under 300 dollars,Newton Baby Crib Mattress is constructed with wovenaire core that's patented. This wovenaire core is 90% air and also comprises of spacer material that is in 3-dimension fabric. The spacer material creates a pathway for air to freely get through.

The outer cover is made from polyester. This makes the mattress breathable so it won't suffocate your baby. The cover is machine washable.

Plus, the entire core is washable when need arises to prevent bacteria build up within the core.  It's very comfy so your baby will have a sound and deep sleep.

The hypoallergenic mattress is free from toxic products like adhesives, latex and metallic springs. It's certified by GREENGUARD Gold as healthy.


  • Breathable mattress
  • Long lasting
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic


  • The mattress is expensive

6. Colgate Eco Classica 

Crib mattress Best for Infant

This mattress will cost you under 200 dollars. It's firm and comes with a thickness of 6 inch, so we're sure it'll last for long and give you value for money.

It features a dual zone- the soft side and the firm side perfect for infants. The mattress fits well in standardized cribs. 

The outer cover is made from cotton. This cover is waterproof so it won't allow any water spillage to reach the mattress. You'll also find it easy to change the top cover for laundering, since the foam is made from light weight materials.

Colgate Eco Classica does not produce unpleasant gases (offgassing). In fact this mattress is certified by GREENGUARD as it complies with the set out standards of indoor air quality. 


  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant cover
  • Fits well in the crib


  • No indicators to distinguish between the toddler and infant side

7. Sealy Soybean Foam

Best Toddler Crib Mattress

Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress is affordable costing you under 150 dollars. It is made from top quality foam that makes it firm and comfortable for both toddlers and infants.

The fabric casing resists water penetration and is proven to last for years. It's lightweight and can be shifted to another room with ease. With the light weight design, you'll find it easy to change the sheets or covers for washing.  

This mattress features material pockets instead of metal or plastic vents to allow the circulation of air within the mattress. As the mattress gets old, these pockets are hypoallergenic and do not release smelly gases, thanks to the continuous air movement.

It is approved by green guard gold and meet the ASTM set requirements on crib mattresses.


  • Water resistant casing
  • Spot wipeable and cleanable
  • Fits with most brand of sheets


  • May accumulate heat sometimes

8. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams 

If you want a crib mattress under 100 dollars then, Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams would be a great choice It is high density and is constructed with polyester fiber that makes the mattress firm.

The outer cover that is made from vinyl is water resistant and spot cleanable. This mattress is light, long lasting and squarely fits in standardized toddlers and infants’ bed allowing for a smooth transition.

The mattress top surface does not contain lead, phthalates and is resistant to odors and stain. It complies with SIDS, GreenGuard requirements and meets the government standards on flammability.


  • Long lasting
  • The mattress cover is waterproof
  • The cover is stain resistant


  • May not fit in some cribs

Important Factors to Consider When Looking for a Crib Mattress - Buyers Guide

Mattress edges

You'll definitely find two types of corners in different crib mattresses: round and squared featured corners. Squared featured corners are best as they're known to fit well in crib and toddler beds leaving a standard gap or no gap altogether.

Although these gaps are of little concern, big gaps are a nuisance as pacifiers or other baby entertainment gears may fall through the spaces, so you have to keep looking for them.

Size of the Crib Mattress

A standard crib mattress has a thickness of between 5-6", width of 27.5 " and a length of 52". However, legally, a crib mattress must have a depth of 6",  length of 51.625 " and a width of 27.25" inches.

The mattress should fit well, leaving no gap, or a two-finger-size gap. Any space larger than that signals the crib mattress as too small, and this could suffocate your baby. This is a factor you can't afford to overlook when looking for a crib mattress.

Mattress Cover

First, the mattress cover should be removable for laundering. Most covers are made from polyethylene because it's waterproof, while others come with non-permeable cotton covers.

The cover should be breathable and should not be constructed from toxic components like phthalate, plasticizers that are not safe for a baby's health.


The prices of some mattress are mind blowing! Whereas the price may appear outrageous, such a mattress may last for years without you having to spend more dollars on another crib mattress.

In you're on the lookout for the best crib mattress for infants and toddlers, make sure the price is reasonable, in terms of cover and foam/ fabric quality, dual purpose, water proof and stain resistant features, density of the mattress and other prominent features.

