Best Baby Floor Seats to Buy in 2019

Baby support seat

Holding your baby is always a great feeling! However, if your baby can support their head and neck unassisted when wrapped, it's a high time you get your Angel a baby sit up chair.

A floor seat will develop, strengthen your baby's back, spine and neck to help them seat in an upward posture.

The best baby floor seat comes with toys and other accessories that fosters the development of your baby's sensory, visual and motor skills and abilities.

Picking the best baby sitting chair can be challenging, that's why I've distilled the process for you. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you pick the best.

  • If the baby can support their head without your help, a baby upright seat will train your baby on how to sit in an upright posture.
  • This floor seat strengthens their back muscles and aid in the development of those muscles. The spinal will also strengthen and align itself.
  • The removable tray usually comes with toys. These toys will stimulate the growth of your baby's senses and enhance the development of their motor skills when they try to reach out or play with the toys.
  • These toys can be removed, then place on the tray your baby's best food. Your little one will train on how to feed without your help from this tray that now operate as a table.
  • Aside of that, the toys at disposal will keep your baby entertained and engaged every time they're bored or you're busy with other chores.

How To Use Bumbo Floor Seat

What to Look For in Baby support Seats

1. Back Support

Since you're looking for a seat to support your baby's developing body, it's important you look for a baby upright seat that will provide maximum support to your baby's back. A baby seat that will provide ideal support to the developing neck. Also consider if the seat will still provide overall support to the growing baby.

2. Tray and Musical Features

Some baby floor seats come with a tray, while others do not, so you have to buy the tray separately. A tray is very crucial because, aside from holding the toys that stimulate the growth of your baby's sensory abilities, the toys can be removed, so it becomes a table for your baby to feed on.

Other baby seats come with lighting and music features to induce your baby’s sensory development. The best infant chair will even recline or emit vibrating sounds that soothe your little one into sleep

3. Comfortable

You want a soft spot for your little angel, right? The best floor chairs for babies are contoured and made from soft fabrics.

Foam seats for baby are the most comfortable although other floor seats are also padded to cushion your baby.

Your baby will be resting on the seat for a long time, and a padded seat will keep your baby comfortable all along. However, the padding should not be made from toxic products that are sensitive to your baby's skin.

4. Grows With Your Baby

It will not be long before your infant matures to a toddler, hence it prudent you look for a seat, that will not be obsolete in few months.

Babies grow differently. Some are chubby within a short period, so they won't fit in a tiny baby floor seat after a short duration of use. Also consider the legs opening. Some are narrow to only fit a baby in the infant stage.

Generally, the sitting chair for babies you consider should meet their needs now, and in few months or years to come. Get one that will last for a reasonable period depending on your preference.

5. Light in Weight

The best seats for babies should be made from materials that are light for easy transportation. The best one is foldable into a small package for easy mobility wherever you want.

6. Security

Babies are not known to be still in the same position. They'll obviously make some moves even on the floor seat. A baby sit up seat  should have a security belts to secure your baby from falling. The belts should be made from quality materials to survive your baby's moves.

7. Versatile

Some baby seats can be used as a feeding point, a play station or just a floor seat. See if the seat is multipurpose for your baby.

Aside from training your baby on how to feed on their own, the floor seat should have accessories like baby toys and other accessories to keep your baby excited and engaged. These toys are important in your baby's visual and sensory development.

8. Long Lasting

Will the baby floor seat survive the weight of the growing baby? You may accidentally slip or knock off the baby seat. That's why it's important you ensure the construction is sturdy, as some floor seats are made from flimsy materials that would break when exposed to pressure.

Best Baby Floor Seats (2019 Reviews)

1. Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe

  • Best Infant Floor Seat - Age: 4 Months - 4 Years

Summer Infant 3 Stage Delexe will allow your baby to familiarize with the external environment at a tender age. Crafted from soft foam, this seat is super comfortable for your baby to sit on. So, you should not get worried that your baby will feel pressed at the back or around the thighs.

The base is wide making the seat stable when the baby is seated. This seat rotates at an angle of 360 degrees allowing for fun moments to your baby. 

Overhead your little one is a toy tray bar and tray with 6 colorful toys to keep your little one excited. These toys are paramount in the development of your baby's sensory and motor abilities.

The sit up chair for infants comes with a back support and 3 adjustment points intended to keep the baby secure all the time. The firm back will provide maximum support to the baby’s weak neck and developing back.

The tray that features toys can be removed to create a spacious booster seat for your growing infant. Ideally, as your child grows, convert the soft seat to an activity seat, then to a booster seat at a toddler age.

The booster seat features strap that can be tied of a chair so your little one can eat from the table. This seat is easy to carry around and makes a great point for your baby to train on how they can feed on their own.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Toys keeps your baby entertained
  • Affordable


  • Toy bar flimsy to some users
  • The chair does not slide, you have to lift

2. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up

  • Best Seat for Newborn - Age: 3 - 6 Months

Fisher-Price Sit Me Up comes with a wide base for the seat's stability to keep your little Angel supported in an upright position. This chair is made from soft fabrics that makes the seat soft and comfortable for your little bear.

