Best Changing Pad Reviews and Buyers Guide (2020)

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Are you struggling to get a clean comfy surface to change your little one when you're on the go?

Looking for a suitable surface can be really hard, yet you can't place your Angel on a hard or dirty surface to change them. The best changing pad will provide a comfortable surface for your little one to rest on for diaper changing.

Most of them can be incredibly disappointing, so you'll need credible information to help you chose only the best. If you're a mom and skeptical about what baby changing pad to purchase, take a swiveling- reclining seat and continue reading!

Best Baby Changing Pads

Key Features

Our Rating

4-High sides. Safety belts. Nonskid. Waterproof. Ergonomic design

Lightweight. Waterproof. Foldable. soft

Padded. Portable. Waterproof. Wipeable. Foldable. Zippered pockets

Foam pad.  Curved sides. Security straps. Wipeable. Nonskid

Sturdy shell. High sides. Buckles. Cleanable. Comfortable. Nonskid  

Portable. Foam pad. Adjustable high sides to hang toys. Waterproof

Safety buckle. Waterproof. 4”-High sides. Nonskid

Comfy. Does not leak. Wide. Foldable. Portable  

Waterproof. Cushioned. Safety straps. Comfortable. Grip rubber strips  

Cushioned.  2-Sided. Light. Waterproof. Security straps.  Support board

Best Changing Pads Reviews (2020)

1. La Baby WaterProof 4-Sided Cocoon Style Changing Pad

  • Baby Changing Pad for Dresser

This pad comes with high 4 sides and safety belts all working holistically to hold and keep the baby in position during diaper changing to prevent your little one from sliding or falling off.

The 4 sides makes the pad appropriate for a dresser. Its ergonomic design makes it utter comfortable to your baby.

The featured security straps are fastened on the changing table to prevent the pad from sliding. The two screws allow you to securely grip the pad on a dresser as this pad will superbly fit most dressers and changing tables. The pad's bottom is nonskid, hence the pad does not slide while you're changing your baby.

It's waterproof and easy to clean with warm water and soap. Plus, the pad is safe to your baby as it's free from toxics, allergies, phthalate, and stains. It complies with all the required legal and federal requirements.


  • Elevated sides keep your baby in place
  • Nonskid base
  • Fits well on the dresser and changing tables


  • May slide when placed on a smooth surface

2. Kushies Deluxe Flannel Change Pad

  • Best for a Diaper Bag

This lightweight changing pad is constructed from cotton and is exclusive of lead, BPA, phthalate and other toxic substances that would be harmful to your baby's skin.

The bottom is water proof, so it won't soak in case your baby accidentally pees on the surface. You only need to wipe. It's base that is made from synthetic material is washable. 

The featured bias trim makes the pad long lasting. This pad is super soft and folds into small size for storage in a diaper bag.

This diaper bag changing pad can be placed on bed, on the dresser or on the changing table when changing the baby while preventing the surroundings from poop explosives.


  • Washable and stain proof
  • Water resistant
  • Folds up into a good size


  • Should not be washed with hot water, it shrinks and wrinkle

3. Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

  • Best for Travelling

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad is completely padded offering great comfort to your baby's head while diapering. You'll find it suitable to use even when you're travelling because the pad is light in weight. This pad will keep your baby clean, free from germs and offer your little one the comfort it deserves.

The water proof bottom is easily wipeable with a moisturized clothing. It easily fordable into something small and comes with pockets that are zipped designed to store your baby's essentials like baby creams, toys, wipes and much more!

Made from materials that are super quality and do not include toxic and phthalate free to ensures safety to your baby's skin. This pad is carefully stitched to meet your needs as a caring mom.


  • Paddled for comfort
  • Features storage spaces
  • Washable changing pad


  • Big for small sized diaper bag

4. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

  • Best Contoured Changing Pad

This Summer Infant Changing pad features in Amazon best sellers’ category, so you can rest assured that this pad won't be a letdown.

The baby changing pad is entirely waterproof, so wiping is super easy in case your little one poops on the surface. It is easy to clean with a moistured wet cloth.

This baby diaper changing pad is constructed from foam that makes it comfortable. The foam is customized to take your baby's shape; while the foam core pad doesn’t flatten with use to ensure it service your baby for a reasonable period.

Summer Infant Contoured Pad measures 16 by 32 inches so it will perfectly fit with changing dressers and modern changing tables. We love this pad because it comes with an attached safety belt, security strap, curved sides, all meant to enhance the security of their baby.

The security straps are fastened on the changing table to prevent the pad from moving, while the non-skid bottom prevents your baby from sliding.


  • Elevated sides to secure your baby
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn't flatten with use


  • May retain some poop stains if you're not careful

5. Keekaroo Peanut Changer

  • Best Portable Changing Pad

Keekaroo Peanut Changer features a strong external shell that make it sturdy to withstand your baby's weight. The shell is water proof and does not allow penetration of poop.

The sides are high, and this keeps squirmy baby's intact at the center, plus you can buckle them with the featured safety belt to keep them in position.