Dual Purpose

Some crib mattress are convertible, allowing you to use the same mattress as your little angel transition from infant to toddler. They feature a firm side best for infants (9-12 months), and a soft cushioned side best for toddler.

Dual purpose crib mattress is oftenly expensive, but definitely worth the price. So, I recommend you invest in a dual firm mattress, as you can use the same mattress for years as your little one grows.


Hypoallergenic mattress prevents your baby from irritation or itching. For babies with allergic or asthma history, a hypoallergenic mattress will prevent itching.

Presence of Flammable Retardants

Some mattress will burn completely to ashes and in matters seconds or minutes. If a mattress is flammable retardant, it means the mattress will not burn easily and fast in face of fire incidents. Locally, all mattresses must comply with set out flammability standards.


Your little one may sweat in summer, or in high temperature seasons. Your baby may also sweat when they're asleep under blankets in a high temperature room. The best mattress should allow for air flow, regulating the temperatures within the blankets. Make sure you check on breathability feature on tagged labels when looking for a top-rated crib mattress for infant or toddler.

Support and Firmness of the Mattress

Infants should sleep with their back to reduce SIDS risk. This way, the nostrils will be exposed, reducing the risk of suffocation. A supportive mattress prevents an infant from rolling, so they sleep on their stomach. Infants sleeping with their stomach are susceptible to suffocation.

Weight of the Mattress

The mattress can be light or heavy depending on model. As I said, foam mattress is light, while a spring mattress is characterized by springs, so it's heavy to lift up.

If the mattress is heavy, removing the cover for washing can be quite a task. So, it's important you consider this factor before getting one.

Easy to Clean

Some crib mattress fabrics can be really hard to clean. Sometimes the poppy leaks, or the baby spills the milk accidentally on the crib mattress. The best cover and fabric should be spot washable and leaving no stain.

Best of all, the cover should be wipeable, as you do not need to wash the entire cover for a minor mess.

In addition, there are mattresses that do not come with a removable cover. I'd recommend you totally avoid them and chose those that feature a zippered vinyl cover, as you can remove it with ease in case you want to clean it.

Life Span of the Mattress

The longevity of mattress is dependent on cost. Cheap mattresses are often times crafted from low quality ingredients like vinyl that make them to have a short life span. Such flimsy qualities also flatten with use as they do not contain border rods that prevent the Crib's mattress edge from sagging.

If you're planning to have more kids, go for an impressive quality mattress. It may be expensive, but as I said, expensive crib mattresses are made of top-quality fabrics that are durable. However, be on the lookout as some manufactures are out there to rip you off, by constructing substandard items, but offering them at exorbitant prices.

Certified by Relevant Authority

Mattress manufacturers must adhere to standards as set out by various bodies. If a mattress is certified, then it means the manufacturer complied with the set safety standards (mattress should be constructed with PVC and lead-free products and other harmful products and chemicals that may affect baby's inhalation).

Various certifying authorities and bodies include GOTS, GreenGuard, CertiPUR US and much more. If you find any of this bodies in the featured tags or labels, go ahead and pick the mattress. Its approved and complies with all safety measures and standards.

Types of Baby Crib Mattress

There are many other factors you should consider when looking for the best crib mattress. Just do your homework well, then pick one that please you!

You'll find several types of crib mattresses out there. Despite what mattress you choose, it will fall in either of the following types.

1. Spring crib mattress

This mattress is reinforced by springs coils within the core. On top of springs is a layer of foam that provide a comfortable spot for your baby to sleep on. Some are crafted from cotton in place of foam.

Spring crib mattresses are typically heavy, weighing around 20 pounds or less. This mattress is firm, hence it's suitable for infants as it reduces SIDS risk.

In addition, they're typically expensive, especially those that are crafted from organic substances. However, they're considered to be long lasting when compared to other types of mattress.


Firm and supportive

Long lasting


The coils may produce some squeaking sounds


Bulky and heavy

2. Foam crib mattress

Foam crib mattress is the most popular and regarded as very light when compared to other crib mattresses. You'll find both soft and firm mattress in stores, but if you're looking for an infant crib mattress, it's advisable you go for the firm one, it's the safest for them.

Foam mattress is rated based on it's density. So if you're looking for one, see if the mattress is high or low density. High density mattress is the best and will offer you the best support than the later.

