Best Breast Pump for Exclusive Pumping in 2020 (Top 5 Reviews)

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Your breastmilk is what your baby is entirely relying on for survival. However, not every mom will be able to breastfeed their baby for a myriad of reasons.

While there are baby formulas manufactured to take the place of breastmilk, they are not as nutritious as breast milk especially if your baby is less than six months after birth.

A breast pump is the easiest way to pump out the breastmilk for your baby’s intake. The best breast pump for exclusive pumping will allow you to provide the baby with the nutritious breastmilk without the actual breastfeeding.

You can then feed your baby using the milk bottles or leave the breastmilk with the caregiver to feed your baby at scheduled times.

Best Pump for Exclusive Pumping

Key Features

Our Rating

Electric. 9-Levels of suction. Quiet. Emergency power bank. Milk bags. Light

Manual pump. Soft. Silicon stopper. Lightweight. Quiet

Electric. Suctioning strength 250mmHG. Rechargeable. Light. Nightlight

Electric. Rechargeable. Quiet. Portable. Fast

Manual pump. Light. Noiseless. Ergonomic handle. Manual control vacuum

Best Breast Pump for Exclusive Pumping (2020 Reviews)

1. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellababi is an electric breast pump that is pain-free with a strong suction power for exclusive pumping. The pump is gentle on skin and sucks continuously and fast so it is very appropriate to busy moms.

The good thing is that you can use frequency conversion sucking if you want the pump to suck the breast with converted frequency or normal sucking mode if you want a constant frequency.

This breast pump is made with 9-levels of suction and that means you can adjust the suction from level 1 to 9 until you find a suction that is comfortable to you.

The pump is super quiet for working moms so you can suction at your work place and no one will know what you’re doing. As a mom, you’ll have no worry since the pump will not wake up your sleeping baby.

If you love travelling, this pump is super convenient because it comes with an emergency power bank and USB charge cable to plug in your laptop for charging.

One important thing we love about the pump is the milk storage bags that come together with the pump. That means you can pump directly into the storage bags with the use of storage bag adapters.

2. Haakaa Breast Pump

This one is a manual breast pump so you’ll be able to part away will a few dollars when compared with electric breast pumps.

The breast pump is made with no cords, batteries and in one design so it is simple to use allowing you to easily and directly pump the milk with zero struggle.

Because it is 100% food grade, the manual pump is soft and comfortable to use even on the sensitives of skins.

The silicon stopper secures the breastmilk when fitted on top of the pump hence preventing any accidental spills.

One thing we love about this pump is its ability to clean easily in a dishwasher. It is also lightweight for use on the go and very practical to use. Additionally, the breast pump can be customized to fit well in breasts of different sizes.

3. Spectra Baby USA

Spectra Baby USA is another electric pump we recommend if you've been looking for a breast pump for exclusive pumping. One notable feature that makes this possible is its suctioning strength of 250mmHg which make it possible to use it either as a double or single pump.

Another thing we love about this breast pump is that it is rechargeable. SO, unlike manual breast pumps, you won’t get tired when you’re pumping.

Recharging the pump is pretty fast and you can use it away from home since the electric pump is entirely portable, weighing only 2.9lbs.

It is very quiet and you’ll be able to pump with discreet. This feature allows you to be confident and comfortable every time you want to pump even away from home. 

It evens comes with a night light with 2 settings making it possible for you to pump at night. The flexibility of suction buttons makes it easy for you to customize the speed and rhythm to your preference. And you can adjust the suction to either expression or letdown mode.

The pumping mechanism is closed hence keeping the tubing dry by blocking the flow of air that would create moisture within the mechanism leading to the growth of mold and bacteria.

4. BelleMa S5 Single/Double Electric Breast Pump

This product is super amazing if you’re looking for an electric breast pump that is easy to use in exclusive pumping. The pump is powered by an in-build rechargeable battery that can run for up to 2 hours.

One this that stands out is its ability to customize the speed and intensity of suctioning to ideal comfortable levels.  You can also shift between stimulation and expression phase making breastfeeding a breeze.

The pump is painless and quiet so there are zero chances that you’ll wake up your sleeping baby or disturb your colleagues at work place.

It is also small and light, thus the size is a huge bonus if you love travelling; while the long-lasting battery will keep the pump powered for the entire road trip.

The pump is fast as you can suction about 6-8 oz in a span of 45 minutes. Plus, the pump is easy to clean and easy to put the pieces together. Additionally, the breast pump is made with safe materials that are RoHS and FIDA approved.

5. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Breast Pump is manually operated hence it is suitable for occasional use when you’re not with the baby.

The pump is easy and lightweight a feature that makes the pump utter portable for use away from the baby.

Because it’s small and noiseless, you can use the pump in private. You can also use it at home, in your secluded place at work place and anywhere else without privacy worries.

The ergonomic swivel design handle makes the pump easy to use, plus it is also soft on grip for enhanced comfort when you’re pumping.

Our favorite part is the manual control vacuum that allows you to customize the suction levels to one that is most convenient to you. This feature allows you to switch between stimulation phase when the baby is sucking fast and expression mode once the flow of milk has begun.

The breast pump comes together with a single piece of PersonalFit breast shield to improve your comfort while allowing for efficient flow of milk.

How to Choose the Best Pump for Exclusive Pumping

Easy to Clean and Assemble

Exclusive pumping means you’re 100% relying on a breast pump to remove the milk from your breasts. Meaning, you’ll be cleaning the breast pump quite often for sanitary reasons. If the pump is hard to clean especially at the corners, these corners may build up with milk remains which may be unhealthy.

The best brand of breast pump is made with few parts that can be separated for cleaning. These parts should be easy to put together after washing and drying.

Easy to Customize the Suction Speed

Different breast pumps have varied features to customize on suction speed. For example, Medela Harmony Breast Pump is made with manual control vacuum that lets you to customize the speed of the suction to a level that is comfortable to you. With this feature, you can easily switch between the stimulation and expression modes.

Lightweight and Portable

Sometimes you’ll want to pump when you’ll on the go or at work place. The best pump for exclusive pumping is compact and made with material that are light in weight.

Power Backup

If you’re using an electric breast pump, an emergency power bank and USB charge cable to plug in your laptop or socket for charging are crucial to keep you powered on the go.

Alternatively, you can have a manual breast pump as an option if your electric breast pump runs out of power and you don’t want to interrupt your pumping sessions.

But Why Exclusive Pumping

There are several reasons that could make a mother to resort to exclusive pumping. Major reasons include:

  • If the baby is unable to latch well. Remember improper latch may make the baby not to remove all the milk from the breast. Over time, amount of milk produced by the breasts will dwindle or lead to breast engorgement.
  • If you delivered twins or even triplets at birth
  • If you were on maternal leave and you want to go back to your formal job
  • If you have an abnormal or premature baby who is unable to breastfeed
  • If breastfeeding is painful but you find pumping to be comfortable

How Many Times a Day to do Exclusive Pumping

This depends on the baby’s age. For example, a baby less than 3-months after birth takes a bottle after 2 to 3 hours which translates to 8-12 times in a day.

As the baby grows, the number of times per day will increase as the baby will demand more with growth.

Does Exclusive Pumping Decrease Breastmilk Supply?

Low milk supply happens if you don’t pump all the milk from the breasts over time. To counter the risk of low breastmilk supply, pump oftenly and remove all the milk from your breasts in every pumping session.

Final Word

Being not able to breastfeed the baby is a concern to nursing moms. If you are not able to breastfeed your baby for reasons well known to you, it’s a high time you invest in the best breast pump for exclusive pumping.

Together with the breast pump, you’ll need to acquire a cooler, milk bottles and storage bags. Additionally, you’ll need to decide if you’ll want a manual breast pump, an electric pump or both.

The price may be scary at a glance however, it will be worth it considering the service it will render to you in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I pump the milk? This will depend on the amount of milk the baby needs, and the quality of milk produced by breasts. Typically, a newborn will nurse around 12-hours in a day. Therefore, make sure the baby has equal access of milk the same number of times as if she was breastfeeding. On average, you should pump after every three or two hours and make sure the breasts are completely emptied to stimulate production of more milk.

How much milk should I pump on every session? The quantity of milk will vary depending on age and how well you’re able to pump. On average, you should be able to express around 25 oz when starting and up to 35 oz per day with much practice.

Do I clean the pump after every session? Yes. Separate the pump parts and wash them on running water. If possible, clean the parts vigorously immediately after rinsing with hot and soapy water. Use a brush to scrub the interior of the parts and rinse. Then allow the parts to air dry.

Do I sterilize the pump parts after every session? Even though you’re cleaning the parts after every session, it is not necessary to sterilize after every use. It is recommended you sanitize at the end of each day after cleaning.