The strong shell is cleanable with a rag or towel and this prevents mold and bacteria from growing on the pad. You'll stay assured that your baby is safe during diapering as the pad is slightly heavy and made from slide resistant materials.

This pad is softly comfortable making it impressive during diapering. It’s also very portable so you can shift it easily from the baby's room to your living space! Keekaroo Peanut Changer is available in a few beautiful colors, so you'll have lots of options to choose from.


  • Lightweight
  • Wiping with dumb cloth is easy
  • Straps securely keeps your baby in place


  • May be cold to your baby's back, so you have to place a clothing beneath

6. Snoofybee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

  • Best Infant Changing Pad

Snoofybee Portable Changing Station is uniquely crafted to work as changing mat, adjustable barrier and as a clutch. This pad is water permeable and can be folded to fit in a bag pack.

It is constructed from foam and has a dept of 1/4 inch, making it firm and long life. The mat is suitable as a baby shower or birthday gift and best for newborns who are 2 years and below.

Mindful of your baby, the sides fold easily creating a raised side where you can hang teethers and toys to keep your child's mind distracted when being changed.


  • Keeps your baby's hands tucked and away from the mess
  • Good for babies with disability issues
  • Can be used on the changing table or on the floor


  • Only suitable to petite newborns

7. La baby Waterproof Contour Changing Pad 

  • Best for Changing Table

Coming with a safety buckle, La baby Waterproof Contour Changing Pad  ensures your baby is safe while on the changing table. The sides that are 4-inch-high, and the slid free base keeps your baby safe and maintain your little one in position during diapering.

This pad also curves in such a way that it prevents your little one from sticking the hands-on slats on the changing tables, so you won't bruise your baby's hands.

The pads cover is made of vinyl, that's waterproof, withstands stain, free from allergies and can easily be washed. This pad is does not include toxic substances that could affect your baby's health. It complies with CPSC set standards.

When changing the baby, the security buckle featured on the changing pad is fastened on the changing the table, or dresser, to keep the changing pad in position and prevent it from slipping when you're changing the baby.


  • Features safety buckles and raised sides for your child's safety
  • Keeps your baby from the slats during the changing process
  • Fits in most changing tables


  • The straps are not removable for washing

8. Little Thing Disposable Baby Diaper Changing Pad

  • Best Disposable Baby Changing Pad

Little Thing Disposable Baby Diaper Changing Pad is made from premium protection that protects your baby from the unsanitary conditions connected with the changing table.

This pad is super comfy, and does not leak. It's incredibly wide for your child's safety, but fits well in changing tables. The extra-long design allows you to fold easily after use so the poop doesn't spill off before you toss.

This design also covers your baby and allows for a spacious surface to put your little things when you're resting in a public space. It's easy to use, easy to fold, and fits well in a diaper bag to use on the go! Because it's light in weight, little things become very convenient to use when you're away from home. 


  • Is large to perfectly cover your baby and other items in a public space
  • Fits well in a diaper bag
  • Does not leak


  • You throw away after use

9. Munchkin Secure Grip Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad

  • Best No Skid Changing Pad

Munchkin Secure Grip is easy to clean and is constructed from a waterproof fabric. The waterproof fabric makes the pad easy to wipe off the surface with a   rug.

It's softly cushioned making it very comfortable and safe. This baby pad comes with safety straps, grip rubber strips that securely grips your baby during diaper changing.

The fabric straps come with screws to provide extra stability during diaper changing when your baby is squirming, twisting or wriggling. It's suitable to all moms as it perfectly fits with all kind of dressers, changing tables and pads. As a mom there's no need to have safety worries, as this super impressive pad live up to all legal safety requirements.


  • Safety straps for your baby's security
  • Clean up easily
  • Fits in most dressers and changing tables


  • May get stained according to some users

10. Colgate 2-Sided Contour Changing Pad

  • Best for Small Spaces

Colgate 2-Sided Contour Changing Pad is thickly cushioned, sturdy and durable. As a mom, this pad is long lasting,and will save you more dollars as it will take some years before you spend more dollars on another pad.  It's waterproof and lightweight portable so you can use it on the go.

Made from top quality quilted cover to ensure your baby doesn't slide off during diaper changing. 

This pad comes with a support board, security straps that bolster the safety of your baby when you're changing the diaper. The featured ridges make the pad safe and comfy. The best thing about this pad is that you can use it anywhere if you have a small space, by converting any flat surface into a changing area. It is easy to clean with warm water and household soap.

It doesn't matter what the dimensions of your dresser or changing table is, this pad perfectly fits to all. It's free from toxic, chemical and flammable substances and meets all the required and laid down safety requirements and standards by GREENGUARD.