The precious seat allows your baby to study their external environment that stimulate their sensory organs and motor development while playing around with the toys.

It features colorful toys and pada pal that keeps your baby excited and engaged. The toys are important for your baby's motor development as they make moves to reach out and touch or play with the toys.

As they learn how to sit, the exciting padas pals and teething toys will stimulate their mental development as they try to figure out and observe the toys.

Moms will love how the seat folds up into a compact size so your little one can continue to enjoy even when you're far from home. The compact size also makes the seat easy to store in small rooms.

The best thing is how the sitting pad can be separated from the seat for machine washing and within a short time.


  • Pads covers are easy to clean
  • Wide base makes the seat stable
  • Soft comfortable pad
  • Toys keeps your baby engaged
  • Putting together is easy
  • Folds well to use away from home
  • Affordable


  • Uncomfortable when removing the baby
  • Only suitable for infants

3. Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

  • Age: 6 Months - 33 Pounds

Summer Infant Deluxe is a light in weight seat, super easy to lift so you can use the seat even outside your home yard. It folds well for easy storage, travelling or transportation.

This chair comes with pad covers for extra comfort. The covers are easy to remove for machine washing.

Apart from training your baby to sit up, as mom, this seat makes a great feeding point for your baby. Your baby will train on how to sit up and feed themselves with a floor seat.

As your baby grows, remove the tray and turn the Summer Infant Deluxe into a booster seat. This seat can then be fastened with harness points on a chair. The higher point will allow your baby to feed from a standard table.


  • Washable covers and straps
  • Light weight
  • Takes up little space
  • Easy to put the pieces together
  • Not expensive


  • Only suitable for infants and not fat babies
  • Thin base pad to some users

4. Bumbo Multi Seat

  • Best Bumbo Seat - Age: 3-9 Months

Bumbo Multi Seat is designed in such a way that it allows your cute baby to have an upright position while sited. The sitting place is made from soft fabrics providing maximum support and comfort, so your baby won't feel any discomfort while sited for a long time.

This baby floor seat allows the baby to feed. Best for play time or when you want to have some story telling moments with the baby.

This seat is made from lightweight materials like low density foam making it simple to carry around. You can carry the seat in picnics, vocation or other places of pleasure and adventure with your little Angel.

Babies tend to be involved in lots of floor activities and are not known to be calm in the same position. The featured seat belt will securely prevent your baby from falling forward.

The seat is small so it's only suitable to petite infants who are between 3 and 9 months. Chubby babies may feel squeezed and uncomfortable.


  • Sufficient back support and comfort
  • Lightweight to use away from home
  • Seat belt keeps the baby secure
  • Beautifully designed


  • Keeps the baby's legs too tight restricting their mobility
  • Thin for chubby babies
  • Overpriced for an infant stage to some users

5. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

  • Best With Tray - Age: Not More Than 12 Months

Fisher Price Sit me up is made from soft fabrics and a wide base for increased stability as a baby watches and interacts with the external world.

It allows your Angel to seat in an upright position with a tray of toys at their disposal. These toys at close range fosters your baby sensory and motor development as they try to grab or get hold of the toys.

In addition, the toys and clacker rings that slides will keep your little one excited with every passing minute. The toy tray can be removed to create a spacious seat for your growing child. Remove the toys from the tray and your cute baby will train on how to feed unassisted.

Your little one will giggle at the funny sounds emitted when they make gentle kicks on the foot pad, stimulating their sensory and visual growth.

Washing is easy since the seating pad can easily be removed for cleaning with machine. If you want your angel to enjoy wherever you are, fold the seat and pack. It's light and simple to carry for use in the park or at your place of convenience.


  • Easy to put up
  • Folds into a small size to use away from home
  • Toys stimulates baby's sensory and motor development
  • Takes a small space


  • Only suitable for petite but not chunky infants
  • Difficult to get your baby out according to some users

6. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat 

  • Age: 4 Months - 4 Years

Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 is very ideal during family time, those moments at meal time when you want your baby to be part of you. Aside from working as a seat floor, this seat can be attached to dining tables or a chair so your baby can be at your level.

The tray can be removed from the seat and tucked at the base. However, this tray creates a superb table for your baby so the snacks are close to them. This way, your baby will be able to train on how to feed by themselves from the tray.

To create a spacious seat for your toddler, detach the foam pad, so your little one can fit in without getting stuck.

This seat is wipeable with a dump rag while the tray can be immersed in a dish washer for washing.

Ingenuity is light and simple to carry. As a mom with other languages like diaper bag or stroller, you'll find the seat also convenient to carry along.


  • Multiple harnessing points
  • Easy to clean the trays
  • Very light for easy travelling
  • The seats come in multitude of colors
  • Grows with your baby to a toddler stage
  • Not expensive


  • Removing the tray may difficult at times to some users

7. Bumbo Multi Seat

  • Best Toddler Floor Seat - Age: 3 Years And Below

The baby seat for floor is designed to comfortably follow your baby's shape while sited, and comes with a cushion to provide a comfortable surface for your little baby to rest on.

