Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Back Pain in 2020 (Reviews)

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Are you experiencing frequent back pain from carrying the baby for long periods? Do you get tired or experience any discomfort on your back and arms from carrying your baby?

The reason could be you’re using a bad baby carrier that is uncomfortable on your back.

If you’re in such a situation, there are baby carriers that are exclusively designed for bad back. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best baby carriers for back pain that are proven to be comfortable to mothers who are vulnerable to bad back every time they carry the baby.

If you’re reading this then, I am sure you’re one of them so without further ado, lets delve right in. But first...

Multiple Carrying Positions

When looking for a baby carrier for bad back, it’s important you pick a carrier that can be worn in different positions. In the case of back pain, the baby carrier should let you carry the baby on front-outward or front inward positions. That way you won’t disturb your back.

Curves in an Upright Sit-Up Position

To distribute the weight of the baby across your body, you should choose a carrier that curves to take a natural seat. This way, you’ll have a balanced support across your shoulders and you won’t feel strained across your back.

If the carrier does not curve into a seat, your baby will stay in a slanting angle and this may prompt you to lean forward while carrying the baby which may exacerbate your back problem.

Hip or Back Straps

Straps allow you to adjust the carrier to ensure the baby sticks well when carried. They help keep the baby in position when they’re harnessed.


The best baby carrier is made with wide straps that are padded. Comfort is very important, and wide padded straps will keep your shoulders cushioned so that the exerted weight of the baby does not strain your shoulders.

Also, take a look at the waist belt to see if the belt is wide and well padded. This feature helps to eliminate pressure that may be exerted on your lower back. It equally distributes your baby’s weight and you’ll feel balanced and comfortable even after long hours of carrying the baby.

An ergonomic- M-shape baby carrier is also the most comfortable since it evenly distributes the baby’s weight on your body. In that regard, you won’t feel like one part of your body is overwhelmed when compared to the other since the baby’s weight is equally spread across your body.

Lightweight Baby Carrier

This applies to every mom even those who have no history of back problems. Imagine a bulky baby carrier combined with a toddler’s weight on your back.

A baby carrier that is made with heavy materials will only instigate your back pain if you have a record of back problem. To minimize on back pain, the best baby carrier for bad back should be made with cotton or polyester. This material is light, comfortable and your baby will not feel overheated on a warm day.

5 Best Baby Carriers for Back Pain (2020 Reviews)

1. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

If you take a look at the amount of reviews the carrier has amassed, you’ll be astonished that this carrier is heaven sent in helping moms who have had a long history of back pain after prolonged moments of carrying the baby.

One thing that stands out is how the carrier lets the mom carry the baby in a forward-facing position, thus becoming a great option to moms with back problems.

The baby carrier can also be adjusted depending on the length and weight of the baby so that the head can stick the right way. 

There is also a nice hip belt that lets you distribute the baby weight on hips rather than shoulders hence preventing the possibility of shoulder or neck strain.

Another important feature is the strong polyester fabric that is suitable for newborns who are 25lb (11 kg) and even older babies who are up to 40lb (20 kg). Like popular baby carriers, this one also comes with a newborn insert for the comfort of a newborn.

The easy to use snaps makes the carrier easy to put on and off with zero risk of falling the baby. It is super comfortable and your baby will not suffocate in summer since there is a breathable mesh.

2. Infantino Sash Wrap Baby Carrier

Unlike other baby carriers we’ve reviewed, this one is the most affordable baby carrier if you’re on a tight budget for a baby carrier for back problems.

This ergonomic carrier is made with multitude of ways to wear and you can freely customize the carrier to comfortably fit your body frame. For mothers with back problems, it’s easy to carry the baby in a face-in or hip hugging position.

Moms love how the carrier curves to take a natural seat hence distributing the weight of the baby for a balanced experience when you’re carrying the baby. This way, you will not feel any strain on your neck and shoulders.

The shoulder straps are paddled so the weight of the baby does not dig into your shoulders. The entire baby carrier is also washable with machine plus, it is super-strong for the security of the carried baby.

The baby carrier is 100 percent breathable cotton hence the carrier is suitable to parents in summer climates. There is also a detachable hood to shield your baby from sun solar protection or when they want to sleep.

3. NimNik Baby Sling Carrier

The NimNik baby sling carrier evenly distributes the baby’s weight preventing strain on your back and neck. This feature makes the baby carrier ideal to moms with back problems.

This carrier is ergonomic to prevent hip dysplasia in babies. The best part is how the carrier keeps you hands free and you can pursue other chores while the baby is comfortably sited on the carrier.

Your angle will feel comfortable since the carrier is made with a breathable mesh that keeps the baby fresh and cool on a hot day.

The material is soft and super easy to clean with machine. Plus, it’s lightweight but super strong and secure when you’re carrying the baby.

The favorite part amongst users is the hip seat that is made with wide and comfortable adjustable straps that enhances the comfort of both the baby and parent with lumbar support.

Another feature that makes the carrier to stand out is the top part that clips off easily creating a great hip seat for your toddler hence providing support to your baby’s spine in the neutral position.

4. Boba 4Gs Classic Baby Carrier

The Boba 4Gs baby carrier is made with multiple carrying positions to serve as a great option to moms with back pain. If you have a bad back, you can carry your baby on the front, facing backwards or forward.

Your baby’s weight is also distributed evenly on your back since the carrier is made with an ergonomic design that makes it one of the best baby carriers in the market for mothers with bad back or back problems.

The carrier is a strong cotton fabric and will grow with your baby from when they are 0 up to 48 months, thus the carrier will be useful through the toddler and infant stage.

Moms loves how the carrier is comfortable with cushioned shoulder straps that lets you adjust the carrier to fit your body frame. The cushion insert makes the carrier comfortable to small newborns since they will comfortably fit in.

Boba 4Gs baby carrier is lightweight and easy to wear. What I love more about this carrier is how it is made to be breathable and you won’t feel overheated even in warm weather or summer. There is even a hood to cover your baby’s head for solar protection.

5. Ergobaby Carrier

This baby carrier is structured to carry a baby in a variety of positions a feature that’s makes it suitable to moms with bad back. You can switch to front-inward, front-outward, back and hip carry.

That means you can opt to carry your baby front-outward or front inward if you’re vulnerable to back pain and both of you will be comfortable.

The baby carrier is made with an ergonomic M- shape to ensure the baby is equally distributed on your body to minimize on back pain. There is also a versatile extended back panel that provides the needed back support to your baby when its folded.

Another important feature that moms love is the wide padded waistband for maximum comfort and support and this enhances a healthy posture to curb any arising back pain. 

What’s more, the baby carrier is amazingly soft with a durable fabric that grows with your baby from when they are 7lbs until they are 33lbs. This carrier 360 comes with a cool air mesh for summer hikes and leisure strolls.

My favorite part is how the carrier is designed to fit in all type of wearers. Whether you have a petite or large frame, this baby carrier can be customized with shoulder straps to fit your body size.

Final Thoughts

Back pain can spoil all the fun that comes with going out while carrying your baby on a baby carrier. However, it doesn’t have to be if you get it right by choosing a baby carrier that is squarely made for moms with back problems.

With this guide, you should be able to identify the best baby carrier for back pain and restore the joy that comes with motherhood.