  • Cleans easily
  • Paddled for comfort
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Features polyurethane

What to Look for in a Baby Changing Pad – Buyers Guide

  • Does the Changing Pad Feature a Changing Belt? This is a crucial feature as it's fastened to keep your baby in place during diaper changing. If your baby is squirmy, and kicks a lot, this belt is very handy. You'll be peaceful that your little one can't roll down and fall.
  • Light in Weight: As I said, you should be ready to change your baby on the go, since you want your baby to be clean and odorless! That's why you should go for a changing pad that's light in weight. One that can be folded to fit in a diaper bag, since a huge mat will be bulky to move around.
  • Water Resistant Material: Sometimes the baby can pee on the surface even before you get another diaper. If the changing pad soaks up, this moisture will create a good environment for mold growth. And this may may cause infections to your baby. A water proof material is wipeable with ease.
  • Is the Pad Cleanable? Poop spill is almost inevitable during diapering. Your baby may throw their legs making the dirty diaper to spill the poop. And the only place the poop will fall is on the changing pad. A good changing pad is easy to clean and wipe leaving no stain.
  • Flat vs Curved Changing Pad? Some pads are curved, while others are flat. A curved changing pad keeps your baby securely in the center. This pad is best for newborns who wiggle, throw around or makes moves, as the curved sides will prevent your baby from rolling.
  • Does it Fit in Most Changing Tables? You have a changing table, so you want a baby changing pad that will fit precisely. In future, you may want to change and go for another dresser or crib. Essentially, go for a changing pad that fits in most changing tables and dressers.
  • Does it Has Straps? A changing pad with straps is designed to keep the changing pad firm on the changing table. It prevents it from sliding when you're changing the baby. Some changing tables have this feature, while others do not.
  • Is the Surface Nonskid? Slippery bottoms are a risk to squirming babies. Babies who throw their legs, or make moves when being changed are susceptible to slide down and fall if the pad surface is skid and the pads do not have a security strap. Non-skid surfaces are rough, maintaining your little one in position.

Types of Baby Changing Pads

1. Portable Baby Changing Pad

The travel diaper changing pad is lightweight and folds into something like towel to fit in a small spaced diaper bag. It's not bulky so you can carry the pad anywhere you go.

2. Standard Changing Pads

A standard changing pad is the most basic changing pad for diaper changing.With this pad, you can place it on any flat surface like a dresser or floor, aside from the changing table. However, it requires a pad cover to shield it from poop explosives.

3. Disposable Baby Changing Pad

This diaper pad is designed to be disposed after use. You only need to detach it from the changing table, then dispose it in a trash bin. They're usually sold in small packs, like a bunch of 10 or more.

This pad is very light and can be folded into a small size to fit even in a squeezed diaper bag.

4. Diaper Changing Kit

This type of changing pad features rooms, where you can store basic baby items for use when you're not at home. Such items may include diapers, wipes, toys, keys, phone and much more.

This kit is portable and can take the place of a bulky diaper bag when you're out on a trip.

Why a Changing Pad is Necessary?

  • Your baby won't communicate to you when they want to do the mess. Right? They're not patient to wait until you get home for them to do the necessary!
  • Actually, they won't care whether you're in the public or closing a street. They'll do the mess anytime, anywhere! Yet they should be clean anywhere you are. Right?
  • Public restrooms are typically poorly maintained and very unhygienic for your cute baby. In fact, some of those baby changing tables in shopping centers have not been cleaned for a long time and may have accumulated dirt while others were not cleaned after the last use!

Basically, there are a whole lot of sanitary issues connected with these public rest rooms and changing public stations. That's why you need a diaper changing pad at proximity everywhere you go!

Do I Need More Than One Changing Pad?

Yes! It's important you have two: one portable changing pad for use when you're not at home, and the other one for use permanently at home, on the changing table.

The portable changing pad should be lightweight and foldable into a small package to fit and store in a diaper bag. It should not be thick to take up a small space!

How to Safely Use a Changing Pad

  • Set the changing pad according to the laid down instructions. If the changing pad slides, place a rough mat beneath. And make sure there are no protruded corners that would hurt your baby.
  • Securely grip and fasten the baby changing pad in place using the featured straps. Make sure the straps are not faulty and work well.
  • Consider if the safety belt is of good length and is secure enough to withstand your baby moves during diaper changing.
  • Only make sure you leave the changing table once you've changed the baby, and you have removed them from the changing table. Never leave your baby on top even though they're secured!

How do you Clean Changing Pads?

Washing instructions will most times be outlined on the user instruction manual. The steps on how to wash will however be dependent on what material makes up the changing pad. Here's how to wash your specific pad based on the construction material.

1. Portable Baby Pads

Wipe the pad with a dumb clothing and briefly air dry in sunshine. If the pad is synthetic, do not machine wash, as this will destroy the pad.

2.Contoured and Plastic Pads

Use water, or a little solution of weak bleach to wipe every time after you change the baby.

3. Foam Changing Pads

Foam pads are spot washable with machines. However, for mats that are constructed from foam, wipe off and air dry or vacuum if possible.

How to Organize a Changing Table


Picking the best changing pad for your baby should be fairly easy with this comprehensive guide.

While every choice is a best one, our best choice is Summer infant contoured pad. First off, it's affordable, so you won't have to break the bank! It's softly comfortable, and is customized to follow your baby's body shape. Super easy to clean with dump clothing, curve sides for your baby's security and so many features that makes the baby pad to stand out.

However, you have your own preference and we're pretty confident that any baby changing pad you chose from this list will resonate with your needs and expectations. Your baby will definitely love resting on the comfy surface!