The base is wide and fully in contact with the floor to provide a large surface area for stability.

Bumbo Multi Seat can work as a floor seat at an infant stage, a feeding seat and as a booster seat. At the infant stage, the soft chair trains your baby on how to sit on their own and help them to develop a sitting posture.

At feeding stage, the chair trains them to feed on their own, while the booster seat trains them on how to sit independently.

The toy tray and the foam pad can be removed to accommodate your growing infant at a toddler stage.

This booster seat has straps that can be fastened on a tall chair, so your toddler can feed from a tall table. The removed tray can be tucked at the back of the seat for travelling convenience.

As the infant grows, use the knob to convert to a toddler seat, so it accommodates your growing child. The base can also be adjusted to elevate a bit to cater for your baby in different ages.

The other reason why you should get this seat is that, the legs opening is wide, so your grown toddler will have sufficient space to penetrate their legs while sitting. As a mom, you'll also find it easy to get your baby out of the seat. The wide legs are also appropriate with chubby babies..


  • Beautiful and sturdy
  • Ideal for both infants and toddler
  • Wide base makes the seat stable
  • Foam pad keeps the baby cushioned
  • Folds well for easy movement
  • Tray is wipeable, but do not immerse in water to keep it free from mold growth


  • Overpriced by some users
  • Largely lose seat belt unsuitable for infants
  • The tray may rock up or get rusty and mold when washed

8. Little Tikes My First Seat 

Age: 4 Months And Above

Little Tikes My First Seat is sturdily designed with a broad base, so the seat won't fall as the baby tries to make some moves.

The sitting place is crafted from soft foam to keep your baby comfortable while admiring their surroundings like toys that are within the tray.

This baby foam seat has a high back to provide sufficient support to the neck of a baby who is already starting and training to sit up.

The baby upright seat is spacious for the baby to fit well until they overgrow the toddler age. Even the chucky babies will fit well without struggles.

The legs opening is widely spaced so your baby is able to sit well or pull out the legs once you want the baby to get out. As a mom who loves traveling, this seat is light, plus it easy to clean, so you'll find it very convenient to carry around


  • Affordable price
  • Light in weight for travelling
  • Seat belt to secure your baby
  • Cleaning the seat is easy
  • The spongy seat keeps your baby comfortable
  • Legs fits well even with chunky babies


  • Only suitable to babies up to the toddler age

9. Fisher-Price Premium 

Fisher-Price Premium comes with a wide base for your child's safety and stability. The sitting surface is comprised of soft fabrics that's keeps your baby comfortable as they observe and interact with their surroundings.

This seat comes with brightly colored toys, a patterned owl and toys that stimulates your baby's senses and motor development as they try to pick and reach out the toys from the tray.

These toys can be removed to create a spacious table for the baby to feed. This way, your baby will be able to feed on their own.

The squealing sounds beneath and the crinkly wings will also stimulate your baby senses and mental development.

The seat pad is easily removable for washing, while the toy tray can be stashed in a dishwasher for washing.

Fisher-Price Premium is convenient to babies who are unable to move out but learning how to sit up and can balance or keep their head up without assistance.


  • Broad base makes the seat stabilized
  • Soft fabrics makes the sit comfortable


  • Pricier to some users
  • Only best for infants under 6 months, otherwise you'll find it difficult to get the baby out

Baby Floor Seat Safety Precautions

1. Do Not Leave the Baby on the Seat Alone

The baby support seat is stable but it may accidentally tip, or your little may fall forward while trying to stretch out to grab the toys. Move with your baby floor seat wherever you are within your rooms or yard, as babies are weak to support themselves when they're about to fall.

2. Consider Where You Place the Seat

Don't put the seat in an elevated position with your baby. Also, don't place the seat on a staircase, they may roll down to the base; near fire points and other risky surfaces.

Wrap Up

Our best baby sitting chair is Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat. This baby floor seat will grow with your baby from when they're 4 months, until they attain the age of 4 years. That means you won't spend dollars on another floor seat as your baby grows. This floor seat spins, has 3 adjustment points and it's very spacious.

However, the above list is born from meticulous research, and we're pretty sure that any baby seat you pick will work exceptionally. Brainstorm the features, then get out and look for the best baby floor seat that will suit your baby's needs.

With this guide, you have no excuse as to why you should not get this comfy floor seat for your beautiful Angel. Apart from keeping your baby excited, enhancing their sensory and motor strengths, the best seat to help baby sit up will keep your hands free, so you can undertake your household tasks, while your Angel rests on the mesmerizing seat.


What Age Can Babies Use a Bumbo Seat?

Bumbo floor seats are worldly acclaimed for their efficacy in purpose. Despite their popularity, you only need to get the seat once the baby is able to support their head without your help.

Basically, baby floor seat age is around 3 to 5 months. That's when most babies are able to keep their head steady.

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