They're not expensive, and are super quiet when slept on when compared to innerspring crib mattress.


Lighting weight

Not expensive


Not long lasting

3. Memory foam crib mattress

Most memory crib mattress are  made from springs within the core; and the memory foam on top. Once you place your baby on the mattress, it sinks to take the shape of your baby, then spring up when you take the baby.

Because of this design, your baby will feel warm, that's why foam mattress is a good choice to babies to keep them warm in winter.


Molds into your baby's shape


The design makes your baby to sweat in summer.

4. Organic crib mattress

Organic crib mattress is made from organic, natural components and materials like latex, cotton and wool. Organic mattress is typically certified by GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standards, that's why they're referred as organic mattress.

But that does not mean they're 100% organic. However, they've atleast 70% of the organic composition to qualify as organic. The other percent is polyurethane that is CertiPUR-US certified.

This mattress is designed with dual firmness- the soft side and the firm side. You can use the firm side that is best for infants then flip over to the firm side as your little one grows.

The support of this mattress is determined by it's density and depth. So the density can be "high density" or " low density". Hight density and thick crib mattress is the best. It's long lasting and will offer your little one more comfort and support than low density mattress.

Organic mattress is super expensive, you should be ready to part away with not less than 150 or 200 dollars.



Life long


Rare to find

Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress, Which One Should you Go For?

Standard foams are constructed from polyurethane, so there's nothing special about foam mattress. The only feature that make it pretty popular is because they're affordable to anyone unless they're organically crafted.

If you try pressing the foam with your fingers or hand, it retains the indentation! They're not firm and resilient, and may pose SIDS risks.

On the other hand, a spring mattress feature springs and coils within them, that make them firm. They are the best mattress for infants, as they will not suffocate them. Plus, they feature border wire that keep the edges intact.

The only downsides are they're pricy and heavy, so you should be ready to spend more dollars on this mattress.

How to Maintain a Crib Mattress

1. Use Removable Mattress Covers

Since the mattress cannot be washed, the cover prevents the mattress from getting dirty. And you'll only need to remove the cover, then put it back when it's clean and dry.

In addition, direct use of a mattress will reduce its lifespan, as it may be destroyed by sharp nails or poop leak.

2. Wash the Sheets Regularly

Hygiene is crucial, as dirty sheets will allow dirt to accumulate. Accumulated dirt may stimulate the growth of bacterial and mites, or other small parasites that may come as a result of odor and dirt.

3. Flip and Rotate the Mattress Every New Season

I'm sure you've noticed some mattress that are hollow or sag at the center. I mean, the sides are firm, but the middle is worn out.

Rotating the mattress leads to even wearing of the mattress. Rotate the mattress every season, so that the part that was once the head is now the feet.

Flip over to the other side again in the other season. This prevents the mattress from wearing out on just one side or same sleeping spot.

Why you Should Not Buy an Old Crib Mattress

1. Will Not Last for Long

A used mattress is already sagging, and that means it won't take long before it's completely worn out. Such a mattress will not support your baby for long, prompting you to buy another mattress which may be expensive to you.

Just save more dollars and acquire a new crib mattress, to save yourself those worries that a mattress will wear out before your child is grown.

2. For Sanitary Reasons

First, you're not sure if the previous user had a certain illness that could be transferred to your baby.

Secondly, it's typically unhealthy if your body gets into contact with the fluids of another person. Chances are, the old mattress may have a history of poop leaks, urine or vomit that was not properly cleaned and may manifest in infections.

However, you can use the same crib mattress for your second baby, as you're aware about the history of the crib mattress.

3. May Have Hidden Mites

If you've never been bitten by mites, then you're not sure what I am saying. In fact, they leave an itchy feel on the skin.

Since you're not sure if the mattress was properly cleaned, you do not want to risk transferring mites and other bacteria that bring mites to your baby and family.


In our opinion, we recommend Colgate Eco Classica Dual Firmness Eco Friendly Crib Mattress. We definitely loved its features, plus it's affordable.

We know looking for a crib mattress that is life long and safe for your baby can be quite a hassle because there there are a variety of them in online stores. That's why we're doing the work for you.

To pick the best, you'll need to know what characterize the best crib mattress. That means, if you've already gone through this comprehensive guide, then you're already guided on how to make the best choice.